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Increase Pneumonia cases in children up to 25%: IMSS

EDITORIAL local editions SDPNOTICIAS.COM Mon 21 Jan 2013 16:36
Pneumonia is a serious disease that occurs from a lung infection characterized by multiplication of microorganisms, causing a swelling with pulmonary damage.

Guzm?n Luis Meneses
Puebla, Pue. - In this winter season, the Hospital of "San Jose" the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Puebla, serves an average of six cases of pneumonia a day and was announced Guzm?n Luis Meneses, pulmonologist of that hospital.

The groups most vulnerable to this disease are children under five and adults over 65, as well as immunocompromised patients such as diabetics, those with cancer or have HIV-AIDS.

According to the specialist, pneumonia is characterized by the multiplication of microorganisms inside the alveoli, causing inflammation and lung damage.

Following an upper respiratory illness, as laryngitis or pharyngitis, if the patient does not have adequate defenses, the disease progresses to bronchitis and then pneumonia.

The main symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing up yellow or green and sometimes bloody, subcostal chest pain, weakness, lack of appetite and in older adults, disorientation and irritability.

In our country, pneumonia is third leading cause of death in children and the eighth in the general population, while in the world is the fifth source of mortality.

"Any acute respiratory infection, flu, cold, should be treated early, go to your doctor, preferably citrus drink fluids to protect covered alright," said the doctor.

Finally, Meneses Guzman, recommended the implementation of vaccination against influenza and pneumococcus, especially in children and the elderly.