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Mexico, influenza 2016-17: 355 deaths

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  • Mexico, influenza 2016-17: 355 deaths

    Of the deaths, 46 were caused by H1N1 influenza; 12 by type A; 9 for type B and one death due to contagion of H3N2 influenza, confirms the Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance System.
    Health authorities report 68 deaths from influenza in addition to 976 positive cases of seasonal disease, which shows an increase in cases in the cold season from October 2, 2016 to date. Of the deaths, 46 were caused by influenza H1N1; 12 by type A; 9 for type B and one death due to contagion of H3N2 influenza, confirms the Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance System. The victims of these deadly cases of influenza are eminently persons older than 60 years followed by children from one to nine years old and adults from 40 to 49 years of Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, Yucatan, Mexico City and Quintana Roo, entities that concentrated The highest number of cases in the 2016/2017 season.

    It should be noted that the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE), "has not identified mutations related to antigenic changes" nor have viral resistance to the drug oseltamivir been identified. Despite the increase in this season, health authorities that monitor the behavior of respiratory diseases report a decrease in cases of acute respiratory infection, pneumonia and bronchopneumonia, compared to the same week last year.
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    131 deaths in the country

    According to the report for the Epidemiological Surveillance of influenza 2017, in the epidemiological week seven, 131 deaths per country have been registered throughout the country. According to the document from the epidemiological week 40 of the year 2016 to date , A total of 1,628 influenza-positive cases were confirmed: 956 of A (H1N1), 320 of B, 181 of A (H3N2), and 171 of influenza A. There were 131 deaths due to influenza: 92 A (H1N1), 19 Influenza A, 17 of B and 3 of A (H3N2). It also points out that the entities with the highest number of cases confirmed to influenza during the 2016-2017 season are: Nuevo Le?n (430), Quer?taro (168), Mexico City 122), San Luis Potos? (107) and Coahuila (78); (49), Quer?taro (12), Coahuila (8), Hidalgo (7), and Tabasco (6). In addition, the states with the highest number of influenza deaths are: Which together account for 62.6% of deaths from influenza.


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      Deaths from the virus decrease 60%: Ssa

      Influenza cases and deaths from this disease are 60% lower than those reported in the same period of the previous season, reported the Ministry of Health. From October 2016 to date, the federal agency has registered 2 thousand 485 cases of influenza And 184 deaths; In the last week 465 new cases were confirmed and 36 died for that cause. While in the same period, but last year, 5,418 cases and 395 deaths were reported.

      In its weekly report, the Directorate General of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health indicated that of the total number of confirmed cases this season, 1,477 are of influenza A (H1N1); 456 of B; 355 of A (H3N2), and 247 of influenza A; While of the 184 reported deaths from influenza, 133 were from A (H1N1); 24 influenza A; 21 of B and six more for type A (H3N2). The states with the highest number of confirmed cases during the 2016-2017 season are: Nuevo Le?n, Quer?taro, Mexico City, San Luis Potos? and the State of Mexico, which Together account for 51.2% of the total confirmed cases of contagion.


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        229 deaths from influenza

        Mexico City- In this season, deaths from influenza in the country have already reached 229 and 3,114 cases have been registered, according to the latest epidemiological report from the Ministry of Health (Ssa). Most of the deaths (168) were Caused by the type AH1N1, while 25 were from influenza A, 25 from type B, and 11 from AH3N2. Also, the AH1N1 virus is the most prevalent, with 1,761 cases registered, while 562 are type B, 508 Of AH3N2 and 283 of type A. As far as the influenza season is concerned, the groups with the highest number of cases with influenza are 1 to 9 years, followed by 60 and over, and 40 to 49 years. During the season, the states with the most deaths from influenza are Nuevo Leon, Quer?taro, Hidalgo, Coahuila and Aguascalientes, which together account for 56.8 percent of the deaths recorded. New Le?n and Quer?taro are also among the most confirmed cases, Along with Mexico City, the State of Mexico and San Luis Potos?, which together account for 50.7 percent of the total.


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          There are 355 deaths from influenza: Ssa

          From October to date, 4,167 cases of influenza and 355 deaths have been confirmed by this disease, of which 40 were presented during this week, reported the Ministry of Health. In its epidemiological report, the federal agency detailed that of the 4 thousand 627 cases of influenza, 2 thousand 436 are of A (H1N1), 934 of B, 922 of A (H3N2) and 335 of influenza A. While of the 355 deaths, 265 were caused by strain A (H1N1) , 32 of B, 29 of influenza A and 29 of A (H3N2). On March 25, the Ministry of Health reported 4,194 cases of this virus and 315 deaths, so in the last week. 433 new cases and 40 new deaths were recorded; However, the federal agency points out that the cases presented during the current season are lower than those of the same period but of the previous year, in which 9,125 patients with this virus and 659 deaths were counted.