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Vaccine pirated for A/H1N1

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  • Vaccine pirated for A/H1N1

    Vaccine pirated for A/H1N1
    The PGR has carried out operations against the sale of antivirals and vaccines says the SSA.

    Tue, 05/01/2010 - 05:10

    The Ssa alerted the population by the use of counterfeit drugs.

    Photo: Jesus Quintanar Mexico .- The Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks reported that through the internet and in Tepito and wheel markets allegedly sold counterfeit medicine against the H1N1 influenza virus.

    Miguel Angel Toscano Cofepris commissioner said it was detected also to private practitioners who seek to defraud the public saying they have the flu vaccine, which is false, since only has the public sector.

    And so far, not been given the appropriate permissions for the vaccine is applied in the private sector and is sold in pharmacies, a situation that will happen soon in this month or by February, once you are satisfied with all safety requirements.

    For now, Toscano urged people not to be fooled with offers of private doctors who claim to have the vaccine available, which will not be the original can cause serious damage to health.

    In this respect the Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, spoke at the end of year "so far no vaccine that is authorized for sale privately.

    "All vaccines are being implemented in the public sector, which have been tested and verified as we want to ask the public to be careful, because if there is a risk that they can sell a vaccine, first serve not for that, the least worst, or even that they could damage, "he said.

    The Ssa launched since late 2009 warning that people "Do not listen to any offer of vaccines, because the sole right now are what the public sector is taking, IMSS, ISSSTE or Ministry of Health.

    With respect to the sale of pirate product, it is available only by prescription, the SSA reported that the Attorney General's Office has carried out operations against the sale of pirated antivirals, including oseltamivir and zanamivir.

    "Actually drugs piracy is a problem that is not new ... Then become operational recently one in Yucatan, where many pharmacies were closed, and we'll keep making them close, because you can not tolerate," said C?rdova Villalobos .

    In addition to operating the PGR what you do is pick up the merchandise, in some cases to record them or is in an institution, to close the facility, as happened in Tepito.

    The Health Ministry reported that operations have been found expired drugs, false, in order, including pirated copies that greatly resemble the originals.

    "We alert the population when seeking a drug in a pharmacy and it costs them much less than it costs in the other, be careful because some medication can be a pirate."


    Call for more vigilance

    ? The PRI federal deputy, Marco Antonio Garcia Ayala requested the Ministry of Health and Cofepris increased vigilance to curb sale of spurious vaccines against H1N1 virus.

    ? The National Union also leader of the Health Sector Workers warned there are allegations that in the neighborhood of Tepito and some doctors are sold pirated vaccines against influenza, which, he said, should be punished severely. He noted that corresponds to the Ssa Cofepris and verify the allegations.

    Blanca Valadez