onset of confirmed cases:
11.Mar,15.Mar,16.Mar,17.Mar,17.Mar,18.Mar,19.Mar.2 0.Mar,21.Mar,
22.Mar(2),23.Mar(2),24.Mar(4),25.Mar(3),26.Mar(2), 28.Mar(2),
29.Mar(3),30.Mar(5),31.Mar(3),1.Apr(5),2.Apr(7),.. .

Adela Maria Gutierrez ,39f, Santa Lucia,Oataxa,Mexico:
first symptoms on 1.April
hospitalized 9.April
died 13.April

Hermelinda Leon + family , Santa Lucia,Oataxa,Mexico
symptoms 29.March - 5.April (7.April ?) , severe illness but all recovered

Edgar Hernandez, 5m, LaGloria, Veracruz, Mexico
first symptoms late March , recovered

many people sick with respiratory illness in LaGloria since Febr.