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YEMEN - 8 swine flu deaths say doctors, health ministry denies

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  • YEMEN - 8 swine flu deaths say doctors, health ministry denies

    TAIZ, Jan. 20 — Four people have died of the H1N1 virus - commonly known as swine flu - in Taiz governorate over the last two days, according to Dr. Abdulanaser Al-Kebab, the Health Office director of the governorate. Three of the victims were not from Taiz, but went to seek treatment in the governorate before succumbing to the disease.

    All four were males and ranging from 30 to 67-years-old.

    Dr. Alkebab told Yemen Times, there are currently 9 other confirmed cases of the virus in Taiz governorate.

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    Re: YEMEN - 4 swine flu deaths in Taiz, 9 confirmed cases

    H1N1 virus concerns locals, hospitals reassure public

    SANA’A, Jan. 23 — Following five confirmed deaths in Sana'a in December and four recent deaths in Taiz as a result of the H1N1 virus, an administrator at a local hospital said outbreaks of swine flu, as the virus is commonly known, are not as dangerous as public perception would lead.

    Dr. Salem Sameer No’man, the financial administration manager at the Yemen German Hospital, said the majority of those who die from the H1N1 virus are patients who already have compromised immune systems. He says the public can protect itself by going to pharmacies where vaccinations against the virus are readily available.



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      machine translation

      Swine flu .. The fact deny Sanaa

      Health Ministry denies the existence of cases of swine flu and hide the reality of the situation, despite recording eight deaths (IRIN)

      Marib Roses - Sanaa

      Criticized doctors Yemenis denied the Ministry of Health and injuries swine flu known internationally as the "HTML 1 to 1" and hide the real situation, despite recording eight deaths in the cities of Sanaa and Taiz , Ibb. Sources medical official and unofficial announced record eight deaths, four of them among the 14 cases showing injuring nine after sampling in Taiz, according to a press statement to the city health official, followed by the cities of Ibb and Sana'a by two each, while denies the Ministry of Public Health and Population of any contracting the disease.


      nd raised the increasing incidence of residents' fears of a return of the disease back to the country after its entry in 2009 with his discovery globally and his then more than six thousand people died, many of them, and prompted the House to question the Minister of Health, who has denied the existence of any infection with the disease in Yemen .

      For his part, also denied director of disease control and epidemiological surveillance at the Ministry of Health to be registered cases are cases of swine flu, but what he called avian "HTML 1 to 1", and despite the fact that the latter is the scientific name universally recognized for the swine flu.

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