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Cuba starts July with complex health situation due to Covid-19

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  • Cuba starts July with complex health situation due to Covid-19


    Cuba starts July with complex health situation due to Covid-19

    Havana, Jul 1 (Prensa Latina) The first day of July came with negative news about the Covid-19 pandemic in Cuba, where 2,952 new Covid-19 cases and 18 deaths were reported in the last few hours.

    With 16,557 active cases, 15,771 under surveillance, 11,082 suspected cases and 43,410 hospitalized patients, Cuba shows a complex scenario regarding the disease, Dr. Francisco Duran, national director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), informed at his daily press briefing on Thursday.

    The expert emphasized that the peak of cases are the result of the high number of autochthonous contagions in nearly the entire country, since only the Isla de la Juventud special municipality has not reported cases in the last 15 days.

    Thus, 2,094 patients are autochthonous cases and 48 were imported.

    For over a fortnight, contagions within the country have represented more than 1,000 people a day and, in the last week, that figure has exceeded 2,300 every 24 hours, Dr. Duran explained.

    The epidemiologist reiterated the need for increased care of children and adolescents, since 487 children under 20 years of age were diagnosed on Wednesday, including 438 in pediatric age...

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    Cuba sets new record for daily COVID-19 cases
    Source: Xinhua| 2021-07-04 04:16:55|Editor: huaxia

    HAVANA, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Cuba once again set a record for the number of daily cases of COVID-19, with 3,475 infections and 15 deaths in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Public Health reported on Saturday.

    The ministry's director of hygiene and epidemiology, Francisco Duran, said in his daily television report that the number of cases had reached 200,728 and the number of deaths had risen to 1,337.

    The western province of Matanzas has become the new epicenter of the disease on the island, with an incidence rate of 922.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants...


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      Cuba tightens COVID-19 measures amid record spike in cases
      Adriana Brasileiro, Miami Herald 20 hrs ago

      Cuba has tightened lockdown measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic as infection rates and deaths have reached consecutive record highs in the past week, while a vaccination campaign with homegrown shots struggles to gain traction and the highly contagious delta variant starts to spread in the island.

      Public health officials have imposed new measures to limit gatherings and mobility in high-transmission areas such as Cienfuegos, a commercial port town in the sugar-producing province of the same name. All beaches, rivers, lakes and recreational areas have been closed and the work day must end at 2 p.m., according to the provincial government.

      In Matanzas, the epicenter of the recent COVID-19 spike and home to Varadero, one of Cuba’s most famous beach destinations, restrictions have also been tightened, with a curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. and the prohibition of travel to other provinces. With the local health system stretched to the limit, the central government is sending supplies such as hospital beds and dispatching more medical personnel, Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel said...


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        Cuba, gripped by unrest, battles highest COVID caseload in the Americas
        Author of the article:
        Sarah Marsh
        Publishing date:
        Jul 19, 2021 • 1 hour ago • 4 minute read •

        HAVANA — Cuba, which kept coronavirus infections low last year, now has the highest rate of contagion per capita in Latin America. That has strained its healthcare sector and helped stoke rare protests that have roiled the Communist-run island.

        The Caribbean nation of 11 million people reported nearly 4,000 confirmed cases per million residents over the last week, nine times more than the world average and more than any other country in the Americas for its size.

        The outbreak, fueled by the arrival of the more contagious Delta variant first identified in India, has pushed hospitals at the virus epicenter in the province of Matanzas to the brink. State media has shown rare images of patients in beds in corridors and doctors complaining of a lack of oxygen, ventilators and medicines.

        Cuba’s handling of the pandemic was one of the issues that propelled thousands to take to the streets nationwide last Sunday in unprecedented anti-government demonstrations in a country where public spaces are tightly controlled. Demonstrators also protested shortages of food and medicines

        Cuba is not alone in struggling under new waves of the pandemic. But the political implications of such a crisis are greater in a country where healthcare is considered one of the pillars of legitimacy of its “revolutionary” one-party system.

        Moreover the outbreak and subsequent lockdown and reduction in numbers of flights has taxed an already bankrupt economy where many work in tourism and others rely on travelers to bring in remittances and goods including medicine.

        “The government has consistently made the case that one of the main accomplishments of the revolution is its world-class medical sector,” said Cuban American historian Daniel Rodriguez, author of a book on medical politics in post-independence Havana.

        Rodriguez said the exacerbation of food and medicine shortages over the past year due to the pandemic-related economic crisis had already broken Cuba’s social pact.

        “When the pandemic began spiraling out of control a couple of weeks ago, it appeared increasingly the revolutionary government was no longer able to protect Cuban lives, and the result was an extraordinary repudiation of the revolution itself.”...


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          Cuba registers new record with over 7,000 new daily COVID-19 cases
          Xinhua, July 23, 2021

          HAVANA, July 22 (Xinhua) -- Cuba registered a new record of daily COVID-19 infections with 7,745 cases, to total 308,599, the Ministry of Public Health said on Thursday, adding that there were also 65 more deaths, bringing the death toll to 2,137.

          The ministry's director of hygiene and epidemiology Francisco Duran stressed the importance of redoubling efforts to contain the pandemic, noting that among the main morbidities associated with deaths from the virus are hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and kidney disease.

          Of the total number of infections recorded in the last day, 37 were imported cases.

          The province of Matanzas, the current epicenter of the pandemic on the island, accounted for 1,779 cases, followed by Havana (1,222), Ciego de Avila (976) and Cienfuegos (840)...


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            Cuba confirms more than 8,000 cases of covid-19 for the second consecutive day
            This content was published on 06 August 2021 - 15:28 06 August 2021 - 15:28

            Havana, Aug 6 (EFE) .- The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) confirmed this Friday 8,886 new cases of covid-19, up to a total of 439,899 infections since the first patient reported in March of last year.

            During the day, 75 people died from complications derived from the disease, so the total number of deaths so far is 3,259, according to Minsap.

            To detect today's 8,886 positives, of which 21 cases were imported, 43,388 samples were analyzed in the country's laboratories.

            With a population of 11.2 million inhabitants, Cuba maintains one of the highest incidence rates of the disease on the continent with 1,169 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

            104,128 people are admitted to hospitals and isolation centers: 46,079 active cases -142 critical and 261 serious-, 53,779 with suspicious symptoms and the rest under epidemiological surveillance.

            Three provinces, of the 15 in the country, exceeded a thousand infections: Havana (1,537) and the Cienfuegos plants (1,499) and Ciego de Ávila (1,050).

            In risk areas, a health intervention study is underway with Abdala and the candidate Soberana 02, the two most advanced formulas of the five developed by Cuba against the coronavirus.

            The first is already a vaccine, since it received authorization for emergency use after showing an efficacy of 92.2% in clinical trials.

            Soberana 02, meanwhile, awaits that authorization by showing an efficacy of 91.2% with a scheme of two doses and an extra dose of Soberana Plus, another of the compounds that scientists on the island are investigating.

            More than 4 million Cubans have received at least one dose of these formulas after clinical trials and intervention studies carried out at the same time as the health one.

            Cuba has not purchased vaccines on the international market, nor is it part of the World Health Organization's Covax mechanism created for low- and middle-income countries to access them. EFE


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              Cuba reports 7,950 new cases of COVID-19 and 77 deaths
              August 9, 2021

              At the end of Sunday, August 8, Cuba reported 7,950 new cases of covid-19, for a cumulative of 466,169 since March 2020 and 77 deaths, reported in his daily appearance Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap).

              Cuba woke up this Monday with 103,209 admitted: 51,998 suspects, 4,465 under surveillance and 46,746 confirmed (active cases).

              Of the 39,358 samples processed in the country's molecular biology laboratories, 7,950 were positive, bringing to 466,169 the number of positives diagnosed since March 2020 in a total of 6,899,423 samples processed (for 6.8% of positivity).
              Of the 7,950 confirmed cases:

              7 932 are autochthonous cases and 18 imported
              7 919 (99.6%) were contacted for confirmed cases, a total of 455 252 (97.7%)
              18 (0.2%) with source of infection abroad, accumulate 10 554 (2.3%)
              13 (0.2%) with no specified source of infection, accumulating 363 (0.1%)


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                Cuba registers 8,637 new cases of covid-19 and 96 deaths
                This content was published on August 25, 2021 - 3:13 PM August 25, 2021 - 3:13 PM

                Havana, Aug 25 (EFE) .- Cuba registered 8,637 infections this Wednesday and 96 deaths from complications derived from covid-19, amid the largest outbreak of the pandemic in the country, with an average of more than 8,000 cases and 70 daily dead.

                Cases total 611,163 and deaths 4,806 since the beginning of the pandemic in March last year, according to the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap).

                On the day, 50,543 samples were processed to diagnose today's 8,637 infections, of which 31 had the source of infection abroad.

                109,920 people were admitted to hospitals, authorized centers and homes: 50,930 active cases -145 critical and 324 serious-, 54,741 with suspicious symptoms and the rest under epidemiological surveillance.

                The incidence rate in Cuba is 1,212 patients per 100,000 inhabitants, a high indicator for a country with a population of 11.2 million people, said the Ministry of Health.

                The provinces of Holguín (east) and Cienfuegos (center) reported the highest number of coronavirus positives with 1,076 and 1,068, respectively. It was followed by the western Pinar del Río (963) and the central Sancti Spíritus (892).

                Havana, with 874 patients today, does not appear for the first time in the three territories with the most contagions in the country since the beginning of the pandemic in March of last year.

                Cuba faces the current outbreak of the pandemic with a lack of oxygen, medicines and doctors, overcrowded hospitals and collapsed funeral services.

                A health intervention study is underway in the country with the vaccines Abdala and Soberana 02 and the latter received authorization for emergency use together with Soberana Plus.

                This content was published on Aug 25 2021 Aug 25 2021 Take the survey to improve our newsletter offering.

                More than 3 million people have received the three necessary doses of these covid-19 formulas so far.

                The Caribbean country does not integrate the Covax mechanism of the World Health Organization (WHO) for low- and middle-income nations to purchase vaccines, nor did it buy them in the international market. EFE