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SSA: No presence of Influenza AH1N1 in Mexico
Mercedes Juan Lopez, head of the Ministry of Health, said that fortunately did not have H1N1 Influenza in Mexico.
January 14, 2013
18:47 hrs
Mercedes Juan Lopez, head of the Ministry of Health. (Archive)

Mexico City. - Asserting that "fortunately we have no AH1N1 Influenza in Mexico," Secretary of Health, Juan Mercedes, said the cases detected in the United States, are of Influenza AH3N2, which has a less contagious strain.
"It is a different strain that is circulating, which is much less pathogenic, which is the AH3N2 and B, which is seasonal, with which we have always contended in this winter period that is much less pathogenic, fortunately we do not have the H1N1 circulating "he explained.
Interviewed in the Castle of Chapultepec week after inaugurating the National Information on Alcoholism, the official said that compared with other years the seasonal flu cases detected during this winter season are lower.
He acknowledged that although the cases detected in the United States, security measures are applied, which are always taken in the winter period, to counteract acute respiratory infections, including recommendations to the public to take antioxidants, citrus, avoid exposure to changes temperature, among others.