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  • Mexico Cases Increasing

    The latest CDC brief from June 16th is "reporting increased circulation of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) in southern states" of mexico.

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    Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

    Mexico claims cases are decreasing but here are just a few of the recent case reports by Shiloh from the Mexico thread. Thank you, Shiloh!

    6/24 In Acapulco, Guerrero, education and health authorities ordered the closure of seven schools, four public and three private, for new outbreaks of the virus AH1N1.

    6/24 GUADALAJARA, JALISCO .- According to the latest report of results in human influenza, the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre), reported that 13 tests were positive for influenza A H1N1 virus.
    Of the new cases, one is a sixth grade student at a primary Tlaquepaque, classroom, indeed, remained closed for a week, precisely because of an outbreak of respiratory infections that affected four schools.

    6/24 This is to prevent the spread of infection in Yucatan, where the virus had been controlled and now the number of patients has shot up considerably.

    Is it returning? Did it ever really go away?


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      Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

      Originally posted by Tonka View Post

      Is it returning? Did it ever really go away?
      I've been keeping an eye on Google Flu Trends lately, and the state of Quintana Roo had a peak of activity in early June; since then the state of Yucatan has been showing increasing activity. The remainder of states reported on have been showing minimal activity this month.


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        Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

        Jalisco: Table of confirmed cases by date Here

        Will see if I can find some more health dept. data by state...

        Another link that might be of interest Here


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          Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

          Big jump reported from 8, 279 reported yesterday to 8,909 today.


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            Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

            Thank you Shiloh!
            8,279 6/24. 8,909 6/25 to 9,028 6/26

            This from Jeanne today-thank you too!
            post # 13 from Yucatan thread.

            Swine flu cases spike in 2 Mexican states
            Associated Press
            2009-06-26 11:07 AM

            Mexican health officials say swine flu cases have spiked in the southern states of Yucatan and Chiapas prompting authorities to start the summer break weeks early.

            The Health Department says that confirmed infections spiked by 25 percent in each state this week. In Yucatan, cases went from 683 to 913 and in Chiapas from 492 to 657.

            Department spokesman Carlos Olmos says Mexico's epidemic is under control and that the infections in Yucatan and Chiapas have been mainly at schools.

            Officials in Yucatan said summer break started Wednesday, three weeks ahead of schedule. In Chiapas, the break would start 10 days early on July 4.

            The statement Thursday says 9,028 people have been infected with swine flu resulting in 119 deaths

            But this is the statement that concerns me-
            Post #12 Yucatan thread.

            Girl dies in Yucatan by human influenza
            Date: June 25 2009
            Reporter: News Writing Eleven
            Source: Eleven News

            Yucatan a girl 14 years became the first victim of the fatal human influenza.

            It is this entity, the resurgence of the virus ah1n1 has been more intense and, according to the federal Health Ministry, 683 cases were detected, reaching in this way in the second place nationally in infected only after the federal district.


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              Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

              Looks like hot weather doesn't slow this virus down.
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                Re: Mexico Cases Increasing

                Veracruz is climbing the viral ladder. It was in 5th place for cases on May 20 and was in 3rd place on June 23.

                Since it's thought to have started in La Gloria, it's worrisom that it hasn't died out but is actually increasing since Feb. or March.
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