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There have been no cases of influenza A/H1N1 in cancer patients

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  • There have been no cases of influenza A/H1N1 in cancer patients

    There have been no cases of influenza A/H1N1 in cancer patients
    Friday, Reyna Mora 11/Dic/09 00:08
    Referred specialist care that these patients are more stringent
    The vaccine should not be applied if the patient is undergoing chemotherapy
    We have brought cases of human influenza in cancer patients said Froylan Lopez Lopez, specialist in oncology at Centenary Hospital Miguel Hidalgo, said this is because the care of cancer patients have much stricter than those recommended to prevent transmission the A/H1N1.

    "So far we have not had a documented case with H1N1, in patients who have chemotherapy ... everything you hear people on influenza care of cancer patients requiring such care and more," said Lee Lopez, who explained that being a cancer patient subject to chemotherapy should be careful because rigorous defenses down, so that influenza is one of many diseases and infections that can get this type of patients and that they can cause serious problems including the common cold.

    He indicated that when applied to the treatment patients have a decrease in white blood cells, which are the body's defenses, five or six days of chemotherapy were applied, so you should follow your doctor's recommendations.

    "Stay away from people with a contagious disease, do not go to crowded places, using covers mouths, they have to eat foods that raise the defenses, which are on a list to the attending physician provides the patient also avoid contact with smokers, rest, drink plenty of fluids, all this coupled with a series of drugs to facilitate an increase in the defenses. "

    To check the status of the body's defenses, the specialist said that studies are done every two or three weeks to patients to know how their immune systems have evolved, through laboratory tests that corroborate that there is no severe casualties on the fenders or infection.

    According to information from the Secretariat of Health and the very direction of the State Health Institute of Aguascalientes (ISEA), has been handling an indication that cancer patients are within the group of risk of infection and are therefore susceptible to the H1N1 vaccine.

    In this sense, the oncologist, explained that the biological against the new strain of influenza virus is not recommended in patients at time of application are receiving chemotherapy treatment at the low on the fenders. He said that the vaccine is indicated as long as there is a close family member with influenza detected from there, you have to do planning for the vaccine. "I did not I put a vaccine when the defenses are too low, then we must defer, delay until treatment is completed.

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    Re: There have been no cases of influenza A/H1N1 in cancer patients

    Some oncologists administer Neulasta 24 hours after chemo to stimulate the white blood cells. Since the cost is very high ($3000+/syringe), some people decline this protection because the co-pays for cancer treatment can eat up their savings and more.

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