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A disassembled fear of H1N1 vaccine

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  • A disassembled fear of H1N1 vaccine

    A disassembled fear of H1N1 vaccine
    Laura Toribio
    The health minister, Jose Angel Cordova, he faced a campaign that has discouraged the application of biol?gico. El Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova, stressed the responsibility of medical personnel, pregnant women and other groups vulnerable to virus influenza A H1N1 vaccine to avoid a risk that can be fatal.
    Also, during a working trip to Chihuahua and the campaign against attempts to discredit the vaccine, blamed "irresponsible" to those who doubt the biological.
    At night, in Mexico City announced that the next 45 days will be very important, because it expects the strongest growth since the beginning of the pandemic.
    "A low frequency of cases, we come to 67 thousand and 780 deaths, which is within expectations, even below. If there is no extraordinary surge in the coming days, I think it is waged, "he said.
    In lamenting the spread of a negative campaign against the vaccine, Cordova reported that so far 24 people have presented side reactions. The more severe facial edema which was controlled immediately and the rest were minor allergic reactions, he said.
    Interviewed after the draw ceremony of the National Lottery Greater Memorial National Disability Week, the health minister admitted that he does not apply and 50 percent of the vaccines of the first batch of 865 thousand, designed exclusively to personal health and pregnant women.
    He announced that vaccination will be advanced for other risk groups, in early January, however, was envisaged for the second half of the month.
    "We will move much faster. When we have more of the endowment to reach these days, we will begin vaccinating children aged six to 24 months and mothers or caregivers of children under six months, "he explained.
    Cordova recalled that the vaccine is not mandatory. "He will not force anyone to vaccinate, we will not do raids on schools. Let's open that possibility for everyone who wants to get vaccinated, the vaccine is for use, is a benefit and is the best in the world market, "he said.
    In the morning, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Mauricio Hernandez Avila, recognized that a low rate of application of the vaccine AH1N1 in most states, since Mexicans are coming to the centers health because they are afraid.