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Sonora, Mexicali, and Baja California, Mexico and Wyoming and Arizona, United States: Unusual cluster of Guillain Barre cases - links to Campylobacter infection?

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  • Sonora, Mexicali, and Baja California, Mexico and Wyoming and Arizona, United States: Unusual cluster of Guillain Barre cases - links to Campylobacter infection?

    Spanish to English translation

    Recorded 16 cases of Guillain-Barr? SLRC

    2011-06-22 18:25:00

    San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., 22 June (Notimex) .- The Ministry of Public Health (SSP) today confirmed the state register of a case of Guillain-Barr? syndrome in this border city, bringing the total to 16 patients seen during recent weeks.

    The director of the General Hospital in the city SSP, Sergio Barraza Kelly, said that the new patient with the disease was taken to a hospital in Mexicali, Baja California.

    In recent weeks, and until last Friday there were 15 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disease that leads to the inability to feel heat, pain and other sensations, plus another patient confirmed Wednesday.

    "In total we have a record of 16 cases, including one hospitalized in Mexicali, four health recovering at home and the rest in full recovery," said Kelly Barraza.

    He explained that due to the presence of the disorder, the health sector began a campaign to prevent diarrheal diseases among the local population and reduced its incidence.

    "Although cases of diarrhea have declined and with it the risk of this disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome, health authorities do not go down our guard," he said.

    He said that all patients in recent weeks showed symptoms of the syndrome, first go through a box diarrhea, caused by an infection.

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    Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases

    County health officials keeping an eye on diarrhea outbreak in San Luis, Son.
    June 22, 2011 3:53 PM
    A diarrhea outbreak south of the border in San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., is being followed closely by officials at the Yuma County Health Department, who are watching for a possible health impact to Yuma-area residents.

    Over the weekend, health officials in that border city confirmed an increase in gastrointestinal illnesses with diarrhea symptoms, which they are studying for a possible connection to Guillain-Barr? syndrome.

    This syndrome can be caused by many factors. Its symptoms include general muscle weakness in the body, tingling, pain or inflammation that can affect breathing.

    Benito Lopez, an epidemiologist at the county health department, reported that the agency, in coordination with a statewide effort, is studying recent cases of gastrointestinal illnesses in the Yuma area.

    ?We have no results yet, but we are very aware of the registered cases and we are trying to determine what caused them. We are in constant communication with the health sector in San Luis.?

    In San Luis Rio Colorado, Gustavo Lopez, the Sonora assistant secretary of health, revealed that of the 15 cases that have been studied, eight show symptoms of the syndrome.

    Sergio Kelly, director of the General Hospital, told the city's weekly journal Contrase?a that diagnosing Guillain-Barr? syndrome involves a series of studies, but he confirmed the high incidence of diarrhea.

    This increase, he added, is being seen around the state of Sonora but more severely in San Luis Rio Colorado.

    Lopez noted that various test results are needed before the syndrome can be confirmed. ?That's why it's a syndrome. It may have different causes and symptoms. It's not as easy to diagnose as other conditions.?

    The epidemiologist pointed out that there is no cause for alarm and that the syndrome is not contagious.

    He pointed out that to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses, people should follow basic hygiene practices such as washing hands with soap before eating and after using the bathroom.

    He also recommended not eating food from street vendors and only eating where it is clear that food is hygienically and safely prepared with water available for washing hands.

    Yuma Regional Medical Center said the hospital is not aware of a diarrhea outbreak or any cases of Guillain-Barr? syndrome in the Yuma area.


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      Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases

      Spanish to English translation

      Published: 6/18/2011 7:38 By: Alberto S?nchez Activate alert Mares SL flaccid paralysis
      Share SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO 9Comentarios, Sonora (PH)
      The Ministry of Health issued a health alert in San Luis Rio Colorado to the increase in diarrheal diseases in the city, these have been associated with cases of Guillain-Barr? syndrome.

      The disease, also known as flaccid paralysis, has an association infectious, especially bacterial or viral infection, in all reported cases has been anticipated by pictures diarrhea.

      The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many cases, the weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and torso, detailed medical report.

      In San Luis Rio Colorado add up to 15 detected cases of Guillain Barre syndrome, said the Undersecretary of Health Services in Sonora, Gustavo Antonio L?pez Caballero.

      When leading a meeting with officials of various public health institutions of the city, the official said the increase in diarrheal infections.

      Ingestion of improperly prepared food, unpurified water and poor hygiene in daily activities have increased the number of infected.

      Those infected with the syndrome of flaccid paralysis were both young and old. The younger age, a resident of 18 years.

      "What is happening in San Luis Rio Colorado is an unusual increase infected with flaccid paralysis, is not an epidemic and is not contagious," said Lopez Caballero.

      Health authorities in San Luis Rio Colorado enacted a warning about cases of paralysis. Recommendations for preventing data diarrheal diseases

      Wash hands with soap before eating and after using the bathroom.
      Boil water.
      Wash fruits and vegetables.
      Avoid eating raw foods.

      Symptoms of Guillain-Barr?

      Tingling in legs.
      Muscle weakness in the middle of the body.

      If you have symptoms

      Do not delay consultation with the doctor.
      Not self-medicate
      Go to the hospital if you have diarrhea or weakness pictures.


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        Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases

        A similar outbreak was reported in Veracruz last year, for which the US CDC investigated for months and could not find the cause. At the time, ProMED speculated on possible Clostridium infection, while local authorities suspected either a poisoning or a novel enterovirus. Any of those etiologies might be responsible here.


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          Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases

          GBS has previously (see above linked thread) been associated with diarrheal illness associated with Clostridium infection.

          Spanish to English translation

          Published: 18/06/2011 7:38 Mexico
          The disease under control in Sonora Guillain Barr?
          Organizaci?n Editorial Mexicana
          June 22, 2011

          Tribuna de San Luis

          San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora .- Although cases of diarrhea have decreased significantly and with it the risk of cases of the disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome, health authorities have not dropped their guard.

          Thus declared the General Hospital director of Kelly Sergio Barraza, recalling that all patients who showed symptoms of Guillain Barre syndrome, first go through a box diarrhea, caused by an infection.

          Last Friday revealed that to date, presented a case of this disease, it is being treated at the Hospital General de Mexicali.

          "In total we have a record of 16 cases, one of them hospitalized in Mexicali, 4 regained health in their homes, and the rest in full recovery," said the official New Sonora.

          In this vein, declared that there is a significant concern by the State Governor, William Father Elijah, from the moment they detected an unusually high in this disease and is closely following the development of this health issue .

          He announced that this evil is not unique to San Luis or Sonora, but there have been cases around the world ... "Since January of this year we had no record of cases in this border in that month only had one."

          Kelly Barraza said the overall health sector, ie authorities of the three levels of government are working collaboratively to prevent more cases are present.

          "We know that cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome originated in diarrheal diseases, which is why we are working on personal hygiene and the environment of each person," he quoted.


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            Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases


            Set near Sonora health in Guillain-Barr?

            2011-06-20 14:56:00

            San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., 20 June (Notimex) .- The Ministry of Public Health (SSP) State reported that Arizona authorities notified the United States, the fence this border health provisions, the reported 15 cases of the syndrome Guillain-Barre syndrome.

            Undersecretary of Health Services that state agency, Gustavo L?pez Caballero, said that 80 percent of local cases are controlled and there have been no casualties.

            "I tell you that this is not a contagious disease, we are not talking about an epidemic and this is not a warning. There are cases in Sonora, in the country and the world," he said.

            He explained that the health authorities of the neighboring states of Arizona and Baja California, are already aware of these cases and disseminating the necessary information.

            During a meeting with representatives of the Health Sector of the border, said officials are ready for clinical care for people presenting symptoms of this evil.

            On the symptomatology of the disease, said that is characterized by weakness and loss of muscle strength, situations ranging from mild to moderate.

            The 15 patients with a history of gastrointestinal disease, which sometimes precedes the condition, so he called the people to exercise extreme hygiene measures.

            According to information from the SSP, Guillain-Barre syndrome is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system.


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              Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases


              San Luis RC
              Increasing cases of Guillain Barre
              Antonbio Gustavo Lopez and Dr. Manuel Baldenebro discussed the occurrence of Guillain-Barre syndrome, explaining that it is not an epidemic. Tribuna de San Luis
              June 18, 2011

              By Brenda Roman

              San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora .- There have been fifteen cases of Guillain-Barr? disease in San Luis Rio Colorado, so that the community must be informed to follow the actions of personal hygiene such as frequent hand washing and avoid eating street food to prevent the condition.

              Yesterday at the end of a private meeting of the Municipal Health Committee, Undersecretary of Health Services State Services, Gustavo Antonio L?pez Caballero, accompanied by the mayor, Manuel de Jesus Baldenebro Arredondo, held a press conference for the media to that would know this, so that society start preventive action.

              In the previous meeting, both officials were accompanied by various representatives of the health sector in this town, not just the public sector, private well, which defined actions to prevent the disease continues to grow.

              "The intention is that we are all on the same concept, we have enough medical infrastructure to deal with cases that come to medical attention," the state official.

              Gustavo Antonio Lopez said that hospitals are prepared to meet the people who are affected, but if required a transfer, the Governor Guillermo Padres gave the instruction to do whatever is required to care for patients as well as general population can go to General Hospital for treatment, in case you requires.

              San Luis Rio Colorado is the town where a larger number of cases have occurred, however, patients also have other municipality, but the call of the authorities is that the number increased rapidly to 15.

              "We can not speak of an epidemic because it is not, there is zero fatalities and zero serious cases, the intention of meeting the Board of Health is to train and guide the doctors and nurses, these agreements allow for health promotion to keep informed to society, "he said.

              The government official added that 15 patients affected by the disease have not made sequels and are at home recovering.

              For his part, Mayor Manuel de Jesus Baldenebro took the opportunity to make the invitation to the wider community to the effect that their health care and develop basic personal hygiene measures, in addition to preventing such evils, so do with others can be fatal, and call a physician immediately after symptoms such as energy loss and diarrhea.

              "The route of transmission of diarrheal disease is always fecal-oral, not washing hands after using the toilet and handling food or water is the most common form, so a call to take care of their health," said Manuel de Jesus Baldenebro.

              Undersecretary of State Health Services said that the cases presented have been benign, ie, 80% of patients are recovering at home, the rest required assisted ventilation.

              The state official said the total of patients were older, which does not mean you should let your guard down in the case of children.


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                Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected

                I can't believe this story isn't getting more attention...


                SLRC review businesses to avoid gastrointestinal woes

                2011-06-27 12:17:00

                San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., 27 June (Notimex) .- The state Department of Public Health launched special inspections in establishments for food sales this border, after registering 16 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

                The head of the Directorate General for Protection Against Health Risks of the state agency, David Lopez Fernandez, said they seek to prevent new outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness.

                He said that the health checks include supermarkets, restaurants, semi-fixed and where food is sold packaged or prepared.

                "We are raising food samples, water, sauces, anything that relates to human consumption, these samples were sent for analysis to the city of Hermosillo," he said.

                He said the extra work were put into operation after 16 cases detected unusual disease Guillain-Barre syndrome, whose origin is associated with gastrointestinal diseases.

                "It is best not to eat on the street and if you have to do, see hygiene in the food stand and people who prepare them," he explained.

                According to information from the state Department of Public Health, Guillain-Barre syndrome is a disorder that causes the human immune system attacks the nervous system.

                This clinical, detailed, incapable of feeling pain, heat and other sensations, it is often linked to previous infection in the patient.


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                  Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected

                  Alert! Thank you! I hadn't seen anything about this prior to your post.

                  Spanish to English translation
                  Will meet to discuss outbreak in SLRC

                  This Wednesday will hold a meeting between federal, state, and the United States to analyze the causes of the outbreak of Guillain Barre Syndrome which is recorded in San Luis Rio Colorado, said Bernardo Garcia Campillo.

                  HERMOSILLO, Sonora (PH) This Wednesday will hold a meeting between federal, state, and the United States to analyze the causes of the outbreak of Guillain Barre Syndrome which is recorded in San Luis Rio Colorado, said Bernardo Garcia Campillo. Secretary Sonora Health said that representatives from states such as Baja California and Arizona will be part of this meeting because they want to know the situation in this border town. "They have shown interest, is an immediate response with neighboring states due to the proximity is Mexicali and Arizona with both the flow of people crossing the line every day, I believe that the conclusions will be very interesting, "he said. Campillo Garcia said that in addition to the studies that have been made ​​in the State Laboratory of Public Health to verify the factors that triggered the virus, they have also been sent to Mexico City. He stressed that so far have not detected new reports of people with this disease in the remaining municipalities of the State or others close to this town. "There will be a review of all studies precisely we have done here and other federal and we have this new meeting to discuss how we are going up right now, there has been no change," he said. From the last 18 An alert was declared in June by health authorities in that city, where eight people were confirmed affected and seven are awaiting completion of their exams.


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                    Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected



                    Spanish to English translation

                    Facial paralysis cases soar 50% heat wave in Zulia

                    High temperatures affect the increase. The recommendation is to go out with umbrella, sunglasses and clothing fresh. The highest incidence is in Maracaibo and Bell's palsy is a facial nerve injury that causes facial muscle immobilization.

                    By Truth on June 27, 2011

                    Only the sufferer realizes the number of cases recorded daily. Peripheral facial paralysis is a phenomenon that comes suddenly and in Maracaibo is one of the main reasons why people demand rehabilitation in specialized health care. The sudden change in temperature affects the condition of the disease.

                    The heat wave for at least two months plaguing the city increased cases of paralysis by 50 percent, as indicated by the neurologist Ovidio Herrera, who details before attending a weekly average of 10 patients, and from excessive the temperature rose to 15 statistics.

                    "We know that the intense heat we are exposed to the Maracaibo in our homes, shopping centers and offices, we have the air conditioning turned on almost all the time. When a person is exposed to high temperature of the city and then put in a a sudden cold side facial paralysis can occur. "

                    A careful eye

                    Dr. Dayri Nunez, president of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Chapter in Zulia, confirms the increase in peripheral facial palsy patients in their practices.

                    The expert recommends zulianos protected with sunglasses, because the immobility of the eyelid and tearing trigger constant dryness in the eye that could later result in injury to the cornea, which proposed the use of artificial tears.

                    Nunez explained that the method used in these patients, besides medical treatment, therapy is a series of facial infrared lamps, exercise of facial expression, application of very low levels of electricity in the facial nerve via electrodes and acupuncture as an alternative treatment.

                    Which is

                    Facial paralysis can be unilateral when it affects only one side of the face or when the paralysis is bilateral total. The first is known as Bell's palsy and the second is called Guillain Barre syndrome and is rare.

                    The highest incidence is in Maracaibo and Bell's palsy is a facial nerve injury that causes facial muscle immobilization. The temperature change is not aggressive direct cause, but a trigger for the disease, said Nunez.

                    Some experts say is caused by a virus or an autoimmune disease. Ovidio Herrera said that until now Bell's palsy is idiopathic, meaning unknown causes that produce it. Emphatically clear that the temperature change is not a cause but an adjunct to the manifestation of the phenomenon.


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                      Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected

                      Interesting he had a virus first..


                      Ex-NFL Quarterback Suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome

                      Author: Jennifer Hammond
                      Published: June 17, 2011 at 9:50 pm

                      Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Danny Wuerffel is currently suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a rare autoimmune disorder. Wuerffel, 37, suffered a viral infection of the stomach in early June 2011, and shortly after began developing neurological symptoms which included loss of sensation in his arms and legs. It has been hypothesized that Wuerffel?s immune system began attacking the nerves in his body which control muscle movement and sensation, mistaking them for the stomach virus. Wuerffel?s wife, Jessica, says that currently his physical strength is 50% less than usual, due to this autoimmune syndrome....more from the source.


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                        Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected

                        Originally posted by Tonka View Post
                        Interesting he had a virus first..


                        GBS is a rare complication of many bacterial and viral infections, including influenza, but is rare enough that it should not produce a cluster as was seen last year in Veracruz or here in Sonora. Something else seems to be going on here. The authorities in Veracruz seemed to think a toxic exposure was likely, but they could not determine what it was, and more recent posts seemed to imply the possibility of enterovirus infection. Clusters of GBS are not that common elsewhere in the world, so it does appear something out of the ordinary is going on here.

                        Several recovering cholera patients in Haiti had a similar paralyisis ( believed to be the result of a condition known as ODS that results from rehydrating severely dehydrated patients, but that too seems too rare to produce this type of cluster, and there is no indication the diarrhea is severe enough to require that degree of rehydration.

                        GBS is an ascending paralysis, so the illness in Maracaibo which only involved facial paralysis seems to be something else.


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                          Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected

                          Thank you once again Alert. This came up in my GB search this morning, though it seems this would be easy to dx...


                          Campylobacter disease: a widespread disease but of which little is known
                          28.06.2011 Print E-mail
                          By: Dr. Joseph A. MSc Dr. Jorge Valera and MsC Acela Cruz Trujillo
                          Although few people know, there is a microorganism named Campylobacter is the cause of much discomfort diarrhea in travelers around the world and affects all age groups. It is transmitted to humans by ingestion of chicken and pork undercooked, contaminated food and water or raw milk, contact with pets, farm animals or animals infected infants.

                          What kind of sickness occur?

                          It produces an acute bacterial disease of variable severity characterized by diarrhea, abdominal pain, malaise, fever, nausea and vomiting. Often resolves spontaneously, within two to five days, and usually lasts no more than 10 days.

                          However, in some cases has been reported typhoid-like syndrome, reactive arthritis, and rarely, Guillain-Barre syndrome, febrile seizures or meningitis.

                          What is the agent that causes the disease?

                          The agent that causes the disease is Campylobacter jejuni, and less commonly Campylobacter coli. They are the ones that cause diarrhea Campillobacterias boxes in humans.

                          And the incubation period?

                          Its incubation period is 2 to 5 days, with limits from 1 to 10 days depending on the inoculum ingested.

                          Where is the organism?

                          In animals, most often in poultry and cattle. Other sources of infection in men can be pigs, sheep, rodents and birds. Almost all the raw meat of poultry, to mention just one example, is contaminated by Campylobacter jejuni.

                          Milk contamination most often arises through carrier animals, foods and people are contaminated from poultry, processed in common cutting tables that are contaminated.

                          Apparently there is frequent transmission of Campylobacter jejuni from one person to another.

                          What preventive measures are recommended to protect against disease?

                          1-thorough cooking of foods of animal origin, particularly poultry.

                          2-pasteurize milk.

                          3-chloro or boil all water supplies.

                          4-Prevent further contamination from raw foods within the kitchen itself once it has cooked the food first.

                          5-Making for comprehensive control and hygiene measures (changes in work clothes and boots, careful cleaning and disinfection) to prevent the spread of microorganisms in poultry and pets.

                          Sources: Control of Communicable Diseases. PAHO / WHO.
                          Manual Health and hygiene controls em Servi?os de Alimenta?ȃo.
                          Dr. Eneo Silva.Editora Alves da Valera. Brazil-2010
                          The Health ABBC. Public. Ministry of Public Health.


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                            Re: Sonora, Mexico: Cluster of 16 possible Guillain-Barre cases - links to diarrheal illness suspected

                            So we have some cases in the US state of Arizona as well. Curiously, no news reports that I can find from the US side. Still amazed this isn't a bigger story.

                            Polio is symptomatically correct, but is believed to have been eliminated from the Western Hemisphere, and was excluded last year in the Veracruz outbreak.


                            Spanish to English translation

                            Analyze possible cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome in Sonora.
                            Tuesday, June 28, 2011 18:25
                            Pearl J. E-mail Noriega.
                            The Secretary of Health confirmed eight cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome in San Luis Rio Colorado. In Sonora have detecatdo Illustrative image of a case of Guillain-Barre syndrome. (File / EXPRESS)
                            . HERMOSILLO, SON .- After the Secretary of Health confirmed eight cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome in San Luis Rio Colorado, there are more than 24 events are analyzed to see if it comes to this disease or perhaps polio, because the symptoms are similar .

                            These tests are analyzed at the state lab, but will be in Mexico City and Atlanta, said the director of the laboratory as possible cases are in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexicali and Arizona, that is, in three states different.


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                              Re: Sonora and Mexicali, Mexico and Arizona, United States: Cluster of 24 unexplained paralytic illnesses - links to diarrheal illness suspected


                              Correction: Guillain-Barr? cases
                              June 23, 2011 11:49 AM
                              A story in Thursday?s Yuma Sun had some inaccurate information about Yuma Regional Medical Center.

                              According to Kaitlan Schick, corporate communications specialist with YRMC, the hospital has seen some patients with symptoms of Guillain-Barr? syndrome, coming from both San Luis, Ariz., and San Luis Rio Colorado, Son. However, the Yuma County Health Department is tracking the actual number of cases in the county.

                              The Yuma Sun regrets the error.