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WHO H1N1 alert rules no change in Mexico

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  • WHO H1N1 alert rules no change in Mexico
    Spanish-English translation

    WHO H1N1 alert rules no change in Mexico
    Humberto Montiel, Advisor Health Surveillance agency has said there is no country that is out of control in the field of influenza and this country is no exception
    Guadalajara | Tuesday March 13, 2012
    Notimex | The Universal

    The Advisor Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control of PAHO / WHO in Mexico, Humberto Paredes Montiel said that in Mexico no reason to trigger a health alert for influenza A (H1N1) .

    As part of the agenda for monitoring compliance of the evaluation process of the national dengue control and prevention in Jalisco, the expert said that would trigger a health alert when the number of cases exceeds the estimate, which has not occurred.

    "While the situation is under control of attention and the number of cases, do not see why we should have an alarm" Montiel Paredes stressed.

    He explained that since 2009, when fired cases of influenza A (H1N1), it was expected that this type of influenza, replace the seasonal-type gradually.

    However, he said, can not currently establish a benchmark comparison between Mexico and other countries, since the detection process and the period of time so they could appear more or fewer cases is different in each.

    Loom large surveillance systems and reporting of cases in each region, some are confirmed in other laboratories and are established only as probable cases according to each country, "it does not allow for comparisons, we would be comparing apples and oranges," said Montiel Paredes.

    He stressed that the organization is not any country that is out of control in the field of influenza and Mexico is no exception, ie, all countries are expected cases and under control.

    "They have the resources to address them and that is the situation in Mexico, then we believe that in general terms in the region do not have specific alarm situations," he said.

    During Epidemiological Week No. 10 in Jalisco reported 29 new cases of influenza, of these 25 were type A (H1N1) and so far this year 16 people have died because of this disease in the state.