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Three died of influenza in the month with fewer infections in Granada

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  • Three died of influenza in the month with fewer infections in Granada

    Three died of influenza in the month with fewer infections in Granada
    In the last month only 31 per hundred thousand people have been affected by the virus
    30.01.10 -- 02:02 -- JOSEPH R. VILLALBA | GRANADA.

    The Influenza A is at the time of lower incidence in the province: about 31 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, according to the provincial health delegation. These data are very far from the 562 cases per hundred thousand recorded in the last week of November 2009. However, in the last 30 days, three people have died in Grenada as a result of the virus. The victims were a 34 year old pregnant woman, a young girl without previous symptoms and a person than it was affected by other diseases. These three cases add up to half of those killed in the province, a total of six-since the beginning of the pandemic wave.Isabel explains Marin, head of public health of the provincial branch, there is no clear cause and effect can explain that so many deaths have been concentrated in the month with fewer influenza A. Although the first wave has passed, doctors are not idle. The influenza sentinel network, consisting of doctors in the province and Andalusia, remain vigilant for any change in the H1N1 virus or to the possible emergence of the common flu, which has not yet been registered in the province this winter. By not making seasonal flu presence-or common-have significantly reduced the number of deaths from the virus which have quintupled in the past to the deceased by influenza A this season. The provincial health delegation does not preclude the emergence of seasonal influenza this winter, as has happened in countries like Australia, but at a much lower rate of infection to other campaigns.
    Now it's up to the central government to decide what to do with more than fifty thousand vaccines Purchased for influenza A not administered. Marin said that Tamiflu, the other drug that has been used in the treatment of influenza A, will be retained for future campaigns.