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    The suspension, for a week, under supervision, students infected: authorities
    A closed primary in the DF detected seven cases of influenza

    Versions circulating on the problem encountered

    Surge rejection that community

    Located in the neighborhood of high Cuautepec, school Berriozabal Felipe is the first in the nation's capital where they have confirmed seven cases of children with human influenza, so yesterday the health authorities of the Federal District (GDF) found close weeks that a campus that serves 333 thousand students in the morning and afternoon shifts.

    According to the diagnoses of some of the cases held by this newspaper, they were "positive" to the virus A / H1N1 in rapid tests that were conducted in the clinic 44 Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), without However, samples should be forwarded to the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) in order to confirm that this is the virus.

    While the government reported on seven capital cases, parents spoke up to 12 sick children, while the director of the morning shift, Ana Leticia Lopez Negrete, said that there are six positive cases and two more, "according to a report. The latter did not want the account to not have the documentation to support them.

    When the alarm spread among the school community, which spread throughout the neighborhood, began to reject sample, because students of that school do not want to use the secondary entrance examination, and the parents, staff of government capital denied vouchers for uniforms and supplies because they are "infected", the heads of households reported that the filter was only one school week in this primary and consisted of one question: "Are you okay? Pa'dentro.

    The antibacterial gel cubrebocas and nothing more was used this time and there were even mothers who blamed "the director was locked gel.

    Similarly, conflicting versions ran, and that while the directors of the morning shift, Ana Leticia Lopez Negrete and evening, Gustavo Adolfo V?zquez N??ez, noted that first heard the case last May 29, between tutors ran the version that infection was previously and the authorities were not reported.

    In the midst of misinformation and the alarm was held yesterday a meeting with parents, which was headed by the Director of Epidemiological Surveillance and Intelligence of the City Government, Jesus Trujillo, who confirmed in an interview that "we know of seven cases , we have identified, have been studied, investigated the cases with their contacts, home visits, and were given treatment at this time are in perfect health. "
    Document issued IMSSFoto Day

    The rapid tests that indicated he said, is whether the patient is positive or negative to influenza, thus established talks with the IMSS, which performed to establish a "plan" and tackle the problem.

    He said that if there are contacts of children with other campuses will also have to do a study and noted that the Secretariats of Health and Education have been alerted about the problem, which is the only school in the capital until time.

    After a meeting between the health authorities of the City Government and school managers, Jorge Munguia, 2 of the operational direction of elementary education in the delegation Gustavo A. Madero, which owns this facility, the parents reported the determination to suspend activities until Tuesday, June 9, with the aim of giving the term that has been established at least to identify new cases ... Doctors indicated that five days is natural that we must allow for the assumption that some of the boys had reached the virus can detect and respond. "

    On May 26, Alexander, the first child of the school learned he had tested positive, he went to school. "On May 29 the aunt came to learn that the child was hospitalized," Delia told Casta?eda, who teaches sixth group D, which detected five of the seven infections.

    To hear the case of Alexander, last weekend, the group consisting of 29 students was sent to 44 clinical-testing and the result was that four others were more positive, said the teacher. Due to these schools with sixth group B, on Tuesday were also made to the test. Among children identified are also Roberto, Alejandro, Yoselin, Lisbeth and Kevin.

    Lucrecia Juarez, a mother of children, complained that the director of the morning shift "does not put us on top of the first case."

    Blanca Angelica Hernandez, together with other mothers, who spoke yesterday from 6 am were trained to deliver the vouchers for uniforms and supplies, but if the city government had learned that the Philip Berriozabal them said they could not give it because we were going to put at risk because they are infected. "
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