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Trinidad & Tobago H1N1 outbreak reported 2015-16

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  • Trinidad & Tobago H1N1 outbreak reported 2015-16

    Resurgence of H1N1 in T&T? By News Desk on Oct 20 '15, 4:56 PM

    Doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital are engaged in a silent protest at the moment because they say that the South West Regional Health Authority has not provided them with the necessary safety equipment and medication in order to protect themselves from patients who may be admitted with the H1N1 virus.
    Medical sources intimately familiar with the matter pointed to a circular issued recently by Petro Medical (the medical facility attached to Petrotrin) which advised staff to stock up on medication Tamiflu, after two patients died following confirmation as H1N1 being the cause at the San Fernando General Hospital.
    One, a watermelon vendor, died recently within thirty-six hourse of admission to the Hospital. The attending physician ruled it H1N1 after tests confirmed. The second victim is said to be warded in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital and attending physicians do not expect him to survive the night.
    The third case, a nine year old boy died recently while at the Hospital but his death was officially ruled as being caused by chronic pneumonia. However, medical staff indicated that while the attending doctor had to rule the child's death as by chronic pneumonia, none of the symptoms, according to the medical sources, presented in the child's case.
    "If you had chronic pneumonia you would be wheezing for weeks before hand," was told. "This child had a cough for just two days, and no wheezing, but by the third day he was dead. The symptoms he had, were symptoms that present in H1N1."
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    Suspected swine flu case in Point

    After death of Siparia woman...

    Doctors at the San Fernando General Hospital are probing a suspected case of H1N1 Influenza (swine flu) after a Point Fortin security officer was admitted after exhibiting symptoms of the deadly virus.
    The latest incident comes two weeks after Siparia mother Cherrie Ryce died from the illness at the hospital. While doctors have not yet confirmed whether the 42-year-old officer has the virus, he remains warded in a critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit.


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      A 15-YEAR-OLD Couva boy is suspected of having died of the dreaded H1N1 Flu Virus (swine flu) while warded at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH), yesterday.
      According to reports, the boy was brought to the Hospital exhibiting advanced symptoms of pneumonia and was warded at the ICU unit where he was reportedly placed on a respirator.

      However doctors were unable to save him and he died early yesterday morning.

      Contacted for comment, SFGH medical director Anand Chatoorgoon, in a text message, noted that the cause of death had not been confirmed. ?Yes a boy died, but H1N1 not confirmed,? Chatoorgoon stated, adding, ?I have not seen laboratory reports, so I can?t say if the pneumonia was caused by the H1N1, but it is possible.? There has been one confirmed H1N1 death at the hospital, that of a Siparia resident Cherrie Ryce, some three weeks ago. Meanwhile, SWRHA chief executive officer, Anil Gosine, said there were four additional suspected cases of persons exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia, but reiterated that only laboratory testing would be able to verify whether it was the disease.,219487.html


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        Swine flu death at Mt Hope Hospital
        ONE person is dead from the deadly H1N1 virus (commonly known as the swine flu) it has been reported. Another person - a woman who gave birth recently - is said to be warded in critical condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope.
        Newsday was told that chief executive officer of the EWMSC Dr Andy Bhagwandass has confirmed that a patient who was warded at Mt Hope, died between Monday and yesterday after slipping into a coma while in the incubation stage of the highly contagious disease.

        A little over a month ago, two persons died of the disease in the southland.

        Newsday was also informed that two doctors based at the EWMSC who were in contact with the swine flu patients, have themselves tested positive for the disease and are at their respective homes recovering.

        They are said to be in stable condition. The woman who contracted the disease shortly after giving birth is said to be in critical condition at the hospital?s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where her breathing is being assisted by machines. She has been administered Tamiflu which is the drug used to treat swine flu.,221363.html


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          Five deaths now from swine flu in Trinidad & Tobago
          8:13 pm, Thu December 17, 2015

          Another person has died in Trinidad & Tobago, after contracting the H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as swine flu.

          The death occurred between Monday and Tuesday afternoon at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

          This is the fifth death from the virus in the twin-island republic.

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            The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) has already begun preparations for any Swine Flu patients who may be encountered as the virus is back on the rise.
            On Friday, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh announced that, as of December 15, 29 cases of the H1N1 influenza virus, more commonly known as Swine Flu, had been confirmed with three fatalities.

            NCRHA CEO Kumar Boodram yesterday said there was ?an adequate stock? of the H1N1 vaccine at the St Joseph Enhanced Health Centre, and the RHA had already begun a programme administering the vaccines to all front-line staff including doctors, nurses, patient escorts, and attendants.

            He said 500 to 600 members of staff in the intensive care unit, the high dependency unit and the Accident and Emergency department at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope had already received their vaccinations.

            Referring to the case where health workers at Sangre Grande and other health facilities were not willing to be vaccinated, Boodram said, ?Our staff is happy.

            We have no issues of them clamouring for or any mass refusals of the vaccines.?



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              Mom who had contracted swine flu dies at Mt Hope

              Stacy Ramkisson who died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex on Saturday night, after being confirmed as having the H1N1 virus.

              More than two weeks after being admitted to the Eric Williams Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for pains related to her pregnancy, 28-year-old Stacy Ramkissoon has died. Ramkissoon had contracted the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, but the cause of her death hasn?t yet been determined. An autopsy is scheduled for later today.
              Ramkissoon?s relatives received news of her death on Saturday night, in the hospital?s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Family members suspect swine flu, but Medical Chief of Staff of the North Central regional Authority Dr Andy Bhagwandass said the hospital would await the post-mortem report before making any statement.
              ?We don?t have the confirmed cause of death. It is known that she had H1N1 but there were other issues so we have to wait on the report,? Bhagwandass said.
              The young woman had delivered her baby via a Caesarean section. The baby died one day after delivery. In an interview yesterday, Ramkissoon?s father Kelvin said his daughter, who lived on Mohammed Street in Tunapuna, went to the hospital early this month after experiencing pain.



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                Stacy died from swine flu
                Published on Dec 23, 2015, 1:15 pm AST
                By The Multimedia Desk

                Death Number four: Stacy Ramkissoon

                AN autopsy on the body of Stacy Ramkissoon has confirmed that she died as a result of the H1N1 virus ? swine flu. Ramkissoon, 28, was admitted to hospital three weeks ago for what was believed to be pregnancy-related pains.

                A day later, her baby was delivered by Caesarean section, but died. Ramkissoon was kept in the intensive care unit and her condition continued to deteriorate. Her family was told she had contracted swine flu and she died last Saturday.

                On Wednesday, the Health Ministry issued a statement, noting : ? The post-mortem examination has determined her cause of death to be Viral-Associated Pneumonia. This brings to four (4) the number of deaths attributed to the H1N1 influenza virus for the year to date?.
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                  42 H1N1 cases lab confirmed Wednesday
                  December 30 2015

                  AS THE number of incidents of laboratory-confirmed H1N1 influenza, also known as swine flu, has reached 42, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh is reminding citizens, particularly the vulnerable, to become vaccinated and take precautions against H1N1. To date four persons have died, due to complications involving the H1N1 flu virus .
                  Deyalsingh yesterday told Newsday that of the four who died on account of the H1N1 virus, one was a pregnant woman, Stacy Ramkissoon, 28. Ramkisson’s baby died shortly after birth at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Ramkissoon succumbed some two weeks later at the institution .

                  The others were a kidney transplant patient, and diabetic, and hypertensive patients .

                  On December 18, Deyalsingh had told the media that 29 cases of H1N1 flu virus were confirmed .

                  Yesterday, he said in more recent days that the Caribbean Public Health Agency has confirmed 42 cases to date .



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                    Swine flu victim in critical condition

                    Another pregnant woman has been admitted to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in critical condition after being confirmed with the H1N1 ?swine flu? virus.
                    Chief Medical Officer Dr Clive Teeluckdharry confirmed to the Express yesterday that the 19-year-old woman was transferred from the Sangre Grande hospital to the SFGH.
                    He said a Caesarian section was performed and the baby was delivered and is not affected but his mother remains in a critical state.
                    The woman is said to be suffering from Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARD).



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                      Authorities need serious approach to swine flu: Vaccinate all students

                      The H1N1 virus (swine flu) ought to be taken seriously because people can die from it, former health minister Dr Fuad Khan said yesterday.
                      Speaking with the T&T Guardian via telephone, Khan said all students should also be vaccinated against the virus with the new term scheduled to start today. He said once people can die from any virus the relevant authorities must take decisive action.
                      On Thursday, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh urged parents to keep their children away from schools today (Monday) once they display cough and cold-like flu symptoms or any other sort of related discomfort.
                      Deyalsingh had reportedly said that the call was part of an attempt to bring the swine flu issue under control among the school population.
                      However, Khan said yesterday that he believes more focus should be placed on school children and added that the H1N1 vaccination should be made available to students.



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                        Swine flu patient dies overseas

                        A patient who tested positive for the H1NI virus (swine flu) last month and was being treated at a private hospital before he flew overseas for treatment has died.
                        This was confirmed by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud who told Stabroek News yesterday that the patient died on December 31 while receiving medical treatment in the United States where his relatives had transferred him for treatment.



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                          Another swine flu death By MIRANDA LA ROSE Saturday, January 9 2016

                          THE nation has recorded its fifth fatality caused by the H1N1 influenza with the death of a 68-year-old male patient, and also recorded 46 laboratory confirmed cases, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said yesterday.
                          Deyalsingh also assured that there was no shortage of H1N1 vaccines in the public sector for at risk persons with supplies brought into the country yesterday and in recent days, and 37,000 more due in the country on Monday.

                          Meanwhile, the 68-year-man, who died at the Sangre Grande Regional Hospital yesterday morning after being hospitalised for 21 days, Deyalsingh said, was a high risk patient.

                          Apart from his age, he said, the man had a 20- year history of heavy smoking and as such his health was compromised.

                          On a more positive note, he noted that a high risk patient who delivered a baby at the San Fernando General Hospital recently and who was hospitalised for H1N1, has recovered and was discharged.

                          Both mother and infant, he said, were reportedly doing fine.



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                            Sixth swine flu death recorded in T&T

                            A sixth swine flu related death has been recorded today.
                            A press release from the Ministry of Health has indicated that 61-year-old Jewan Maharaj, spent 18 days in the Intensive Care Unit of the Sangre Grande District Health Facility. He died due to complications which arose from a combination of hypertension and H1N1 Influenza.



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                              Health Ministry: Another swine flu death recorded
                              January 23 2016

                              Swine Flu Virus
                              The Ministry of Health has recorded another death due to Swine Flu (H1N1).

                              56 year old Seedaye Ramkissoon, a patient of the Sangre Grande Hospital, passed away following a 17 day stay in the Intensive Care Unit due to complications that arose from a combination of hypertension and H1N1 Influenza.
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