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Federal District: Since Oct. 1st 7 kids die of ILI

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  • Federal District: Since Oct. 1st 7 kids die of ILI


    Mexican Capital virus alert
    thursday, 08 of 2009 of octubre

    08 of October 2009, 10:12 Mexico, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) Authorities of the Federal District health warning found in the Mexican capital for the regrowth of influenza A (H1N1) and general respiratory diseases may also respond to the virus, reports today's La Jornada.

    The hospitalization of 402 people for respiratory problems, of which 40 percent can be seasonal influenza or influenza A (H1N1), were released by the Health Secretary Francisco Osuna Sanchez, stresses the newspaper.

    The official said that since Wednesday have the seasonal vaccine.

    Although in the framework of the conference commemorating the centenary of the Ministry of Health, said the warning system and epidemiological monitoring is on.

    But he said that now is different because, unlike April, influenza became a preventable and curable.

    But the daily charts of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases show that infection rates double those of five months ago, when the epidemic began and was issued a health emergency in the country.

    Cases of pediatric hospital care Isztapalapa doctors, family and the authorities themselves.

    Since Oct. 1 Seven children have died eventually with cardiorespiratory arrests and pneumonia, in their death certificates, but all with symptoms similar to influenza.

    Meanwhile, the minister announced that the capital launched a contingency plan in schools, for severe cases of respiratory tract infections are concentrated in children from zero to 10 years old.

    Health officials estimate that influenza outbreak occurs in mid-November, and that five million Mexicans can become infected, for its part warned Esther Orozco, director of the Institute for Science and Technology of Federal District.

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