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Mexico - H1N1 Case Tracking: 1,329 Dead Through July 2010

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    Re: Mexico - case tracking: 60 dead; 2,446 confirmed cases


    Google translation:
    Mexico has two thousand and 446 cases confirmed 60 human deaths from influenza

    * 89% municipalities in the country have no confirmed cases

    Ask to continue preventive measures

    MEXICO CITY .- The Health Secretary Jose Cordova Villalobos in its daily report on the human influenza noted that the number of positive cases rose to two thousand 446 and 60 deaths.

    The federal official said that although only two states remain free from H1N1 virus, 89% of the towns in all the states of the country have no confirmed cases.

    To point out the safety of tourist destinations in Mexico, C?rdova Villalobos released in Cancun were seven positive cases, eight cases were in Acapulco and Huatulco only two people tested positive for the disease. He clarified that all cases are controlled, as were presented in April

    The Federal Government insists that the trend of infection is low.


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      Re: Mexico - case tracking: 64 dead; 2,656 confirmed cases


      Google translation:

      Increases to 64 the number of human deaths from influenza: Ssa

      Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos reported that there were 2.656 cases.

      Thu, 14/05/2009 - 08:49

      City-M?xico. Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos reported that 2.656 virus AH1N1 confirmed cases and 64 deaths.

      C?rdova Villalobos noted that the average age of deaths is in the range from 0 to 19 years.

      He said that most people died of the bodies showed signs April 23. Cordova said that a case was confirmed yesterday in Baja California Sur.

      Responsible for health policy of the country adding that during the Caravan of Health responded to 221 thousand people and there were 21 829 consultations.

      Regarding the distribution of cases in the world in the world there are 33 countries that report cases of influenza AH1N1, United States goes to the head.


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        Re: Mexico - case tracking: 64 dead; 2,656 confirmed cases

        clearly declining , or not ?

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          Re: Mexico - case tracking: 64 dead; 2,656 confirmed cases

          > Mexico's Health Ministry said ... the number of new infection
          > cases has seen a downward recently.

          > Peralta said ... the situation was improving
          I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
          my current links: ILI-charts:


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            Re: Mexico - case tracking: 66 dead; 2,895 confirmed cases


            SSA reported 66 deaths from influenza, contracted 2.895

            He stressed that the rules for campaign activities such as rallies are still valid and therefore "it is possible that from tomorrow we will see," such political acts

            MEXICO, May 15, 2009 .- A case of influenza A H1N1, 2.895 people have been infected have been killed and 66 reported Jos? ?ngel C?rdova, director of the Health Secretariat (SSA).

            At a press conference, the official reiterated the downward trend in the number of infections but asked not to lower their guard to prevent the spread of infection.

            He stated that provisions for campaign activities such as rallies are still valid and therefore "it is possible that from tomorrow we will see," such political acts.

            He congratulated teachers and parents who spoke to say that their support is "crucial to this downward trend is maintained."

            So far the state of Coahuila, is the only remaining cases without infection with influenza A H1N1 confirmed. (El Semanario Agency, ESA)


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              Re: Mexico - case tracking: 66 dead; 2,895 confirmed cases


              Chihuahua found in nine other cases of influenza A/H1N1
              First death in Puebla by the virus was a woman of 33 years

              The 18th class re-SLP, the new strain ceased to move, say
              Of correspondents

              Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), Puebla confirmed the first death in the state by the A/H1N1 virus. She is a woman of 33 years, originally from Santa Maria Moyotzingo community located in the municipality of Saint Martin Texmelucan. Since April 25 was in the intensive care area of the Regional Hospital of San Alejandro IMSS.

              According to the latest report from the Health Secretariat (SSA) on the federal status of the current epidemic in Puebla is maintained at 20 the number of infected by the new strain. This Thursday, the owner of the local Ministry of Health, Antonio L?pez Mar?n, reported that a boy of 11 years, carriers of the virus is serious.

              Meanwhile, his counterpart in San Luis Potosi, Juan Sanchez Ramos, said the A/H1N1 virus has been circulating in the state, so the next May 18 will return to school more than 865 thousand students of all levels education. Until the court on Thursday were recorded 165 laboratory-confirmed cases (670 samples processed). Eleven patients remain hospitalized, four of them seriously.

              Meanwhile, in Quer?taro, the number of cases rose from 19 to 57. The state Health Department reported that 38 new human influenza infections were detected in the period from April 23 to May 7. Those affected are responding well to treatment.

              The head of the Ministry of Education in the state, Guadeloupe Murgu?a Gutierrez, reported that more than 700 students from 77 accredited schools in the National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE) have not been able to start classes for lack of water in plants. By the remoteness of the communities where schools are located, the authorities are looking for that municipalities provide the fluid through pipes and can restart next Monday activities. Conaf attends the 791 campuses in the state, where he studied more than 10 thousand children.

              For its part, the director of state health services, Octavio P?rez Mart?nez, reported that nine other cases were detected virus A/H1N1 in the state of Chihuahua, bringing the number of infections reached 36 today. Of new outbreaks reported, seven are located in Juarez, Chihuahua in one capital and one in Delicias.

              The authorities of Coahuila, where no single entity has detected no cases of influenza reported A/H1N1- since last Wednesday, picked up the implementation of the National Assessment of Academic Achievement in Schools (Link).

              As part of the tour of the country that began on Saturday, the Secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, was in Acapulco. He said his trip is not "a form of monitoring, but to see how we can help, because I believe we must work as a unit." Guerrero reported that there are 69 recorded cases of A/H1N1 and are working with the CONACyT, and through the Fund for Solidarity and Social Investment expect 200 million pesos for virus research.

              With information from La Jornada de Oriente and Mauritius Ferrer, Edith Arg?elles, Mariana Chavez, Ruben Villalpando and Misael Habana, correspondents


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                Re: Mexico - case tracking: 68 dead; 3,102 confirmed cases


                Ssa 2 more confirmed deaths from the virus, infection and reaching 68 thousand 102 to 3

                The deaths occurred 2 and May 12. Analysis showed that 207 other people are infected.[/B]

                Posted: 16/05/2009 14:35

                Mexico, DF. The Ministry of Health of Mexico reported on Saturday that those killed by the virus of human influenza A H1N1 rose to 68 and confirmed cases rose from 2 to 3 thousand 895 thousand 102.

                The report's lead agency for health in Mexico but added that the "new cases continue to decline" and now to control the epidemic, targeted actions are recommended.

                The two new deaths reported as caused by a virus were the two last May and the other on May 12, but emphasizes that only in five cases of infection were 68 deaths after the April 23, when the alert began.

                It also indicates that although there are cases in 31 states out of 32 in the country, 67 percent of the confirmed cases are still located in Mexico City in the State of Mexico, near the capital, and San Luis Potosi in the center of the country.


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                  Re: Mexico - case tracking: 70 dead; 3,646 confirmed cases


                  UPDATE 1-Mexico says WHO flu is under control
                  18 May 2009 14:05

                  (Updates number of dead and infected)

                  MEXICO DF, May 18 (Reuters) - Mexico said the World Health Organization (WHO) which is under the control of epidemic influenza that has killed at least 70 people in the country, mostly in late April and early May.

                  During the annual meeting of the WHO in Geneva, the Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said that although there are confirmed cases in 31 states, thanks to the epidemic containment measures are concentrated in urban areas.

                  "The Mexican epidemic is under control and I urge those present to go quietly Mexico, where they will be welcome," said the Health Ministry said in a statement Sunday night, citing Cordova.

                  In another statement Monday, the Secretariat reported that the number of infected by the H1N1 influenza virus, a new strain mixture of human, swine and poultry, cases rose to 3.646 from 3.102 to cases on Saturday.

                  The majority of deaths in Mexico related to the virus have been recorded in the capital.

                  Despite Mexico's control, WHO is still under 5 epidemiological alert on a scale of 1 to 6, which implies the greatest risk of a pandemic is declared. The virus has spread to over 40 countries, although their symptoms were milder what was believed at the outset.

                  Most victims are Mexican.

                  The director general of WHO Margaret Chan, said on Monday during the meeting of the agency that the influenza virus H1N1 continue its rapid expansion around the world and that could create hazards when they merged with the H5N1 virus of bird flu.

                  (Reporting by Anahi Rama. Edited by Javier Leira)

                  REUTERS SR ABE JL SR /


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                    Re: Mexico - case tracking: 70 dead; 3,646 confirmed cases

                    it would be interesting to see the same curve for USA.
                    Alas, I can't find the data from USA by onset dates.

                    Why ? Can't CDC produce them ?
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                    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
                    my current links: ILI-charts:


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                      Re: Mexico - case tracking: 74 dead; 3,734 confirmed cases


                      Rise to 74 deaths from influenza A in Mexico
                      The Ministry of Health reported that, by continuing the analysis of samples were confirmed on the eve 3 to 734 thousand cases of influenza A H1N1, including dead and infected

                      El Universal
                      Mexico City Tuesday May 19, 2009

                      The number of deaths from influenza A rose to 74 in Mexico, where on Tuesday there was a protest at a prison for the restrictions on family visits to the risks of spreading the virus.

                      The Health Ministry reported on Tuesday in a statement that, by continuing the analysis of samples were confirmed on the eve 3 to 734 thousand cases of influenza A H1N1, including dead and infected.

                      Coahuila, in northern Italy, is the only one of 32 states that has not recorded cases of the flu.

                      The figure was 70 dead and 3 of the 576 thousand infected.

                      In Latin America, plus Mexico, there have been 112 cases: Panama (59), Colombia (12), Brazil (8), Costa Rica (8), El Salvador (4), Chile (10), Guatemala (3) , Cuba (3), Peru (3), Argentina (1) and Ecuador (1).

                      Only in Costa Rica was one death.

                      United States has 5 thousand 469 confirmed cases in 47 states, including six deaths.

                      Mexico has begun to return to normal after a suspension in early May all non-essential activities.

                      On Monday, students returned to classes in the seven states that had delayed the return to the classroom.

                      The only restrictions remain in some places, such as the criminal of the city of Mexico, which was reduced from four to three days to visit the prisoners and have only a domestic household.

                      The restrictions led to a protest Tuesday in one of the prisons the capital, where inmates burned mattresses and clothes. No one was injured and after a few hours the situation was controlled.

                      Meanwhile, the head of City government, Marcelo Ebrard, reported June 7 that it is planned to hold a meeting of mayors from Latin America to learn how the city handled the crisis in Mexico by the health influenza A H1N1.

                      Mexico has indicated that the epidemic continues a downward trend.

                      The Ministry of Health noted that the onset of symptoms of 67 of the 74 deaths occurred before April 23, was not yet known when he had a new influenza virus.



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                        Re: Mexico - case tracking: 74 dead; 3,734 confirmed cases


                        Last week there was no increase in the demand for medical care, said Lezana
                        The tendency of influenza A/H1N1 epidemic continues to decline: Cenavece

                        The official highlighted the effect of social distancing measures that were implemented

                        ?ngeles Cruz Martinez

                        Last week, when entirely resumed school activities and employment in the country (except the states who returned yesterday), there was increased demand for medical care for respiratory infections. The tendency of influenza A/H1N1 epidemic continues to decline, said Miguel Angel Lezana, director of the National Center of Epidemiological Surveillance and Disease Control (Cenavece) of the Health Secretariat (SSA).

                        He said that the May 5 at the time, every day around 50 people attending health services with symptoms of influenza, which is almost normal levels for this time of year. This situation contrasts with that experienced in the country in the critical days of the epidemic, when 800 thousand were provided daily, he said.

                        In an interview, the official said that cases have been adding to the overall figure of people affected by the virus A/H1N1 -3 thousand-734 until yesterday to match weeks. People started with the symptoms of illness around April 26. Continues to this day as the peak of the epidemic, with the largest number of patients because of the new strain.

                        Although there are confirmed cases with onset of symptoms in recent days-the last is May 13, statistics show the effect of social distancing measures that were implemented from April 24 and more clearly between the 30 April and May 5. Lezana stressed that in this period could not yet speak more than stabilization of the epidemic, but later, once spent the maximum period of incubation of the virus (five days), began to observe the decrease in the number of people with respiratory infections.

                        The director of Cenavece also referred to the apparently sudden increase of cases of influenza A/H1N1 in Jalisco. He explained that was because last Friday came the results of analysis of samples in the National Health Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada. In this batch of 200 thousand samples were sent to Jalisco, for people who had infection around April 26.

                        To speed up the clinical process to determine the presence of A/H1N1 virus, the SSA requested the support of the Laboratory of Canada. Once he joined the national register of information from that country, the figure for Mexico increased from 40 cases of influenza A/H1N1 which took on Sunday, 84 reported on Monday.

                        In this regard, information from the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (Indre) says the 200 thousand samples were sent to Canada for analysis, 15 came on Friday, 923 results, of which 283 were positive to the virus A/H1N1, while other 367 samples are still under observation in that country.

                        Therefore, the studies in the Indre, and those who came from Canada, between Saturday and Monday, 544 cases were added to the total, from 3 to 3 thousand 102 thousand 646, while that between Monday and Tuesday the increase was just 88 new confirmations of the virus.

                        The number of deaths rose from 68 to 70 between Saturday and Monday, Tuesday and were joined for 74 deaths.

                        Lezana explained that the number of students and teachers who have been sent to health centers for a "normal" respiratory infections at this time of year. He stated that approximately 100 thousand individuals who had not been allowed access to the campus is not significant in terms of epidemic influenza.


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                          Re: Mexico - case tracking: 75 dead; 3,892 confirmed cases


                          Amounted to 75 deaths in Mexico by the influenza A

                          The number of people killed by the swine flu rose to 75 in Mexico Wednesday, while the number of confirmed cases of people infected rose to 3892, informed the Ministry of Health

                          The previous day's figure of deaths was 74 in 3734 and contracted, although the government "new cases continue to decline."

                          The Secretariat noted that people "... should not drop our guard" to preventive measures, including use of masks in places areas, washing hands frequently and cover your mouth with your arm when you cough or sneeze.

                          Gradually, since the government allowed a resumption of economic, cultural, sports and academics who were suspended more than a week by the outbreak, people stopped worrying and now, to ride the Metro train only a minimum amount of passenger masks , unlike the past few weeks has been found.

                          They also called for the return to normal economic activity and is reactive with all energy is the best way of showing the world that life is restored, including preventive measures. "

                          Source: AP


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                            Re: Mexico - case tracking: 78 dead; 4,008 confirmed cases


                            78 are killed by influenza in Mexico
                            + By: Agency | 2009-05-21

                            Source: Reuters
                            The Ministry of Health reports that amounted to four thousand eight patients with influenza identified AH1N1, 78 people have died from this disease

                            MEXICO CITY, Mexico, May 21, 2009 .- The Ministry of Health (SSA) reported that amounted to four thousand eight the number of confirmed cases of influenza AH1N1 and deaths from the disease add up 78, which represents 1.9 percent of overall.

                            In its report on the status of influenza for the Thursday May 21, the Federal agency said that 56 percent of the deaths are women.

                            The two age groups with the highest number of confirmed cases is located between zero and nine years, with 124 thousand and 10 thousand to 19 years with six cases, ie, just over half the total.

                            With respect to deaths, the highest number recorded in the range between 20 and 54 years of age, representing 78 per cent.

                            By occupation, the most deaths (21) took place between those involved in the home, followed by self-employed (15) and private employees (13), and only two pensioners died of the disease.

                            The SSA added that 29.3 percent of cases, the victims of the virus AH1N1 suffering from obesity, while 13.3 percent had cardiovascular problems and 10.7 percent had smoking.

                            The Federal District of Mexico and the state continue to have the majority of deaths 66.7 percent, followed by San Luis Potosi with 7.7 percent and 5.1 percent in Hidalgo.

                            The report indicates that 35 of the deaths occurred at facilities of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) in nine referral hospitals, seven in the health system of Mexico City, seven National Institutes of Health and six in the ISSSTE.
                            Of the 78 people killed, he said, 71 showed symptoms until the April 23, when the new virus was detected and only seven had after that date.[/B]

                            At international level the disease has appeared in 41 countries, with 10 thousand 844 cases and 88 deaths.

                            Of these deaths, 78 are Mexico, United States to eight, one to Canada and Costa Rica. The United States tops the number of confirmed cases with five thousand 710.
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                              Re: Mexico - case tracking: 80 dead; 4,174 confirmed cases


                              Deaths from influenza rises to 80, infected more than 4 mil
                              Mexican Editorial Organization
                              May 22, 2009


                              Mexico City .- The dead by human influenza in the country and added 80 and the barrier was broken four thousand cases of infection in the epidemic, which affects all 32 states, reported the Ministry of Health.

                              "Yesterday (Thursday) night we had 4 thousand 174 confirmed cases. (Them) there are now 80 confirmed deaths, representing 1.9 percent of all cases, the agency reported in a statement. Infected people rose from 930 thousand reported 3 to 4 thousand on Thursday 94 on Friday, explained.

                              "The cases are distributed in 32 states, all which are Mexico, the Secretariat said. Until now the state of Coahuila is maintained without infection.

                              According to the report the trend of the disease continues to decline "in the country, a day after the adjournment of the health emergency in the capital, the epicenter of the epidemic.

                              The agency explained that at the moment "actions focus on regions and localities with outbreaks of new cases", and asked to keep some preventive measures such as constant hand washing and use in places where there cubrebocas agglomerations such as public transport.

                              According to the latest assessment of the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus affects 11 thousand 168 people in 42 countries since its emergence in late March. Outside of Mexico, nine people have died in United States, one in Canada and one in Costa Rica, according to their respective authorities.
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                                Re: Mexico - case tracking: 83 dead; 4 541 confirmed cases

                                Deaths by swine flu rises to 83 in Mexico and 4458 infected

                                Killed by the swine flu in Mexico rose from 80 to 83 and those infected with 4458 cases, reported today the Ministry of Health.

                                Mexico. AFP.

                                Currently there are "4541 confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1 in the country, of whom 83 died," explained the agency said in a statement.

                                The secretariat clarified that it is not death or infection, but recent cases that were already under study and have been diagnosed in the last few hours.

                                The epidemic in Mexico "continues its downward trend," he said.

                                In the last official report, last Friday, the record had been 80 deaths and 4094 infections.

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