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WHO sees second wave of A/H1N1 pandemic

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  • WHO sees second wave of A/H1N1 pandemic

    WHO sees second wave of A/H1N1 pandemic

    Sznews, Wed, Sept-23-2009

    WITH parts of the northern hemisphere seeing more cases of A/H1N1 flu, a second wave of the pandemic is imminent, the WHO?s director general warned Monday.

    Still, Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun told the annual meeting of the WHO?s Western Pacific region in Hong Kong that there was also ?good news? about the ability of antiviral drugs to stave off the worst effects of the disease and about the effectiveness of vaccines against the flu.

    She said rising A/H1N1 flu infections in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Britain showed a winter peak in infections was coming.

    At least 190 countries have reported swine flu infections and the disease is killing more people aged 30 to 50 than flu commonly does.

    Representatives of 37 states and territories were attending the conference. Fair access to vaccines is now high on the WHO?s agenda. It aims to secure 300 million doses of swine flu vaccine for poor countries by persuading drug makers to donate 150 million and soliciting donations to buy a further 150 million. That would be enough to protect 15 percent of people in the world?s 85 poorest countries.

    The first batch of 10,000 people who received A/H1N1 flu vaccinations Monday in Beijing had no abnormal reactions, a local health official said yesterday.