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Strengthen influenza vaccination (H1N1) in Mexico

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  • Strengthen influenza vaccination (H1N1) in Mexico

    Strengthen influenza vaccination (H1N1) in Mexico
    Sunday, January 10th, 2010

    January 10, 2010, 04:00 Mexico, Jan. 10 (PL) Tomorrow will start in Mexico a massive vaccination campaign against influenza A (H1N1), which according to health authorities should reach about 30 million people, considered among the population groups at risk.

    So far there are more than 600 thousand doses applied and among persons immunized only 64 cases had reactions, but very mild, yesterday told reporters the head of the Ministry of Health, Jose Angel Cordova.

    We want the entire Mexican population to be likely to try to protect the number of patients and deaths is the minimum, said the minister.

    According to him, the epidemic of influenza A (H1N1) has a stable behavior in the country, with a total of 894 deaths and about 68 thousand 830 cases confirmed.

    In recent days the demand of consultations for respiratory diseases due to the severe drop in temperature but increased by A (H1N1) has not been until now "how serious we were expecting," said Cordova.

    The country, he reiterated, has five million extra vaccine provided by the Canadian government, and "this will allow us a much stronger start to the campaign from Monday to all vulnerable groups.

    This generous act of Canadians, he said, allow faster and is very likely that this month we take the 30 million doses, between February and March, the task of giving us an indication that no one is left unvaccinated .

    Pregnant Women, medical personnel, children six to 24 months old and caregivers of children were among the priority sectors, but the campaign is now extended to all who have risk factors, stressed the Minister of Health.

    Among the latter, included people with unstable diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular and neuromuscular problems, immune deficiencies such as cancer, AIDS or chronic lung problems.

    If we can vaccinate the 30 million Mexicans, that could allow us to envision that next year influenza A (H1N1) will become a natural disease like any other, like seasonal influenza, said the minister.

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