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Health Monitors step of A H5N1

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  • Health Monitors step of A H5N1

    June 25, 2010 (5:00:19)

    - Strain originates in Asia, Africa and Europe and is more deadly than human influenza

    Benito López Díaz / EnLíneaDIRECTA

    Victoria, Tamaulipas .- Gone was the bane of Influenza A/H1N1 and now comes the virus A (H5N1) which caused warning in Tamaulipas and nationwide revealed Health Secretary in the State Manzur Juan Arzola.
    He said that this strain was detected in Asia, Africa and Europe, but are tuned, and hoped that at least in the short term are not present in America.
    "We follow with the masses with the same caution and warning to prevent a situation arising. We have a constant surveillance on alert, "he said.
    The Ministry of Health at national level does not rule out the possibility that the virus arrived in the country, and recommended to States to remain aware of your development.
    According to the National Center for Epidemiological Surveillance and Disease Control (Cenavece) explained that this variant of the Influenza A is harder to spread between people, but once infected is more deadly than H1N1.

    He recalled that the first time documented human infection with this pathogen was in the year 1997 in the region of Hong Kong, China, where the virus caused 18 cases with six deaths.
    By February 2003, revealed Cenavece, has reported new cases of the epidemic in the same country that has convinced experts that the virus circulating in that continent.
    "The experience of 1997 in Hong Kong clearly showed the pandemic potential of H5N1 and originated the first suspicion of the start of a new pandemic."

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