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Growing atypical pneumonia cases in Puebla

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    Thursday, October 15th, 2009
    La Jornada de Oriente - Puebla - Health

    In one and a half there have been 49 deaths by SARS in the Hospital de San Alejandro: SNTSS

    Americo Faria OCAMPO

    The general secretary of section 1 of the National Union of Social Security (SNTSS), Reyes Hernandez Rosas, September reported that to date 49 deaths have been recorded by SARS in the Hospital de San Alejandro del IMSS, ie there were more than one death per day. Some of them might have been caused AH1N1 virus, but health authorities have not yet confirmed.

    The head of medical services of the IMSS delegation, Eduardo Morales Hern?ndez, explained that patients who have died from SARS undergo a lung biopsy by experts from the National Medical Arbitration Commission (CONAMA), so from that study was to determine whether the dead were infected with human influenza. To date, he added, do not have any results from those tests.

    Gatell Hugo Lopez Ramirez, general director of epidemiology at the Federal Ministry of Health, said in an interview earlier this means that during this third rebound of the virus AH1N1 is required doctors to report suspected cases of human influenza all deaths from pneumonia, severe acute respiratory infections and influenza-like illness (ETI), as indicated during the contingency is probable that up to 80 percent of suspected cases test positive to the new strain.

    When it began in April 2009-health contingency - for human influenza, the local Health Ministry has reported only five deaths from the virus AH1N1. Three occurred in hospitals of the state agency, one in the IMSS and the ISSSTE another.

    The first victim was a 33-year-old native of Santa Maria Moyotzingo, Auxiliary Board of St. Martin Texmelucan. The second, a 11 year old girl originally from Tehuacan, the third, a 52-year-old from Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla, the fourth, a girl of two years of the number nine health jurisdiction, based in Tepexi Rodriguez, and the fifth, a 48 years old.

    Morales Hern?ndez San Alejandro reported that currently have 50 dependents hospitalized for symptoms of human influenza, but so far none have been confirmed as positive for the new strain of influenza by the laboratory of the Hospital of La Raza, Mexico, which is the site where we analyze all samples sent by all the hospitals of the IMSS in Mexico.

    The official explained that 80 percent of hospitalized patients is composed of adults and 20 percent are children.

    He said although in recent days has increased the demand for health services for respiratory diseases in all units of family medicine clinics and care centers, the delegation state of Puebla has contemplated hiring more staff, since he considered that the current workforce is sufficient to meet the health contingency. Hernandez Rosas noted that although the hospital authorities of St. Alexander assigned the sixth floor of the hospital to care for patients with respiratory problems and those infected with influenza, this place has already been exceeded by demand, with only 47 beds were arranged.


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      IMSS Puebla recorded 17 deaths from Influenza A H1N1

      Patricia Guti?rrez Rodr?guez Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 15:08
      News - Outstanding, Alerta Digital

      But the latest report by the Health Services of the State of Puebla, states that only five deaths have occurred.

      Puebla, Puebla .- Francisco Fraile Garc?a representing the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Puebla, revealed that from April to date, 17 have died entitled Influenza A H1N1.

      However, this figure does not match the latest report from the Health Services in the State of Puebla (SSEP), an agency that reported only five deaths from the same cause.

      In response, Fraile Garcia said that the numbers representing the institute, are real.

      "Confirmed deaths from this cause are 17 April to get here (...) mainly in the city of Puebla is where we are having the greatest impact in this case (...) I say what we have in the institution and the institution does not lie"

      He added that at least 36 others remain hospitalized and treated, after contracting the virus.

      The delegate gave the starting signal to four new ambulances, an investment for the acquisition was 1 million 800 thousand pesos, they will be assigned to the municipalities of Nuevo Necaxa, Izucar de Matamoros Tehuac?n and central ambulances in the hospital San Alejandro.
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        SSEP people insist on only 5 deaths from influenza

        Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 13:23
        News - Outstanding, Alerta Digital

        Reliance said it expects the certification of 24 cases of deaths sent by IMSS to CONAMED.

        Puebla, Puebla .- The Ministry of Health announced that 2 thousand 307 samples sent for analysis to the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference (INDRE), now a thousand reported 387 cases of influenza A H1N1 positive, which includes the 7 cases identified in other entities.

        The owner of Health Services in the State, Dr. Jos? Alfredo Arango Garcia, said that to this day continues with 5 deaths from complications related to this condition, while results are expected 24 cases of atypical pneumonia deaths, suspected of influenza A H1N1 sent by the Mexican Social Security Institute to CONAMED to be certified the direct cause of death.

        The official said that once you have obtained the decision of the National Medical Arbitration Commission, the governing body for analysis of all clinical records, it may announce the cause of death without margins of error.

        For its part, the deputy director of epidemiology, Dr. Araceli Soria C?rdoba, urged people to continue their health protective care and not exposed to sudden temperature changes.

        According to the breakdown of the positive cases by health jurisdiction, 876 positive cases are for the town of Puebla, 119 to Zacapoaxtla, 99 Tehuacan, 64 Huejotzingo Health Jurisdiction, 49 to Huauchinango, 46 to San Salvador El Seco, 41 to Tepexi Rodriguez, 34 to Chignahuapan, 29 to Acatlan de Osorio, 23 to Izucar de Matamoros.

        As regards gender, 616 (53%) positive cases were women and 544 (47%) while men, by age group, 511 (44%) are children and 635 (56%) adults.

        On the epidemiological situation of this disease in neighboring states, said that 549 thousand Veracruz reported positive cases, Oaxaca thousand 380 thousand 348 Guerrero, Estado de Mexico thousand 367 thousand 232 Hidalgo, Tlaxcala thousand 41, Morelos 343, without longer believes that the entity is below the national average.

        He reiterated that the Health staff have the training and the necessary inputs, such as Tamiflu and confirmatory tests in order to give patients the best care in all clinics in the state, he urged people to avoid self-medication or home remedies, and go immediately to the nearest health unit to your home, since the diagnosis of this disease is vital to avoid complications and risks.

        He stressed that although there is still no date set for counting in the state with the vaccine virus A H1N1, it is important that people who are in vulnerable groups, attend health unit to receive vaccination against seasonal influenza, as every year, is being implemented throughout the month of October and November for free.