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Mexico - Several cases of Guillain Barre syndrome associated with the zika virus in Ometepec

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  • Mexico - Several cases of Guillain Barre syndrome associated with the zika virus in Ometepec

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    Guillain Barré recorded cases associated with zika in Ometepec

    Posted on 17 / Jul / 2016 - 3:17 a.m. By Notimundo

    Written by: Jorge Octavio Vargas Sandoval.

    Ometepec CITY (NOTIMUNDO)

    There have been several cases of Guillain Barre syndrome (pronounced yulian barré) that is associated with the virus zika.

    The deputy chairman of the congressional commission investigating Ivan Guerrero Dominguez Pachuca.

    He said that in Ometepec were detected cases of zika associated with Guillain Barre syndrome that immobilizes people.

    On that subject I am very concerned that this virus zika detonating Julian Barret syndrome, which is the immobility of arms, legs, or some tips.

    Also cause neurological damage in this concern we have and there are several cases in Ometepec.

    They are partnering with zika, it is not proven but if it is closely associated, we are concerned on this issue.

    The legislator Pachuca Dominguez, explained that the Congress and urged the Secretary of Health Carlos de la Peña Pintos.

    To report what actions are underway in fighting aedes aegypti mosquito.

    Which causes zika, dengue and chikungunya both guerrerense have affected the population.

    He added, "I climbed a point of agreement to make a warrant to Health Secretary Carlos de la Peña Pintos.

    To explain to us first, to reveal to us the real figures on infected zika there in the "how many.

    Which is also to report the whereabouts of 50,000 cans were purchased repellent.

    Because they were going to be distributed in the municipalities, plus we require a very energetic way that women pregnant and vulnerable populations such as children and older adults are repellent dowry boats are.

    Guerrero said the deputy, in visit in his native Ometepec, Guerrero, where he announced that handled 900 thousand pesos.
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