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Dominican Republic: 12 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013

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  • Dominican Republic: 12 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013

    Santo Domingo -increased to five dead in the country by influenza A H1N1 virus, so the Ministry of public health urged the population to follow official recommendations to avoid contagion.

    Deputy Minister of public health of the Ministry of public health, Rafael Schiffino, confirmed the information at the time explained that the victims are two adults and a child.

    Also Schiffino added that the virus has a greater presence in the central Cibao.

    It is estimated that the influenza A H1N1 deaths occurred in the past six weeks, when the first gave warning about its presence in the Dominican Republic.

    In that order, Schiffino argued that public health has updated vaccines available, however, explained that they are not vaccinating everyone who have flu symptoms, because at this time of the year there are several influenza virus in the country.

    Said that the tests are being conducted specifically to pregnant, under five and the elderly to present, in addition to influenza, headaches, high fever for more than two consecutive days and breathing difficulties acute.

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    Re: Dominican Republic: 5 deaths from flu A H1N1

    Public Health confirms five fatalities from A H1N1: two were pregnant

    SANTO DOMINGO. The Deputy Minister of Collective Health, Rafael Schiffino, confirmed yester the deaths of five persons from the AH1N! virus, including a pregnant 13 year old in Santiago.

    Besides the young girl, there was another pregnant woman who died. Of the other cases no more details were offered.

    Schiffino said that today or tomorrow they will give the results of the other four fatalities, which are being investigated in order to determine whether or not they were victims of the A H1N1 flu virus.

    In the meantime, in the maternity and public health hospitals they are administering the vaccine against the influenza to pregnant women that go there for consults as well as the medication known as Tamaflu to those who have the grippe.

    In the case of the Our Lady of High Grace Maternity Hospital (the largest in the Caribbean) the director, Dr. Victor Calderon, said that he requested 1,000 doses of the vaccine because they ran through the 615 doses that they had on hand.

    Hundreds of new patients flock to this hospital each day.



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      Re: Dominican Republic: 5 deaths from flu A H1N1

      Are 6 deaths due to H1N1, according to epidemiology

      SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.-the Director National de epidemiology confirmed six deaths due to H1N1 flu; of these, one occurred in early 2013 and the other in recent weeks.

      Virus, which has already been four years in the country, recently caused the first deaths of the year.


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        Re: Dominican Republic: 6 deaths from flu A H1N1

        CMD reports that two more pregnant died of H1N1

        The Dominican Medical College (CMD) reported that the H1N1 virus by a pregnant woman died Thursday and another in yesterday's Wednesday in the maternity of the mine. PageBreak

        Amarilis Herrera said that with the data handled by the Guild, are already seven deaths from the flu. The figure which maintains public health is of five deaths, including two pregnant women.

        Herrera said that, in addition, a resident doctor of the Centre is serious by the same virus, so it asked the Government to include in its programme of vaccination against H1N1 medical personnel, and that also go to schools and nursing homes to immunize children and elderly.

        Added that his State of gravity, the Luis Eduardo Aybar hospital doctors had to make a premature birth to a woman affected by influenza.

        To sign an agreement with the Ministry for women to train physicians in gender in order to improve the women health care, Amarilis Herrera called on public health that, if necessary, invest more resources to prevent the disease.

        There the representative of physicians announced that an Office of gender equality and development will be installed at the premises of the Guild.


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          Re: Dominican Republic: 8 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013, 7 in the last weeks

          Confirm eight deaths from H1N1 influenza, including four pregnant

          The Minister of public health confirmed today the death of eight people in the country as consequences of the H1N1 flu, of which four were pregnant women. Freddy Hidalgo recalled that the country has 6,000 doses of vaccine, but that both vaccine and treatment will be directed only to specific groups including pregnant women, children under two years, as well as cardiac, diabetic, people living with HIV, tuberculosis, asthma chronic and health personnel working in care centres. The Minister was interviewed to lead a meeting of the National Committee of epidemiological surveillance of H1N1 flu, in which participated the local representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Lilian Renau-Vernon, Deputy Minister of agriculture and livestock, Pablo Alcides Ochoa; represent it from the Medical College, Amarilis Herrera, among others.


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            Re: Dominican Republic: 8 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013, 7 in the last weeks

            two pregnant with symptoms of influenza H1N1 die

            Two pregnant women died in the Regional Hospital Jos? Mar?a Cabral y B?ez in Santiago with the influence H1N1 symptoms.The regional director of public health, rose from Austria, said that they confirmed that one of the deaths was caused by the disease, and that the other case is still in the process of evaluation and research.The two women, whose names were not revealed by the authorities had been transferred to the Cabral y B?ez from San Francisco de Macor?s 'have eight cases confirmed in the country, in the Cabral y Baez there are two deaths, two pregnant women, one confirmed and another likely, from San Francisco de Macor?s', reported the official interviewed on channel 25 from however Santiago.NoDe la Rosa said that the situation is not to alarm the population because the Ministry of public health is in permanent session. 'We have a population that is vulnerable, and that is that we are vaccinating pregnant women in the first place, diabetics, hypertensives, asthmatic', insisted.


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              Re: Dominican Republic: 8 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013, 7 in the last weeks

              Two pregnant women and a child affected by H1N1 die in hospital of Santiago

              SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS, SANTIAGO.-two women pregnant and a child under age 13, affected the influence H1N1, all native San Francisco de Macor?s, in recent days have killed in the regional University hospital Jos? Mar?a Cabral y B?ez in Santiago.

              Among pregnant women responded to the name of Michell Morel, 19 years of age, while it was not possible to obtain the identity of the other Lady in gestation.

              While the third victim was the lower Yaritza cinnamon Ramos, 13 years of age, also resided in San Francisco de Macor?s, and after being uploaded there in the hospital San Vicente de Pa?l, was sent to the Cabral y B?ez, where expired.

              La Austria Dr. De la Rosa, Regional Director of public health in Santiago, confirmed the deaths of pregnant women, not so referred to the infanta.

              It said the official, 'we have eight confirmed cases in the country, here in the Cabral and Baez have two deaths, two pregnant women, one confirmed and another likely referred from San Francisco de Macor?s'.


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                Re: Dominican Republic: 8 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013, 7 in the last weeks

                Public health investigates 2 deaths by symptoms of influenza A H1N1

                The Ministry of public health reported Monday that investigates the death of a 35-year-old woman and a child of one year with the A H1N1 flu symptoms, providing an epidemiological report for week 23 (last week), no deaths from this disease were reported.

                The same report indicates that the period between April and June of this year, through sentinel surveillance reported 647 cases of respiratory infection acute severe (Iraq).

                The Minister Freddy Hidalgo, said that she is still reinforcing the preventive measures of the A H1N1 flu through a strategy of guidance to the population, which includes messages in media, lectures, distribution of educational materials, among other actions.

                Stressed the need that the population continues to be observed preventive measures such as: wash your hands, use handkerchiefs or cover with elbow when sneezing and see a doctor promptly.

                The report indicates that the cases that are investigated, correspond to a woman of 35 years of age, nationality, Haitian, resident in the municipality of Santo Domingo, which received attention in the Hospital Francisco Moscoso Puello, by Iraq during the postpartum period and suffered from HIV and Tuberculosis.


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                  Re: Dominican Republic: 8 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013, 7 in the last weeks

                  Public health confirms three more die from flu H1N1

                  The Minister of public health, Freddy Hidalgo, confirmed Monday that three other people have died to affected H1N1 flu, for a total of 11 in the last few months. PageBreak

                  Hidalgo said the deaths are a Haitian, 35 years old woman, resident in the province of Santo Domingo, which was cared for in the Hospital Francisco Moscoso Puello and that was in research, as well as two men 42 and 62 years living in Santo Domingo Este and Bani, respectively.

                  Deaths were registered in the epidemiological Bulletin of the week 23 issued by the National Directorate of epidemiology of the Health Ministry.

                  Todas las noticias del acontecer nacional de la República Dominicana y el resto del mundo.


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                    Re: Dominican Republic: 11 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013

                    Compulsory vaccination against H1N1 in pregnant

                    The Ministry of public health established mandatory in hereinafter the implementation of influenza by AH1N1 vaccine to all pregnant woman after the third month of pregnancy, such as is the case with the tetanus, and warns be deemed bad practice when an OB / GYN treats a pregnant woman and not tell you that immunization. This was the Deputy Minister for collective health of the Ministry of public health, revealed yesterday Rafael Schiffino, who said that it seeks to prevent maternal deaths as a result of the H1N1 flu, since 12 deaths that records the system so far because of this disease, five have occurred in pregnant women. Reported that raw last night came to the country 200 thousand doses of vaccine that will be available until next September, and that from that date will be the order of more than 300,000 doses of the new vaccine against the influenza that circulate during the following year, so there is no justification for that no pregnant left without vaccination.


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                      Re: Dominican Republic: 11 deaths from flu A H1N1 in 2013

                      SANTO DOMINGO.-the Minister of public health, Freddy Hidalgo, confirmed Monday that the dead due to H1N1 flu rose to 12 in the country.

                      Hidalgo also noted that because of dengue, at least 34 people have lost their lives.