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Health worries dengue mosquito resistant to cold weather

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  • Health worries dengue mosquito resistant to cold weather
    Spanish to English translation

    Health worries dengue mosquito resistant to cold weather

    Ruth Barrios Fuentes | City Friday August 6, 2010 | Created Time: 23:18 | Last updated: 2:29

    The dengue mosquito is able to adapt to different climates and heights, so the Health Ministry of the Federal District has had to surveillance activities to prevent any infection, said the head of the agency, Armando Ahued.

    The official said that the few cases that have occurred in the city have been "imported", ie are people who have traveled into the Republic and have come with the disease.

    "Someone went on holiday to Veracruz, Tabasco, Guerrero, Jalisco, returns from holiday and may return with dengue. Most, I would say, 100 percent of the cases we received was from an activity where dengue and dengue brought to the city of Mexico, "he said.

    Ahued noted that the height of Mexico City and temperatures, has not developed the mosquito.

    "We did not find the vector, has reached one thousand 700 meters above sea level and we are more than two thousand meters," he said.

    However, he said, the mosquito and could reach the thousand four hundred meters, which means that the insect has been able to adapt to a greater height. "One day you can reach the city of Mexico and that is a risk to the city, but right now we can remain calm," he said.

    Therefore, he said, the Ministry of Health has implemented surveillance and observation. "We are setting traps to see if we find the vector" he explained. Assure that these changes in the dengue mosquito is not to alarm the public, but if to take into account measures for prevention and what to do when it comes to submitting to the capital.

    "We have cases that have occurred in what was the last season of dengue people coming from Cuernavaca and Guerrero," he said.

    It should be noted that the symptoms of dengue include high fever, headaches in the frontal, pain behind the eyes that is exacerbated with eye movement, muscle and joint pain, poor appetite and difficulties in the sense of taste and appearance of nausea and vomiting.