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Cuba confirms two new imported cases of Zika virus - Total 28 cases, 27 of them imported and one native

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  • Cuba confirms two new imported cases of Zika virus - Total 28 cases, 27 of them imported and one native

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    Confirmed two new imported cases of Zika virus in Cuba

    Three days since the last such announcement on the Island

    Saturday, July 16, 2016 | Agencies |

    HAVANA, Cuba Cuba.- today confirmed two new cases of the virus Zika, only three days after the last notice of this kind and which is raised to 27 the number of imported cases in the Caribbean country, the Ministry of Public health (Public health Ministry) of the island.

    The note, published in official Cuban media, specifies that the virus was diagnosed in a student Ecuadorian graduate who is studying at the University of Camagüey (center-east) and a Swiss tourist from Jamaica, housed in the town of Cerro, in Havana.

    By presenting symptoms, the patients were admitted to hospital in Camaguey province and the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri (IPK), respectively.

    IPK's lab was where it was confirmed, on 14 July, "Zika virus positive" results indicates MINSAP note.

    Both patients "remain hospitalized, with good general condition and favorable evolution," it concludes the brief statement.

    To date in Cuba they have been diagnosed 28 cases of the Zika virus, 27 of them imported and only one native, which was detected last March in a young Havana who has no history of travel abroad.

    Since February this year, the Ministry of Health of the island has intensified their hygiene and prevention to eradicate outbreaks of mosquito of the genus "Aedes" trasmisores agents virus Zika, dengue and chikungunya, with fumigations and investigations of people with symptoms of these diseases such as fever, pain in joints and skin rash.

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