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Pneumonia and Bronchopneumonia, can lead to death

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  • Pneumonia and Bronchopneumonia, can lead to death

    Spanish-English translation

    Tulancingo, MX
    Pneumonia and bronchopneumonia, can lead to death

    Since last October 22 and until 16 December, 142 cases have been recorded of pneumonia and bronchopneumonia, 25 new cases per week, on average, in Hidalgo. Photo: The Sun of Tulancingo.
    El Sol de Tulancingo
    January 3, 2013

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    Tulancingo. - Pneumonia and bronchopneumonia are the most serious complications of acute lower respiratory disease, they can increase in winter and, if not addressed in time, can cause death.

    This was disclosed by personnel of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, in Hidalgo.

    He mentioned that, since starting this cold season, from 22 October to 16 December), have been recorded 142 cases of pneumonia and bronchopneumonia, 25 new cases per week, on average.

    The numbers certainly are high, hence the IMSS Medical Services are taking the conditions that, according to records, the age group most affected are those aged 65 years and over, with 41 cases, followed by children one to four years of age to 23, and adults 25 to 44 years with 22, 80 of the cases were in female population.

    "This winter season is very important to maintain precautions and seek medical advice to identify warning signs," said the IMSS.

    "If the temperature gets too low, especially if it is windy, try to stay in one place indoors."

    He added in a statement that: "If you have to leave, do so very soon and remember to be protected with hat, scarf to cover your face and mouth, gloves, a warm coat and, if possible, several layers no tight clothing. "

    If the environment is no rain or drizzle, try to stay dry, because moisture rapidly cools the body when the body begins to tremble, is a good sign that it's time to return to a closed and dry.

    "The heart works harder when you have to protect the body from cold, if you have to do grueling work, pace yourself and protect yourself well with the right clothes," he advised.

    Other measures to consider is to drink plenty of warm fluids, fruit juices such as orange, lemon, guava, pineapple and others that contain vitamin A and C in abundance.

    "Eating vegetables strengthens the immune system that fights diseases. Though an important way to protect yourself is to bundle up properly, avoid sudden temperature changes and not smoking around children."

    Warning signs to go immediately to the doctor, citing Social Security, are: If the patient is breathing too fast or if breathing is difficult, you will sink the ribs to perform this function, will not eat or drink and if you develop a fever more than three days.

    The actions to be taken quickly to avoid fatal consequences before going to medical care are offered plenty of fluids, maintain a patent nostrils (nose clean wicks), maintain regular diet, not too much clothing for children, restrict medication intake if not prescribed by a doctor and seek consultation.