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Influenza AH1N1 also affects the digestive system

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  • Influenza AH1N1 also affects the digestive system

    This is from a YUCATAN newspaper..


    Influenza AH1N1 also affects the digestive system

    Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:59:00

    The type of human influenza A/H1N1 not only affects the respiratory, digestive, but also warned yesterday the Ministry of Health (SSE), which calls on doctors to consider all people who arrive with breathing problems or severe gastrointestinal infections suspected influenza.

    The SSE called on doctors, both public and private, to be outstanding and to be updated about the symptoms it causes the disease. He emphasized that the data are available to everyone via the Internet, radio and newspapers.

    Epidemiologists explained that through the analysis of several virus carriers who showed no respiratory table, but a gastroenteral, realized that the disease is multifaceted and can occur in anyone with high temperature.

    In this way, patients with fever and manifestations gastroenterales (although it is more difficult to diagnose) may be infected by influenza.

    "You have to think that any person with influenza may have fever, do not underestimate the disease, not to give medical treatment to the light, nor think that a bad stomach is just that, as it can be immersed influenza virus type A , "the secretary of health, Vivas Alvaro Quijano.

    He stressed that they are aware of a patient with influenza, which was attended by several doctors who did not give a proper diagnosis and that is now serious.

    "We have seen cases, fortunately, have not died, in which the patient is merely symptomatic, and had influenza, are now serious," he said.