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Queretaro: 11 people die from Pneumonia

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  • Queretaro: 11 people die from Pneumonia

    Spanish-English translation

    Queretaro: 11 people die from pneumonia
    Decreased presence of disease, compared to last year

    January 7, 2013 | 3:42
    According to the Ministry of Health in Queretaro, in 2012 there were 541,000 cases of respiratory illnesses and 11 deaths from pneumonia.

    The Health Secretary Mario C?sar Garc?a Feregrino, reported that although there were 300 cases of pneumonia from the previous year, the mortality rate decreased from 4.2% to 3.8% per 100 inhabitants. Which he said reflects that citizens came out promptly to health services for treatment.

    "11 deaths are secondary to this problem, ranging from 1 January to 31 December 2012, regarding the season ends in March, early April 2013. Pneumonias are talking about 5000 400 cases of pneumonia, is what gives us a good thing is that although there was an increase in about 300 cases "said Health Secretary.

    Pneumonia is a respiratory system disease, involving inflammation of the lung, usually caused by an infection. The most common causes are bacteria, viruses and fungi. May be fatal if not treated on time.

    "(As for) pneumonias are talking of 5000 400 cases of pneumonia. A good thing is that despite the increase in about 300 cases, there was significant reduction in mortality. We went down to have 4.2 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants and decreased to 3.8. This speaks of citizens went to health services so early. "

    Similarly Feregrino Garcia explained that in metropolitan cases decreased.

    But in the mountainous area was where they had a greater presence of respiratory diseases being San Joaquin Pe?amiller, Arroyo Seco and Jalpan, municipalities where more cases occurred.

    "From acute respiratory diseases we reached the 541 000 cases, the good news is that there are lower mortality in the metropolitan area decreased rate cases remain the most affected San Joaquin Pe?amiller, Arroyo Seco, Jalpan, in that order" , Mario Cesar Garcia explained.

    As for the vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza, said the goal is to apply 398 000 vaccines. So far progress reports a 39%, which represents 128 000 525 dose, comprising mainly risk groups.

    "In the vaccination campaign and we are at 39% coverage, and were administered 128 000 525 doses of vaccine against seasonal influenza, we are already covering the risk groups who are minors, those over 65 years, health workers and especially those who are at risk for a complication of seasonal influenza problem. We will manage about 398 000 in the area 128 000 doses we applied, "the health secretary.