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H1N1 virus claims 12 lives in Gaza: Palestinian official

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  • H1N1 virus claims 12 lives in Gaza: Palestinian official


    H1N1 virus claims 6 lives in Gaza: Palestinian official
    Gaza’s health sector continues to struggle with severe shortfall of medicine due to Israel’s decade-long siege
    08.11.2018 Ekip Gazze
    By Nour Abu Aisha and Hani al-Shaer

    GAZA CITY, Palestine

    At least six people have died after contracting the H1N1 virus in the blockaded Gaza Strip, according to a Palestinian official.

    Salama Maarouf, a spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas-run government, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that Gaza’s Health Ministry had recorded 12 cases of H1N1, six of whom had succumbed to the virus.

    According to Maarouf, Gaza’s health sector lacks the basic medicine necessary to deal with the virus due to Israel’s decade-long blockade of the coastal enclave...
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    H1N1 virus kills 12 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

    The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights said on Monday that it was following with special interest the evolution of health in the Gaza Strip, especially in light of the fact. announcement by the Ministry of Health of the spread of the H1N1 virus to the death of 12 citizens. In a statement, Al Mezan called on the health supervisors to strengthen coordination, speed up the implementation of prevention programs and provide a sufficient number of vaccines and antivirals to reduce acute complications and the number of deaths among the population. Information and data on the influenza virus.
    According to the information available, the number of patients presenting in hospitals and primary health care centers complaining of flu symptoms, which the Ministry of Health considered normal, especially since the spread of the virus. in winter, but the onset of symptoms of the disease before separation Winter has aroused public concern and increased fears, especially in light of the poor health opportunities in the Gaza Strip.