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Por: Francisco Rom?n Guti?rrez / MetroNoticias Date: 2009-07-04

Epidemic of human influenza and diarrhea in the prison in Nuevo Laredo
Metronoticias Tamaulipas

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.-serious danger is the health of more than a thousand prisoners from the prison in Nuevo Laredo, on the epidemic of human influenza and diarrhea that affect more than fifty inmates.

Since last Wednesday the cases of influenza increased in the absence of medical care, we speak of between six and ten cases, including the director of the Center for Implementation of Sanctions are hospitalized because of the human influenza virus.

It is unknown whether the Ministry of Health in this border port addressed the epidemic of influenza and mass poisoning, since the department of epidemiology of the health jurisdiction number V, provides no information.

This has created an atmosphere of concern and fear among the prison population and their families to assume that cases are still multiplying uncontrolled epidemic.

The situation worsened after he was banned from visiting the families of prisoners inside the criminal, which suggests to the wives and children, the epidemic is not yet controlled.