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Japan Cooperates with Vietnam & Egypt in Research & Training

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  • Japan Cooperates with Vietnam & Egypt in Research & Training

    Sunday, April 18th, 2010 - 12:16
    Japan is considering solving the problem of swine flu at the University of Alexandria

    Concludes Sunday visit by a delegation of Japanese scientists of the University of Alexandria, lasted 5 days during which he held two seminars, scientific excursions Damanhour branch of the University College of Medicine in Alexandria under the auspices of Dr. Hind Hanafi, President of Alexandria University on the latest ways to diagnose and treat influenza.

    The d. Hatem Salah al-Din Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Branch, University of Damanhour that this delegation of scientists from the University of Osaka, and companies of Japan's specialists in finding and contain epidemics of influenza, in the framework of activating the cooperation protocol signed between the two universities which aims to academic exchange between researchers Egyptian and Japanese to promote research capacity and training to use the latest scientific techniques have been presented at the Institute of Virus Research Department at the University of Osaka microbial advanced technological equipment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Branch Damanhour nucleus for the establishment of Advanced Bio Lab technological college.

    He also affirmed. A friend Abdel-Salam on the importance of cooperation with the Japanese side to allow the researchers to the Egyptians to take advantage of the modern Japanese technology where it was agreed with the Japanese side on the exchange of scientific visits and sending professors and researchers from the Faculty of Medicine, for the most recent methods of research in Japan and send samples of the latest chemical tests medical, which was manufactured in Japan, which enables doctors to detect and determine the type of virus in the patient over a period of not more than half an hour to measure the extent of their possible use in Egypt, making it easier to diagnose the situation accurately and to start treatment at an early stage to allow better opportunities for successful treatment.

    And, he added. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen Sharabi and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Damanhour Seminars set up by the Japanese delegation aimed to identify the specialists in the fields of medicine and veterinary medicine in the latest diagnosis of influenza viruses and ways of prevention and treatment as the Japanese scientists concluded for the development of analysis is by which to identify the type of influenza virus making it easier to identify ways of treatment for the injured and gives a better chance of recovery.

    The first symposium was held Thursday, 15/4/2010 at the Department of the University branch Damanhour, and the second morning, Saturday, 17/4/2010 Conference Hall, Faculty of Medicine in Alexandria, during the seminars that were attended by professors and researchers from the faculties of medicine and veterinary medicine at the University of Alexandria, the latest findings Japanese research team, results in the diagnosis and control of influenza viruses and view the Japanese experience to contain the disease and the experiences of development and use of vaccines.

    The d. Yuxi Aicotta Casa, head of antivirus research at the Institute of Microbial Diseases of Osaka University and Japanese chief delegate to the importance of cooperation between the countries of the world in the fight against influenza viruses, especially viral and avian and swine Dharautem crossed the State borders.

    He also stressed the importance of the inclusion of research teams specializing in human medicine and veterinary medicine in each country so that they can conduct integrated research enables them to determine strategies to combat the epidemic which is transmitted from birds to humans and animals.


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    Re: Japan Cooperates with Vietnam & Egypt in Research & Training

    Doctors save young mother from bird flu

    HA NOI ? Medical staff at Bach Mai General Hospital managed to save the life of a 25-year-old woman who was dying from bird flu.

    The woman from Soc Son District in Ha Noi was hospitalised on March 10 with a high fever and respiratory failure, five days after developing flu-like symptoms.

    Many of her organs had begun to fail and her blood had begun to coagulate because she had been admitted to hospital too late, medical staff said.

    "Two hours after checking in to hospital, her condition began to deteriorate very rapidly so we decided to filter her blood with the aid of polymyxin-B (Pmx-B) [a type of antibiotic] that was the result of a scientific research co-operation project between Bach Mai Hospital and the Japan International Medical Centre," said Dr Nguyen Gia Binh, director of the Intensive Care Department.

    "Seriously, treating A/H5N1 infected cases is a big challenge for doctors like us. It is the third mother suffering from multi-viscera [organ] failure that we have saved in the past 12 months," he said.


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      Re: Japan Cooperates with Vietnam & Egypt in Research & Training

      They recently held a training session in Bac Kan, days after the last outbreak of suspected H5N1.....

      Training on early diagnosis and treatment of patients infected with influenza A H5N1
      14:49 '04/14/2010 (GMT +7)

      On 13 / 4, at the Hospital of Bac Kan, Bach Mai Hospital in conjunction with the International Medical Center of Japan has organized training courses for medical staff and doctors of the hospital and eight Bac Kan
      Medical Center district, Bac Kan town on early diagnosis and treatment of patients infected with influenza A H5N1.

      Numerous health officials and doctors to attend training.
      Recently, the Center for International Health Cooperation Japan (IMCJ) has successfully tested bio-products division rapid diagnosis of influenza A H5N1 in humans based on the principle of immunity chromatographic techniques. The first part of rapid diagnostic biologicals can diagnose influenza A H5N1 identified. This is the bio-products division has sensitivity and high specificity, simple easy to implement, requiring no equipment, and the result after 15 minutes.
      In training, medical experts of the International Medical Center of Japan and the Bach Mai Hospital has guidelines for staff working in Bac Kan medical techniques used TEST rapid diagnosis of influenza A H5N1 through process of taking samples, types of swabs, the technical principles of chromatography immune response bar structure, the components in the reagent and finally get the results.

      Do not need modern equipment, just simple tools, students should understand and carry out experiments rapid maturity. This is really useful training programs for medical staff, doctors and Bac Kan province to timely diagnosis and treatment for patients infected with this serious disease.