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Influenza in Mexico : 244 deaths ( 218 H1N1) and 6444 cases (5754 H1N1)

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  • Influenza in Mexico : 244 deaths ( 218 H1N1) and 6444 cases (5754 H1N1)

    City of México. - To six thousand 414 contagions and 244 deaths for the different types of virus of influenza they promoted the cases confirmed in what goes of the year, of which five thousand 754 endured the virus of A-H1N1 and 218 perished because of the same one, because it predominates over the circulation of this infectious agent. The Secretary of Health (SSa) added that 78 per cent of the deaths for influenza happened after the hospitalization that gave itself from the fourth day of initiated the illness, that is to say, late they were attended; also 90 per cent were not vaccinated and 75 per cent had a co-morbidity, it be two o'clock more frequent obesity and diabetes mellitus. Nevertheless, specialists of the dependency highlighted that the proportion of samples that turn out to be positive to the virus of influenza diminished in 67 per cent in the last six weeks, I matched to the prognoses. In the last week 37 confirmed deaths of influenza were notified; nevertheless, only 13 (35 per cent) happened in the last week and the remaining 24 are of weeks previous. This last number is a result of the technical processes of assertion that include the capture of sample, prosecution in laboratory, emission of results and notification of the same ones. At present, in Mexico they circulate three seasonal viruses of influenza: AH1N1, AH3N2 and influenza ' B '; the vaccine against influenza includes protection from these three seasonal viruses. Spokesmen of the dependency pointed out that the median of the proportion of consultations for respiratory sharp serious infection in the Units of Health Monitors of Influenza was of six cases for every thousand consultations in the eighth week of 2012.