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April 4th earthquake killed AI - probably H5N2 - infected chickens

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  • April 4th earthquake killed AI - probably H5N2 - infected chickens


    Google translation:

    Bird flu kills chickens

    MEXICALI, Baja California (PH) About 800 000 chickens have avian influenza in the Mexicali Valley died from the effects of the earthquake on April 4, instead of being killed in advance by the SAGARPA, said the president of the Agricultural Council of Lower California.

    Oscar Sanchez noted that the birds belonged to the firm Bachoco, SAGARPA has decided to lower the level of health status in the state of the problem that generated the disease.

    The producer said that despite representing a health risk and that the official policy states that should have been culled, the federal agency did not, but before the quake were left without water and food, fell from space and killed .

    This is because the electricity was for a moment.

    He added that the livestock sector also suffered from various problems in cattle, but on a smaller scale, because it was a devastating phenomenon.

    Through a statement, SAGARPA said that in the case of quarantined farms in Mexicali in two total depopulation was possible to quickly, yet another not immediately depopulated.

    Since the size of the operation and the number of birds that had required a specific logistics.

    Genaro Lopez said that this has caused the central level is determined to lower the health status with regard to this disease, which has forced the delegation of SAGARPA to immediately implement a program of FMD-free region.

    The program began last week with a sampling on all farms technologically advanced state.

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    Re: April 4th earthquake killed AI - probably H5N2 - infected chickens


    Google translation:

    MEXICALI, BC-At least 800 000 Bachoco Company chickens that were infected with Avian Influenza in Mexicali were not sacrificed despite the official policy states that have been done, and that the outbreak was first detected in October 2009, said farmers Poultry Product System in the State. Even confirmed that infected birds continued producing eggs for human consumption, the equivalent of about 12 000 cases per week. Despite this, the SAGARPA delegate in the state, Genaro Lopez Bojorquez, argued that blanquillos produced by these birds are not at risk for human consumption, as found in the low pathogenic virus. It should be noted that infected birds finally succumbed a few weeks ago, but not for the sacrifice that marks the Official NOM/044/ZOO but by the earthquake of April 4 in Mexicali, because the buildings that were collapsed and crushed. In this regard, Corral Gaston Martinez, president of the State of Baja California Poultry Producers, said the company did not allow Bachoco agricultural authorities to take photographs on site to make sure they got rid of dead birds properly, but according to company representatives, health burial was made on the farm where the birds died. The also president of the Poultry Product System in Baja California, also confirmed that the state delegation of SAGARPA for some reason decided to ask the company to sacrifice chickens, and therefore filed a complaint with the PGR and the Secretariat of the Civil public corruption, a coalition of public officials and misuse of public service. The preliminary investigation, which has a copy is hereby AP/PGR/BC/217/2129/10, and officials are reported Velarde Francisco García, general director of Animal Health of SAGARPA in the country, the delegate from SAGARPA, Genaro Lopez Bojorquez, the Agricultural subdelegado dependence, Francisco Javier Mosqueda Martínez, Marco Antonio Vargas Ramírez, head of the Animal Health Programme of the Baja California delegation of SAGARPA. Even the March 31 state poultry producers sent him an official letter to Secretary of SAGARPA, Francisco Javier Mayorga Castañeda, of which this medium has a copy, and where he explained the problem, without receiving a response from the federal official. "According Bachoco and disposed of the bodies of those chickens infected but do not know exactly, because the Ministry of Agricultural Development Company would not let him take pictures or enter the facility," he said. In 1995, Baja California was declared a zone free of Avian Influenza, according to producers in the poultry sector, and now with the incident got Bachoco health status level, which affect the productive activity, especially with buyers. ENCUENTRO29.COM


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      Re: April 4th earthquake killed AI - probably H5N2 - infected chickens


      Cárdenas calls handled with extreme care versions
      Blanca Estela Botello | National
      Thursday May 13, 2010 | Creation time: 1:50 | Last Updated: 01:50

      Former Agriculture Secretary Alberto Cardenas Jimenez said yesterday that questions about 800 000 chickens were affected with avian influenza in Baja California, and warned of the serious economic problem in this regard versions can cause in the northern region.

      In these cases, he said, is necessary to ensure the diagnosis, because "if you do not have a testimony, a document, a certified copy of what is being said, should not even mention the name (avian influenza), because this can cause problems for a whole area north of the country, an entire economy that lives off that. "

      He said it was avian influenza which affected these birds in Mexicali, it had to be immediately implemented an emergency, since it was a delicate matter.

      Mexicali poultry producers complained that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) has not acted as it marks the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM / 044/ZOO, immediately sacrificing the birds infected with the virus of low pathogenic avian influenza, since October last year, when the problem was detected on farms in the company Bachoco.

      When asked about the issue, Cardenas, chairman of the Livestock and Agriculture Committee of the Senate, said that "avian influenza is very dangerous, very delicate

      "Globally, as an outbreak occurs immediately borders are closed, they immediately make emergency and slaughter of thousands or millions of birds."

      Therefore, he insisted, is necessary to ensure diagnosis.