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Cuba - 30 imported cases of Zika virus, 1 local

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  • Cuba - 30 imported cases of Zika virus, 1 local

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    Cuba sum of thirty imported cases of Zika virus

    As confirmed by the Ministry of Public Health, it is a Cuban traveling from Haiti

    Saturday, July 30, 2016 | Agencies

    HAVANA, Cuba has been diagnosed Cuba.- thirty imported cases of Zika virus, the latest in a Cuban traveling from Haiti, said Friday the Ministry of Public Health (Public Health Ministry).

    The new patient, resident in the municipality of Old Havana Havana, had traveled to Haiti for personal reasons, and the diagnosis was confirmed on July 25, said the note released by the state MINSAP National Information Agency.

    After presenting the first symptoms of the disease, she was admitted to the Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kouri" (IPK) in Havana, where he took a blood sample for the study, which eventually tested positive of the Zika virus.

    Currently, the patient remains hospitalized, with "good general condition and favorable evolution".

    This is case number 31 of the Zika virus detected on the island since last March, when the Cuban health authorities confirmed the first case in the country.

    So far, there are 30 imported cases, and only one native, which was detected in a young Havana no history of foreign travel.

    The presence of the Zika virus in several countries in the region prompted the Public Health Ministry since last February intensify actions to eradicate hygiene and preventing outbreaks of mosquito of the genus "Aedes".

    The measures taken against the mosquito transmitting agent of the virus Zika, dengue and chikungunya include spraying and making inquiries of persons with symptoms indicating the possible presence of these diseases such as fever, pain in joints and skin rash.

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