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Grave risk alert against bird flu

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  • Grave risk alert against bird flu
    Spanish-English translation

    Grave risk alert against bird flu
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    Vaccination for the prevention of bird flu will continue throughout 2013. FILE

    Egg Producers inventory of birds recovered
    95% restocking birds in Los Altos
    Congress resources tagged for farms affected by avian flu
    The national egg production is 2 million tons. Provides 55 percent Jalisco
    The International Egg Commission asks not relax security measures against bird flu in the state

    GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (25/ENE/2013.) - Security measures against bird flu in Jalisco be followed to the letter and should not get off their guard, otherwise there is a risk of backlash as happened at a farm in the municipality Encarnaci?n de D?az Jalisco, where "you had a lax stance on vaccination of birds."

    So said the vice president of the International Egg Commission (IEC, for its acronym in English), C?sar de Anda Molina, who said that if they become loose security measures will lower the rate of protection of farms, so no should relax the actions recommended by the authorities to the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

    In this regard, the National Health and Food Safety (Senasica), has not yet ruled on the outbreak of influenza in the farm of Encarnacion de Diaz, despite request for information.

    Molina De Anda said that the case of regrowth in Encarnacion de Diaz, as the emergence of bird flu at the beginning of the year in Aguascalientes, stop reading the AH7N3 virus is present and under no circumstances should mitigate biosecurity measures in poultry, especially since the conditions of cold and this winter gales are risk factors, as they facilitate the spread of the virus.

    As things look, stressed that vaccination will continue throughout 2013.

    Reduced exports

    The representative of the country in the IEC also reported that for obvious reasons, Jalisco egg exports were greatly reduced during 2012, so much so that foreign sales eliminated the tilefish of shell and fell to half the processed product.

    He recalled that progress had fresh egg exports to countries in North Africa and the Persian Gulf on shipments sent by sea.

    While in the case of egg processing has been increasing sales to several destinations, among which stands out the Japanese market.

    He noted that to the extent that inventory restocking birds have its effect in increasing the supply of eggs, it will resume exports.


    The expectation of processed egg exports last year was 800 thousand tons.
    The national egg production is 2 million tons. Jalisco contributes 55 percent.