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Dominican Republic- Severe acute respiratory infection in children reported

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  • Dominican Republic- Severe acute respiratory infection in children reported

    Google translation:

    Severe Acute Respiratory Infection
    This year the country recorded 25 deaths from acute flu
    CASES AND RESPIRATORY CONDITION rash REACH clinics and hospitals

    Doris Pantaleon
    Santo Domingo

    Some 25 deaths related to Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) records to date the National Epidemiological Surveillance System, while health centers in cases respiratory diseases accompanied by skin rashes occur.

    In recent weeks, in the pediatric emergency service of the hospital Francisco Moscoso Puello they have been presenting cases of children with respiratory and fever accompanied by rash conditions, which is attracting the attention of doctors and parents.

    Meanwhile, at the level of private practice, pediatrician Rafael Mena, president of the National Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals (Andeclip), said he is seeing an increase in children with the syndrome Mouth, Hand and Foot, which it causes high fever, malaise, loss of appetite and dehydration.

    He said that condition, which lasts seven to 10 days, desperate parents, often ask that their children be admitted, but insurers do not give coverage detention on that account, which is generating conflict.

    He noted that in some cases the syndrome is accompanied by the influenza virus, which causes respiratory distress to patients.

    The disease Hand, foot and mouth is a contagious disease caused by different viruses. Babies and children under five years are more likely to get it, but can also occur at any age. Usually causes fever, painful sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet.

    Yesterday several children were nebulized in the area of ​​pediatric emergency Moscoso Puello, whose parents, from different sectors of the capital, they said that in addition to fever and difficulty breathing, you are leaving lumps in the skin, especially in the neck .

    Rosa Dominguez said the girl began yesterday with fever and then a rash on her left neck, which came early with her doctor, and that the same has seen other children in their sector. Doctors consulted confirmed the presence of the condition, noting that arises quickly.

    Meanwhile, in the pediatric emergency children's hospital Robert Reid Cabral, doctors who work there say they have not seen cases of skin lesions, but if the respiratory condition, although note that it is expected for this time .

    They recalled that in hot season tend to increase cases of flu and skin diseases, including chickenpox, as happened recently.

    According to epidemiological bulletin number 23, until the middle of this month in the country had reported 25 deaths from Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) and 899 cases detected in sentinel surveillance posts. This represents a similar behavior presented in 2014.

    It indicates that the provinces that provide more cases this year are Santo Domingo, National District, Santiago and San Cristobal.

    According to the bulletin last week that 23 suspects SARI cases were reported, mainly residents of the province of Santo Domingo, San Crist?bal, Monte Plata, Barahona and Bahoruco.

    They are 29 deaths from dengue THIS YEAR
    Although the epidemiological surveillance system recorded that vector-borne diseases are within the expected values, mortality from dengue continues to increase compared to last year, presenting to date, 29 deaths, 10 more than in the same period last year.

    The number of dengue cases officially reported 2,160 so far this year, 982 less than last year to date.

    Meanwhile, malaria this year recorded more cases compared to last year and one death.

    By EW 23, covering up to 13 this month, the system caught 306 cases of malaria and death. Last year to date had reported 103 cases of malaria and no deaths.

    Around the anger, the system recorded 300 cases so far this year and 10 deaths, twice compared to 2014. Last year 161 cases of cholera were reported, acute diarrheal disease that causes rapid dehydration and five deaths associated with that cause.

    However, leptospirosis is held this year with lower incidence than last year, with 179 cases and 14 deaths. The 2014 220 cases and 27 deaths were reported.