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Mexico - H1N1 Case Tracking: 1,329 Dead Through July 2010

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    Re: Mexico: 159 deaths and 1311 hospitalized, over 1000 released, total 2,498 cases Apr 28, 2009


    Google translation:

    WHO indicates that 97 new cases of influenza confirmed in Mexico, 26 more than yesterday

    GENEVA, Apr 30. (Reuters / EP) --

    The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Keiji Fukuda, said today that Mexico has confirmed the existence of 97 new cases of influenza, ie 26 more than yesterday, adding that among them there seven fatal cases, so this latter figure has been stable since yesterday.

    Fukuda said at a press conference that these data, based on results of tests performed in laboratories of the WHO, have been updated to 14.50, hora peninsular Spanish. Mexican authorities, meanwhile, say there are 176 people whose death could be attributed to the new flu.


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      Re: Mexico: 159 deaths and 1311 hospitalized, over 1000 released, total 2,498 cases Apr 28, 2009


      Ssa 260 confirmed human cases of influenza in Mexico, reported 12 deaths

      The federal secretary of Health recalled the recommendation of WHO to call the virus of human influenza virus and not swine flu or influenza.

      Mexico City .- The Ministry of Health reported that amounted to 260 positive cases and 12 the number of people killed virus called human influenza previously known as pigs.

      Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, Health Secretary, said that thanks to the laboratories that have been installed in the country have been able to more quickly detect cases of people affected with this virus.

      Cordova Villalobos said, that it is aware that people are sick with the flu and asked the population not to be confused with human influenza. "We know that people are sick with flu, but this does not mean you have human influenza," he said.

      He noted that the increase in the number of deaths between yesterday and today is not because more people are dead, but the capacity for analysis of studies in the cases already confirmed.

      He said that five laboratories have been equipped to test samples in the coming days and has already trained health personnel to operate them.

      With the representative of WHO, Philippe Lamy, said that the transition from phase 5 alert applies not only to Mexico but the entire world, since in various parts have been reported this contingency.
      Blanca Valadez / MILLENNIUM
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        Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


        Google translation:
        12 deaths confirmed by the human influenza virus
        Posted by shinji on Thursday, April 30 2009Sin Feedback

        By Emiliano Parra

        cordovainfluenza12thumbOaxaca, Mexico .- The Ministry of Health confirmed that rises to twelve deaths confirmed by the human influenza virus in Mexico. At a press conference, Jose Angel Cordova Villanueva, noted that there are 260 cumulative cases of people who were confirmed infected with the virus.

        Of them, until Wednesday, seven people died in addition to the five deaths, which are the total of twelve deaths reported by C?rdova Villalobos.

        He said that he has made 547 samples processed to debug the cause of death in each case and confirm with certainty how many are related.

        The four men were confirmed dead and eight women, half of them aged between 31 and 40 years.

        Cordova explained that enabled five new laboratories, in addition to owning one in Mexico City, "to test samples will be ready in the coming days."

        The new equipment will be installed at the National Institutes of Respiratory Diseases, Nutrition and Public Health, as well as the State Public Health Laboratory at the port of Veracruz and Acapulco.

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          Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


          Google translation:
          Of 679 tests, 312 cases of infection, reports the Ssa

          Monday will decide whether to extend the work stoppage in schools throughout the country.

          Suggest that campaigns start rallies or events with no crowds.
          Fri, 01/05/2009 - 05:35
          The owner of Health announced that they have visited homes of families of deceased patients in the DF. Photo: Oswaldo Ramirez

          Mexico .- The Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova, reported last night that tests of 679 people with symptoms similar to human influenza, 312 cases were found affected by this virus and killed 12 people.

          Thus, in only 24 hours of confirmed cases of human influenza increased from 99 to 312, and the deaths by this strain of 9 to 12.

          On the latter, the official said that seven were in the Federal District, four in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico and one, eight were women and four men, with the population from 31 to 40 where the largest number of cases.

          In the morning, C?rdova Villalobos said that will be next Monday, with the widespread application of evidence in the country, where it is determined whether or canceled May 6 extends the suspension of classes at all educational levels, including child care.

          "Obviously this will involve different activities, because I insist: it will not disappear as if by magic. There is an insecticide to kill the virus and should continue taking precautions to detect symptoms in schoolchildren. "

          With respect to the start of political campaigns, C?rdova Villalobos noted that the General Health Council found that the advice of the campaign is starting as scheduled, just the May 3, and rallies but no clusters that contribute to the spread of human influenza virus .

          In his evening lecture, accompanied by Ernesto Cordero, Secretary of Social Development, C?rdova said that "in the coming hours we will be able to continue reporting on cases according to studies being conducted at the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference in three shifts, with 6 teams worked. "

          The number of tests will be intensified, he added, upcoming acquisition of laboratory equipment will be installed at the National Institutes of Respiratory Diseases, Nutrition and the National Institutes of Health, as well as the state public health laboratories in the port of Veracruz and Acapulco, Guerrero, and which went from 670 thousand million pesos.

          In a joint press conference with Secretary of Social Development, Ernesto Cordero, the head of the health policy of the country reported that as part of the mitigation of the virus have visited 77 homes of patients who died in the Federal District, State of Mexico, Aguascalientes, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, and in only two cases were detected in the presence of this strain type A.

          Reported that due to timely preventive measures taken at national level, based on the suspension of classes and activities of the federal civil service, including non-essential services of the productive sectors, the number of discharges severe Institute Mexican Social Security was reduced from 212 on April 20, just 46 this past Thursday.

          The caravans of health, according to about 110 units, have enabled them immediately to 8 thousand people and with the rapid test to detect (based on the taking of nasal secretion) possible cases of infection prior to services Emergency invaded by bacterial agents.

          The Health Secretary also said had been distributed to approximately 250 thousand antiviral drugs, which, he explained, not all patients have been given, and that through 01800 1231010 mental crisis have been addressed to the population affected by the presence of the epidemic .

          PAHO recognizes work

          ? The representative of the organizations and Pan American World Health Organization, Philippe Lamy, acknowledged the work of the Mexican government and expressed its solidarity to overcome this contingency.

          ? The WHO yesterday ruled out raising the level to 6 alert because of the flu, but the threat remains dormant most of the identified 257 cases in the world.

          ? Mexican laboratories analyze the reasons why the human influenza virus may be more aggressive and lethal in some people than others. Do not dismiss the theory that the virus can mutate very easily


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            Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


            Google translation:
            Oaxaca in the national dailies
            Written by The Editor
            Friday, May 01, 2009 07:41

            First contact with the virus causing fear, is the title of the Excelsior in the realization that Adri?n Ju?rez Gerardo Avenda?o, master in Molecular Biomedicine in the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), received the first laboratory sample of Maria Gutierrez, women Oaxacan who died as a result of human influenza virus, which now afflicts humanity.

            The scientist found in a clinical laboratory located in the Historic Center of Oaxaca City, it was a "corona virus" (an unusual microorganism) similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), recorded six years ago in asia.

            "Seeing for the first time I felt fear for their high aggressiveness and what could happen to the patient, according to the information from the specialized literature," he said.

            Adri?n Ju?rez Gerardo Avenda?o is chemical biologist, graduated with honors from the Universidad Aut?noma Benito Ju?rez de Oaxaca and is a specialist in hematology and microbiology.

            Telixtlahuaca is originally from Santiago, a town located 32 kilometers from the capital. 47 years and has with his team of young people studying molecular biology applied to clinical diagnosis, a laboratory of his property.

            Oaxaca alerted the State Health Services, who after listening to it, studies submitted to the Institute of Diagnosis and Epidemiological Reference, and then to Canada.

            The Epidemic Exc?lsior entitled "manageable levels", reports that Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, said that the influenza epidemic of human remains at manageable levels.

            "We have acted with speed and seriousness that the situation warrants. Our plan is underway and is yielding results.

            Of the 12 deaths confirmed with the virus, seven were in the Federal District, four in Mexico and a state of Oaxaca.

            There are four men and eight women. The ages of the patients were concentrated between 31 and 40 years, age range of four people who died.

            Responsible for health policy in the country reported that they have visited 77 homes of people suspected to be infected by the virus died from the human influenza, in the Federal District, State of Mexico, Oaxaca, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. Only in two cases in these families confirmed the presence of influenza virus A.

            El Universal published a death Cancun Record details in the final hours, the epidemic of influenza A in humans, became the first suspected death in Cancun, Quintana Roo, where the number of cases analyzed from two to 14.

            Queretaro increased from 3 to 52, Guanajuato on 5 to 14, from 4 to 16 Morelos, Tamaulipas, and from 2 to 12 in Oaxaca of 53 to 70.

            Millennium holds 679 tests, 312 cases of infection, reports the SSA, said that Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova, reported last night that tests of 679 people with symptoms similar to human influenza, 312 cases were found affected by the virus and the deaths of 12 people.

            Thus, in only 24 hours of confirmed cases of human influenza increased from 99 to 312, and the deaths by this strain of 9 to 12.

            On the latter, the official said that seven were in the Federal District, four in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico and one, eight were women and four men, with the population from 31 to 40 where the largest number of cases.

            In a joint press conference with Secretary of Social Development, Ernesto Cordero, the head of the health policy of the country reported that as part of the mitigation of the virus have visited 77 homes of patients who died in the Federal District, State of Mexico, Aguascalientes, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, and in only two cases were detected in the presence of this strain type A


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              Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


              Increased to 15 killed by the virus H1N1 in Mexico
              * 11 people died in Mexico City, two in the State of Mexico, one in Oaxaca and one in Tlaxcala

              Suman 358 confirmed cases, including those who die

              MEXICO CITY .- The Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova reported that according to the latest report on the situation of health emergency by the virus A H1N1 has been confirmed the death of 15 patients in the country.

              At a press conference said that the states where the deaths were recorded: 11 in the Federal District, two in the state of Mexico, one in Oaxaca and one in Tlaxcala, 11 of whom were women and four men, while nine The 15 deaths occurred in persons 21 to 40 years of age.

              He noted that in accordance with advances in diagnosis based on the samples processed of which 358 patients who were positive to human influenza virus, 343 are alive and 15 died.


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                Re: Mexico SF - case tracking

                Source: http://quetzalcoatl.presidencia.gob....ontenido=44582

                Press Conference which offered the Secretary of Health
                Friday, May 1, 2009 | Press Conference

                Mexico City .- The Secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, reported on progress in the diagnosis of 776 samples processed the morning of the day, resulting in 358 positive samples of the type A H1N1 virus, of whom 343 patients are alive and receiving treatment, also lamented the death of 15 patients.

                On these 15 deaths, nine of them were women and 4 men, 11 of whom were living in Mexico, two in the State of Mexico, one in Oaxaca and one in the state of Tlaxcala. He added that nine of these 15 belonged to the age range of 21 to 40 years.

                C?rdova Villalobos gave information on the monitoring of the 86 families of the deceased, which added 219 persons to whom the test was performed in type A, with a positive result 4, which were channeled to various hospitals.

                Moreover, the Secretary of Health reported on the achievements with the Caravan of Health, where 17,367 were prevention measures, there were 2786 consultations, 12 patients were referred to various hospitals, there were 121 suspected patients.

                It was reported on 36,240 doses of medicine to treat infected patients and were distributed nationwide. Of this number 11,520 were assigned to the Federal District, 7020 to 4500 and medical units to the country's prisons.

                Last updated:
                Friday, May 1, 2009 at 11:50 by Octavio Islas Acosta.


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                  Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                  397 confirmed cases of influenza: Ssa
                  Report Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, which infected 16 people died and the remaining 381 are alive
                  El Universal
                  Mexico City Friday 01 May 2009

                  20:24 The federal secretary of Health (SSA), Jose Angel Villalobos C?rdava, confirmed that there were 397 confirmed cases, of which there are 16 people killed and the remainder, 381 are alive.

                  At a press conference, C?rdova Villalobos also confirmed that the City, State of Mexico and San Luis Potosi, the areas where most have been reported cases of human influenza (formerly known as swine flu)

                  He mentioned that of the 159 cases studied, 58 of them there was no justification for linking human influenza, while 85 remain suspects and confirmed 16.

                  The holder of the SSA reported that it initiated the distribution of material sent by China which consists of gloves, uniforms, gel. The material was distributed in 21 hospitals in the Valley of Mexico, IMSS, ISSSTE and general hospitals.

                  Reported that tomorrow will be another gift from Japan as a material with antiseptic, gloves, cubrebocas

                  Also informed that the Ssa distributed 200 thousand of antiviral treatment to all entities of the Republic, "the calculation of distribution was based on the states that reported," he said.

                  Finally he said that the committee of the National Immunization confirmed that the seasonal influenza vaccine does not help control the epidemic, which coincides with the views of the CDC and the WHO.

                  Reported cases of human influenza:

                  285 DF
                  45 Edomex
                  29 San Luis Potosi
                  7 Tlaxcala
                  5 Aguascalientes

                  With fewer cases


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                    Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                    Google translation:
                    In San Luis is increased to 15 the number of deaths
                    First cases reported in Quintana Roo, Colima

                    Of correspondents

                    The governments of Quintana Roo, Colima yesterday reported its first cases of human influenza. In the first death of a woman 68 years and the second a couple of Manzanillo surpassed the disease. San Luis Potosi in the list of fatalities reached a 15-over on Thursday. The governor of this entity was that none of the figures contained in the federal government, because no tests have been completed. For its part, the Ministry of Health (SESA) Tlaxcala confirmed two: a woman who died after giving birth to a child of six years. In Hidalgo, Oaxaca, there were two deaths.

                    The governor of Quintana Roo, F?lix Gonz?lez, reported the death of a person 68 years of IMSS facilities, but is defined by whether it is the same strain.
                    He also announced the contribution of 15 million pesos to support the productive sectors and tourism. Cancun is closed from Friday until May 5, discos, bars, cinemas and restaurants that do not have terraces.

                    In Tlaxcala, the woman who died of influenza on April 29 was a teacher of 39 years, the municipality of Papalotla, informed the holder of the sector in that state, Constantino Quiroz. Three days before the baby was born of the lady, which is stable and under observation. The official admitted that the death "took us by surprise,"
                    since they learned from the information released by the Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova.

                    The governor of Colima, Jesus Silverio Cavazos, the first confirmed human case of influenza in the state,
                    according to the report sent by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Referral to the state Health Department on Thursday before. Occurred in the municipality of Manzanillo, before they went national alert. The case was sent as a suspect in that time frame because it was diagnosed as common flu.

                    This is a young man who presented a mild flu-like box, which was passed with 36 hours treatment in common. After it was confirmed that it was human influenza, the patient is fully recovered, was never committed nor been supplied antivirals. Now, epidemiologists believe the "atypical case of human influenza." Their situation is similar to the child Edgar Hernandez, of La Gloria, Veracruz, who also overcame the problem. When he met his condition was already reset.

                    In San Luis Potosi, with a population of more than 2 million 500 thousand inhabitants, the final cut of the Ministry of Health shows that in the state rose to 15 the number of dead and the detected cases rose to 127, 35 people are serious.

                    The Governor Marcelo de los Santos, who said last Thursday that the entity class will resume on Monday, May 11, stressed that Jos? ?ngel C?rdova requested to expedite the review of potential human cases of influenza in San Luis Potosi order to inform the population how many deaths are swine influenza by seasonal and how many. "

                    The number of deaths which manages the state government of Mexico on the epidemic rose to nine, announced today the executive head of Mexico State, Enrique Pe?a, of which four were of type B (seasonal) and five A (human ).

                    The latest deaths have been reported in the municipalities of Xalatlaco, Chimalhuacan and Villa de Allende. This is a person of 28 years and two children: a five-year and another one, all of type A.

                    In Morelos, according to the latest report of the State Board of Health, have only been four confirmed human cases of influenza and 10 people hospitalized "serious." They are "suspect," said the head of the agency, Victor Manuel Caballero. Coahuila remains unregistered infected people, said the secretary of health in the state, Raymundo Verduzco. He said there are 66 suspected cases, which are monitored by the authorities. He said that 12 people are hospitalized, most in Saltillo, Torreon and Monclova.

                    In Nayarit, the number of people affected was 24, said the head of the agency in the state, Omar Gallegos Reinoso. In Guerrero, up to now have been 16 confirmed cases of influenza A. These are eight women and eight men, said the local Health Department, a total of 130 samples taken.

                    Based on the latest balance sheet released by the health sector in Michoacan, 332 have been processed 153 samples, 42 were positive for influenza type A.

                    Discovered 74 people infected in Oaxaca

                    In Oaxaca, between Thursday and Friday were detected 74 cases and one new death was reported, said the director of the Unit for Innovation and Quality of Health Services, Marcelo Noguera. He died of a person 41 years of Tlacolula de Matamoros, who suffered from mental retardation and sequelae of poliomyelitis. With this added five deaths occurred from April 18, but only one has been confirmed in the laboratory.

                    The Ministry of Health in Sonora reported that increased from five to seven the number of confirmed cases of seasonal influenza so far this year, but not yet detected any confirmed or suspected type A/H1N1. In Aguascalientes, there are 53 verified types A and B.

                    The delegate of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Employees Hidalgo, Alberto Jonguitud, said it was investigating a possible case of negligence committed by a doctor of the unit, who diagnosed pharyngitis in a patient with influenza and was now being isolated at home.

                    Hidalgo's government ratified the first SARS death. She was a woman from the town Nicol?s Flores. In addition 44 of influenza, of which eight are out of danger and the rest are still under study.

                    In Guanajuato discovered "the first three probable cases of swine influenza, said the Health Secretary, Armando Aguirre Torres.

                    At a press conference in Leon said that the virus was detected in a woman of 24 years and a man of 30, and a girl three years in Celaya. The first two were treated at a clinic in the IMSS.

                    (Tere Ramirez Ojeda / La Jornada de Oriente, Israel Davila, Edith Arg?elles, Ver?nica Gonz?lez, Mauricio Conde, Carlos Camacho and Carlos Garcia)
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                      Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                      Google translation:
                      SSA 473 confirmed positive cases of human influenza in Mexico

                      Federal Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova reported that so far have confirmed 19 deaths, 14 of whom are women and 5 men.
                      Sat, 02/05/2009 - 20:28

                      Mexico City .- The Federal Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova, confirmed that so far 473 cases remained positive for the 1300 human influenza tests that have been processed.

                      Reported that the confirmed cases have been recorded 19 deaths, 14 of whom are women and 5 men.


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                        Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                        1303 influenza tests performed

                        At a press conference the Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, updated information on the epidemic of human influenza in Mexico

                        Stabilized human cases of influenza here in DF are stabilized in human cases of influenza DF

                        02/05/2009 | a press conference the Secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, from the esplanade of the Ministry of Health, updates information on the epidemic of human influenza in Mexico in the company of holder of the Interior Fernando Gomez Mont, and the WHO representative in Mexico Philippe Lamy.

                        Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, who says: 'quremos to share the latest information on confirmed cases of influenza cases, 299 are missing to complete the testing process, but since 1303 are evidence of which 473 are positive, are confirmed cases, 454 are alive and 19 people have died. These cases are spread across 18 states of the republic, but the concentration is in the Valley of Mexico.

                        Of the deaths dominated totaling 14 women and five men have died. The origin or the place where died: 13 DF 4 in the State of Mexico, one in Oaxaca and one in Tlaxcala.

                        Other data that we would like to share is that CONAMA has reviewed 2118 records of suspect cases, including all cases it until April 30 days. 74 were discarded as suspects and 121 remain to be analyzed, plus the 19 deaths already.

                        Many people have expressed emotional stress and notes an increase in telephone consultations to date, totaling 2 million 409 thousand 776 calls Call for consultation.

                        I want to thank and recognize the teams of doctors and nurses in all public and private clinics because they have behaved in height and have been working overtime.

                        I recognize that the public has behaved in a responsible and mature, we urge them to continue thus demonstrating to the world that we are responding to events with adverse circumstances.
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                          Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                          Google translation:
                          Number rises to 19 dead in Mexico by swine flu
                          Saturday, May 02, 2009 (News)

                          The number of people killed by swine flu rose from 16 to 19 while the number of infected rose from 443 to 473 after processing 1303 samples, reported the Mexican federal government

                          MEXICO .- The quantity of swine influenza deaths increased from 16 to 19 while the number of infected rose from 443 to 473 after processing 1303 samples, reported the Mexican federal government.

                          "These 14 women and four men. Of the six who died were between 21 and 30 years and another six from 31 to 40," said Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Mexico.

                          Yet to be processed 200 samples, added the head of health.

                          Mexico is semiparalizado a central government order to cease all activities not essential in an effort to decrease the rate of infection and curb the epidemic.


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                            Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                            Domingo 3 de mayo de 2009

                            Google translation:

                            Chiapas contradicts the Ssa "we free from the strain" Sabines
                            Several entities reported cases, patients respond to treatment
                            Of correspondents

                            Although the head of the Secretariat of Health (SSA) federal, Jos? ?ngel C?rdova Villalobos, reported last Friday that Chiapas is among the entities where they are between one and three cases of influenza A/H1N1 infection, the Local insisted yesterday that its territory is free from strain.

                            However, Governor Juan Sabines ordered that schools and state government employees to resume work until Monday, May 11, in San Luis Potosi. In Chihuahua, the Executive noted that the bridge is considered to extend until 11 days and Coahuila classes will resume on Thursday, 7.

                            Through radio and television system permissions to the state government, Sabines said that laboratory tests confirm that Chiapas is kept free of influenza A/H1N1. In the same transmission, the local secretary of health, Adri?n P?rez Vargas, said that tests were performed in 63 suspected cases, which were sent to the laboratories of the Ssa since last April 24.

                            Meanwhile, the state of Puebla and acknowledged that there were two positive cases of A/H1N1 viruses of porcine origin, which belong to a man of 27 years and a woman of 36. Both treated and are hospitalized. State authorities took almost 24 hours to take the information from the Federation.

                            In Aguascalientes, the State Institute of Health confirmed the first death on Saturday by the new strain. This is a young 22 years since that April 22 was in the hospital Hidalgo. Here we have reported 54 cases of influenza, of which six correspond to the type A/H1N1, and 163 classified as "probable."

                            The governor of Chihuahua, Jos? Reyes Baeza, the agency confirmed that there were four cases of swine flu in two-Ju?rez and two in the capital, and assured that there are no deaths by infection.

                            The identity of those affected are kept in reserve, but it was reported that three men are 32, 36 and 10 years, and a woman of 32. Reyes Baeza kept informed of health control measures taken since last week, with the closure of bars and meeting centers, restaurants and meeting rooms for parties, as well as the suspension of mass events, and discusses the possibility of extending the suspension class until 11.

                            Of 300 samples that the government of San Luis Potosi sent to SSA for review until this Saturday it had delivered results in 101, of which 29 were confirmed to type A/H1N1. The 15 deaths in the state since the start of the contingency were positive with influenza and 57 cases were dropped, but showed pictures of pneumonia.

                            Stabilization phase in SLP

                            Health Secretary in the state, Juan Sanchez Ramos, said that the epidemic is now at a stage of stabilization in this entity, as in the Federal District and the state of Mexico, hardest hit by the new virus.

                            In Oaxaca, have accumulated 85 cases of swine flu, reported the head of local health, Mart?n V?squez Villanueva. He said that 29 patients were under four years. In the last 24 hours there have been no deaths, but five died during the emergency.

                            In Hidalgo, the governor reported that no deaths from influenza, but two from pneumonia. They counted 54 cases of influenza, 33 men and 21 women. Quer?taro is in two patients with influenza A/H1N1, one of which was tabled in the capital and the second in San Juan del Rio, which were confirmed by the SSA.

                            In Coahuila, 89 people with symptoms similar to influenza found in epidemiological surveillance, the majority are women, said the state secretary of health, Raymundo Verduzco Rosan. In this entity there is no confirmation of cases of type A/H1N1.

                            Health Secretary in Colima, Avi?a Jose Salazar reported that the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE) confirmed two new cases of swine flu in the coastal municipalities of Manzanillo and Tecom?n, which joined the three in this entity Since the launch of the health alert, on April 23.

                            In Durango, health authorities confirmed two positive cases of the new virus. The first is a 19-year-old, who attended a national chess tournament in the city of Toluca, and second, a girl of 10 years, two were discharged.

                            Meanwhile, the Health Secretariat of Jalisco warned the public to the falsity of a "purported homeopathic vaccine that was being applied in a medical clinic to prevent the development of the new strain. In this condition have been analyzed 120 suspected cases, none had the new strain.

                            Today in Michoacan were detected 18 new cases of influenza, which added 60, however, the A/H1N1 virus has only been one recorded, reported the Secretariat of Health of the entity.

                            Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, is so far free of swine virus, and five suspected cases, only one patient remains hospitalized. However, the health department of Laredo, Texas, ordered his two school districts to close schools until May 18.

                            Far?as America / La Jornada de Oriente, Claudio Ba?uelos, Carlos Camacho, Angeles Mariscal, Octavio Velez, Javier Valdez, Mariana Chavez, Leopoldo Ramos, Miroslava Breach, Ruben Villalpando, Veronica Gonzalez, Carlos Figueroa, Edith Arg?elles, Saul Maldonado, and Mauricio Ferrer Ernesto Martinez


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                              Re: Mexico SF - case tracking


                              Google translation:
                              Increasing deaths and infected by swine fever in Mexico
                              Sunday, May 3, 2009
                              Updated 8 minutes ago (09:38 PM)
                              Associated Press

                              Mexico. -The swine flu deaths in Mexico increased from 19 to 22 infected and 487 to 568, reported on Sunday, Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova.

                              At a news conference, the official said there have been 1523 tests and have been 590 confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1, including infected and killed.

                              He said that the last confirmed death has been registered on April 29.

                              In the morning, the secretary reported that the epidemic had entered a phase of decline.


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                                Re: Mexico SF - case tracking

                                New swine flu cases in Europe, US, Latin America
                                By JAMES ANDERSON, Associated Press Writer James Anderson, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 58 mins ago

                                MEXICO CITY – The swine flu epidemic spread deeper into the United States, Europe and Latin America — and in Canada, back to pigs — even as Mexico's health chief hinted Sunday it may soon be time to reopen businesses and schools in the nation where the outbreak likely began.

                                The virus spread to Colombia in the first confirmed case in South America, worrisome because flu season is about to begin in the Southern Hemisphere. More cases were confirmed in Europe and North America; health officials said at least 934 people have been sickened worldwide.

                                Dr. Richard Besser, acting chief of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said swine flu is spreading just as easily as regular winter flu.

                                "The good news is when we look at this virus right now, we're not seeing some of the things in the virus that have been associated in the past with more severe flu," Besser said. "That's encouraging, but it doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet."

                                On Sunday, health officials raised the number of confirmed U.S. swine flu cases to 241 in 34 states The new number, up from 160 on Saturday, reflects streamlining in federal procedures and the results of tests by states, which have only recently begun confirming cases, said Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC.

                                Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said the virus that has killed 19 people in Mexico and sickened at least 506 apparently peaked here between April 23 and April 28. A drastic nationwide shutdown appears to have helped prevent the outbreak from becoming more serious, he said.

                                "The evolution of the epidemic is now in its declining phase," Cordova declared.

                                He said officials would decide Monday whether to extend the shutdown or allow schools and businesses to reopen on Wednesday.

                                Pablo Kuri, an epidemiologist advising Cordova, told The Associated Press on Sunday that tests have confirmed a swine flu death in Mexico City on April 11, two days earlier than what had been believed to be the first death.

                                He also said there have been no deaths among health care workers treating swine flu patients in Mexico????, an indication that the virus may not be as contagious or virulent as initially feared.

                                The closed events made for a surreal Sunday in Mexico, as parishioners celebrated Mass via television, camera operators were the only ones in stadium bleachers and parks, museums, restaurants, theaters and other attractions were closed.

                                Sunday also marked the official start of campaigning for July 5 congressional elections — but all public campaigning was banned to prevent gatherings where the virus could spread.

                                Gabriela Cuevas Barron of the conservative National Action Party giddily claimed she was launching Mexico's first virtual campaign, promising in a Webcast to work for a cleaner and safer Mexico City — for now, through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Meanwhile, the leftist Democratic Revolution Party was already up with a Facebook page for its candidates.

                                The United States said it had sent 100,000 protection kits worth $1 million to Mexico for use by first responders. The kits include respiratory masks, protective goggles and overalls. In all, the U.S. has sent $16 million in aid to Mexico since the emergency began, the U.S. Embassy said.

                                In the Canadian province of Alberta, officials quarantined about 220 pigs that became infected from a worker who had recently returned from Mexico. It was the first documented case of the H1N1 virus being passed from a human to another species. Canada stressed that pigs often get the flu and there's no danger in eating pork.

                                Egypt has ordered all pigs in the country slaughtered as a precaution, sparking riots Sunday by pig farmers who threw stones at police.

                                According to tallies by the CDC, World Health Organization and governments, there were 101 confirmed cases of swine flu in Canada; 40 in Spain; 18 in Britain; eight in Germany; four in New Zealand; two in Italy, France, Israel, and South Korea; one each in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Denmark and the Netherlands.

                                Fear spread in other parts of the globe, much of it directed at Mexican nationals or those who have traveled to Mexico.

                                China quarantined more than 70 Mexican travelers in hospitals and hotels there, and Mexicans on arriving flights were being taken into isolation, said Mexico's ambassador, Jorge Guajardo. Even the Mexican consul in Guangzhou was briefly held after returning from a vacation in Cambodia, Guajardo said.

                                "In many cases we have gotten reports that they were being quarantined for the sole fact that they had a Mexican passport, whether or not they came from Mexico, whether or not they had been in Mexico, whether or not they had been in contact with someone else from Mexico," Guajardo said.

                                Hong Kong isolated 350 people in a hotel after a Mexican traveler there was determined to have the swine flu.

                                In Trinidad, crew aboard a Mexican tanker had been isolated since Friday at the Point Lisas Port. The Ministry of Health said Sunday they were tested and cleared of any flu infection and that the vessel was expected to be released.

                                Health officials around the world cautioned that despite encouraging signs, swine flu still poses a very real threat.

                                "Most experts would agree that the current outbreak that we are experiencing is mild to moderate in severity," Dr. Jon Andrus of the Pan American Health Organization said in a teleconference from Washington. "That is not to say that things cannot change very rapidly and very dramatically."

                                Under one scenario, the virus could peter out now, only to roar back in the fall when flu seasons begins. That's why health officials are watching the Southern Hemisphere so closely.

                                "Certainly, maybe, this current round of activity has peaked, but we are only 10 days into this outbreak," WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told reporters in Switzerland. "I think we would want to wait a while before making a definitive decision."