Broadcast TV special about the year of the outbreak of H1N1 virus

Spanish to English translation

/ News/2010/04/22/24732/news/2010/04/22/24730.Sandra Ortega / El Mundo / AP | April 22, 2010 - 20:08
(Material with photographic support) Mexico, May 22.

- One year from the health emergency that affected Mexico in the outbreak of H1N1 virus, "CNN Mexico: Perspectives" presents a special program Friday.

The show released a series of interviews and reports on the subject, with the presenter Mario Gonzalez, who is visiting the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) to meet Alpuche Celia, director of the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) and who directed government efforts to contain the flu.

Rey Rodriguez correspondent visit Perote, Veracruz municipality in which the patient reported "zero."

Amid the crisis, a dispute involving a farm in the same place (Carroll Farms) for alleged contamination of water in the area and beginning this health emergency.

Meanwhile, a correspondent for CNN in Spanish, Krupskaya Alis, an analysis of how it has recovered the tourism industry and economy, because they both suffered a slump last year as a result.

The program also contains a revealing interview with Alejandro Macias, National Commission for the Prevention and Control of Influenza of the Secretary of Health, who spoke of the specific actions that the Mexican health system has been implemented since then.


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