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Antivirals for influenza A/H1N1 sold in private pharmacies

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  • Antivirals for influenza A/H1N1 sold in private pharmacies

    Antivirals for influenza A/H1N1 sold in private pharmacies: Pascual
    Expend only by prescription, its cost, increased to 500 pesos, announces President Anafarmex

    ?ngeles Cruz Martinez

    La Jornada
    Friday, 11 December 2009, p. 40
    The antiviral oseltamivir and zanamivir, for the control of influenza A/H1N1, are now available for sale in private pharmacies in Mexico. The first, indicated as first line has a maximum price of 583 pesos depending on where it is purchased, users can get various discounts.

    Antonio Pascual Feria, president of the National Association of Pharmacies of Mexico (Anafarmex) warned that once again highlight the inequities of the pharmaceutical market, because those without access to the big chains will pay more for the same product.

    In fact, he said, currently 60 percent of Mexicans buy medicines at a price different from that paid by people who come to large pharmacies. This, he said, is due to the preferential terms of purchase that have such deals, which do not extend to small establishments.

    At a press conference, the employer pointed out that 75 percent of the outlets that exist in the country are small and medium enterprises, which continue to face difficulties to survive in the market, although they represent the best alternatives to meet demand medicine, given its proximity to the users.

    In relation to pandemic vaccine, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) announced yesterday that by reason of the production process is reduced by two billion annual dose of the product manufacturing.
    Initially it was estimated that five billion would be developed in 26-dose pharmaceutical companies. Although it will have to decrease to three billion, the agency found that with this volume ensures compliance with anticipated sales commitments of developed countries.

    He explained that the aforementioned production problems have delayed delivery dates, which are now estimated to begin in late December and continue until June next year. Programming is made based on the seasonal cycles of behavior of influenza in the northern and southern hemisphere.

    For his part, Pascual Feria said that demand for medicines to address respiratory ailments increased 30 percent in October to date. He emphasized that providers affiliated pharmacies Anafarmex comply with the provision of the Health Secretariat (SSA) to sell the antiviral only by presenting the prescription.

    In relation to the conduct of private market sales of medicines in the country, said that from October 2008 to October 2009 was first recorded minimal growth of 0.6 percent over the previous period. In past years the growth stood at around 10 percent.