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Caribbean Deaths Reported: Tally

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  • Caribbean Deaths Reported: Tally

    Total confirmed Caribbean death - 4

    Dominican Republic: (2 cases confirmed)

    1. Female, 17 yrs. Reported on June 5th. (Here)
    2. Female, 50 yrs. Reported on June 23rd. "The lady was admitted with a diagnosis of pneumonia.." Here

    Jamaica (2 cases confirmed as of 7/10)

    1. Male, 22yrs. Reported 7/7. A man from St. Catherine. He died "at the Tony Thwaites Wing of the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) yesterday morning after he suffered complications associated with the influenza A (H1N1) virus...According to the health ministry, the patient suffered underlying medical conditions." See post #9 Here

    2. Reported 7/10. Died 7/9. "The person, who falls within the high risk group, died at the University Hospital of the West Indies on Thursday (7/9) and had underlying medical conditions which caused complications." Here

    Puerto Rico (3 cases confirmed as of 7/17)

    1. Male, 28 yrs. Reported 7/14. He "was treated at a hospital in Bayamon, a town next to San Juan, where he presented acute respiratory problems and asthma. Furthermore it is presumed that he had inhaled toxic gases." See post #6 Here

    2. Male. Reported 7/15. Died 6/24. More to come hopefully. Here

    3. Young person. Reported 7/17. "A third person has died from swine flu in Puerto Rico as health officials reported an increase in the number of suspected deaths." Here
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