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WHO influenza global public health research agenda 2009-10 (edited)

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  • WHO influenza global public health research agenda 2009-10 (edited)

    [From ECDC, ]

    WHO influenza global public health research agenda 2009-10

    The Global Influenza Programme (GIP) of WHO is developing a public health research agenda for influenza. Its objective is to identify knowledge gaps and information essential for the development of evidence-based public health guidance and actions for the control of influenza. GIP organized a global consultation meeting in Geneva, 17 - 20 November to collect opinions from influenza experts on building the roadmaps for influenza research based on five streams of public health research needs:
    • Stream 1. Reducing the risk of emergence of a pandemic influenza
    • Stream 2. Limiting the spread of pandemic, zoonotic and seasonal epidemic influenza
    • Stream 3. Minimizing the impact of pandemic, zoonotic and seasonal epidemic influenza
    • Stream 4. Optimizing the treatment of patients
    • Stream 5. Promoting the development and application of modern public health tools

    The technical meetings included public health decision makers, researchers and representatives from more than thirty countries who reviewed the draft version of the research agenda and exchanged their ideas on public health research topics related to influenza that should be prioritized over a medium- to long-term period. The review presentations from the final lessons learnt session have now been posted on the WHO website along with an interim draft document. WHO will now undertake a consultation process continue developing what is a global public health research agenda for influenza including a roadmap with key public health research topics for influenza relating to pandemic (H1N1) 2009, zoonotic infection with pandemic potential and seasonal epidemics along with a framework for monitoring the availability of research results that can fill information gaps essential for public health decision-making.

    • The Interim Draft Document can be found at: LINK
      • The presentations can be found at: Lessons Learned Session - 20 November 2009 - Agenda [pdf 202kb]
      • Nancy Cox - Early warning signs of the H1N1 pandemic: importance of laboratory surveillance system [pdf 4.30Mb]
      • Ljubica Latinovic - Risk communication: the Mexico experience [pdf 6.96Mb]
      • Kevin Rooney - Clinical experience on care of severely ill patients with influenza infection [pdf 6.11Mb]
      • Charles Penn - Evidence-based development of guidelines: the WHO antiviral guideline [pdf 1.05Mb]
      • Malik Peiris / Richard Webby - From wild birds to human: the H5N1 experience [pdf 5.58Mb]
      • Marie-Paule Kieny - Vaccine development: experience from H5N1 to pandemic (H1N1) 2009 [pdf 1.26Mb]
      • Neil Ferguson - Application of modeling in public health decision making [pdf 1.83Mb]
      • Marc Guerrier - Ethics in public health policy development for influenza: experiences from developed and developing regions [pdf 783kb]