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Qatar: Rise in number of fever cases among newborn

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  • Qatar: Rise in number of fever cases among newborn

    Rise in number of fever cases among newborn
    By Noimot Olayiwola
    The Paediatric Emergency Centres (PECs) have recorded an increase in the number of newborn babies suffering from fever.
    “Sickness due to fever is becoming very prevalent among newborns and young children of one- or two-months-old or those generally below two years these days as we see daily around 15-20 babies in this condition,” Paediatric Emergency Centres (PECs) director Dr Khalid al-Ansari disclosed.
    The official, who was unsure of the main causes of the fever afflicting babies, said: “It could be due to some virus or may be some infections.”


    Other cases seen on the increase, according to him were normal flu and cough.
    “Usually, we see flu and cough throughout the year, but most cases occur during the winter and fall so we are not suppose to see many of it but with the newborns we do see cases, which could be due to infections or some virus,” he maintained.
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