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H1N1 killed 426 Yemenis and more than 23 thousand suspected cases ( in the past three years)

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  • H1N1 killed 426 Yemenis and more than 23 thousand suspected cases ( in the past three years)

    Dr. Ahmed Al-Zobair, director of the national influenza program in the Ministry of Public Health and Population, revealed that the number of deaths of people infected with H1N1 flu in Yemen has risen to 426, out of a total of 23,406 suspected cases during the past three years.

    Noting in a special statement to “26 September” that the total number of suspected cases of H1N1 flu during the past year 2019 amounted to 7364 cases, of which 310 died, while the number of suspected cases in the year 2018 reached 8522 cases, 71 of whom died, and the number of deaths in 2017 45 cases out of a total of 7520 suspected cases.

    Stressing that the Ministry of Public Health and Population, with direct guidance and supervision from the Minister of Health, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil, has declared a state of alert to confront this disease, as the Ministry has allocated sections and a family of intensive care in hospitals and public hospitals to treat influenza cases and directing to allocate 3 rooms in each private hospital to receive and treat those cases Providing quantities of vaccine for the medical staff in contact with the cases and providing sufficient quantities of treatment for the dangerous cases.

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    Hundreds dead as Yemen flu outbreak spreads

    The World Health Organization (WHO) sought to allay fears about the presence of swine flu in Yemen after the war-torn country’s health authorities said a growing outbreak had claimed more than 270 lives in three months.

    The Houthi-affiliated health ministry is introducing measures to combat the spread of the H1N1 flu strain across several governorates, only months after declaring an emergency state over outbreaks of dengue and malaria.

    According to a report released by the ministry and seen by SciDev.Net, the virus has killed 271 people out of 6,945 suspected of contracting the infection since October 2019.