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  • Kuwait - Cases - 265

    Swine flu cases rise in Gulf states

    By Abdullah Rebhy ?

    DOHA (AFP) ? Swine flu cases in Arab states in the Gulf, a high-traffic transit zone for millions of air travellers, rose to 33 on Tuesday after Qatar reported its first cases.

    Three people arriving in Doha on international flights were diagnosed with A(H1N1) influenza, and Kuwait also reported that one of its citizens had the virus -- the first among the emirate's resident population.

    Qatar's Health Minister Abdullah al-Qahtani said a two-year-old New Zealand child tested positive for the flu on arrival in Doha on Saturday from Austria after a stopover in Dubai.

    And a two-year-old American-Bangladeshi boy transiting Doha on Sunday from New York to Bangladesh who showed flu symptoms was taken to the airport clinic where he was diagnosed with the disease, Qahtani was quoted by the official QNA news agency as saying.

    An Iraqi arriving from the United States was also found to be infected with the virus, Qahtani told a news conference.

    The Kuwaiti case was of a man who arrived in the emirate on a flight from the United States, the health ministry said on Tuesday. Last month 18 American soldiers tested positive for swine flu in Kuwait.

    Saudi Arabia, home to some seven million foreign workers out of a 25.4-million-strong population, announced three new cases on Tuesday, taking its total to 17, the highest figure among the four Gulf states currently affected.

    A Saudi student returning from Australia, a Mauritanian woman and a Malaysian nurse -- the last two had both been in contact with infected people -- were all diagnosed with the virus, the health ministry in Riyadh said.

    On Monday the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain reported 11 new cases of swine flu among students returning from their studies in the United States, taking the total to 12.

    The students, who had been among a group of 13 returning from Washington via Kuwait on the same flight as the infected Kuwaiti man, were quarantined in a Manama hospital, the health ministry said.

    Bahrain reported its first case of swine flu in May, that of a 21-year-old Bahraini who had also returned from studying in the United States.

    The United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates in which foreigners make up more than 80 percent of the population, said in May a man arriving from Canada was its first confirmed swine flu case, but he recovered on treatment and the country is now free of the virus.

    Oman has not reported any cases of the disease.

    The influenza A (H1N1) virus, which was first detected in Mexico in April, has so far infected almost 36,000 people in 76 countries and claimed 163 lives, according to the latest World Health Organisation figures.
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    Re: Kuwait - Confirmed Cases H1N1 - 20

    Kuwait to receive two mln swine flu vaccines in November
    Health 7/5/2009 5:50:00 PM

    By Mubarak al-Hajri

    KUWAIT, July 5 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health will receive two million swine flu vaccines by November, a spokesman said here Sunday.
    Speaking to KUNA following the fourth meeting of the high-level anti-swine flu committee, Spokesman for the Ministry Yussef al-Nesf said vaccination would be made through a couple of dosages with a two-week interval.

    The ministry has set out a plan to check Kuwaiti citizens and foreign residents arriving back from holidays, he said.

    The meeting stressed the importance of boosting public awareness of the swine flu virus, he added.

    However, 17 swine flu patients have been discharged from hospital thanks to complete recovery, while others are expected to leave hospital next week, the spokesman said.

    Kuwait has reported 20 A(H1N1) cases, including two children, since the outbreak of the virus.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has put the total number of swine flu cases worldwide at over 89,000 patients, including 382 death cases. (end) KUNA 051750 Jul 09NNNN


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      Re: Kuwait - Cases - 36

      Another swine flu case discovered in Kuwait today
      Health 7/21/2009 12:08:00 AM

      KUWAIT, July 20 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti woman was the third case infected with swine flu in Kuwait on Monday, said the Health Ministry spokesman.

      Dr. Yousif Al-Nisf told KUNA lab tests revealed that the woman, who came from Britain, tested positive with the A(H1N1) virus, adding that the case was sent to infectious disease hospital for treatment.

      With the new announcement, the number of registered swine flu cases increased in Kuwait to 36.

      Al-Nisf affirmed that the Health Ministry was doing it utmost to counter the disease, pointing out that the percentage of patients being cured was high.

      Anti-swine flu vaccines would be available in the country by the end of 2009, conclude the spokesman. (pickup previous) KUNA 210008 Jul 09NNNN


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        Re: Kuwait - Cases - 111

        Kuwaiti authorities observe swine flu closely after reporting 111 cases

        29 July 2009

        KUWAIT -- Kuwaiti health authorities are closely monitoring the H1N1 virus, amid warnings issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) that most of the infectees worldwide are teenagers, aged 12-17, and that swine flu could spread among school children.

        The Health Ministry is working around the clock, especially after reporting 111 cases in the country, and 80,000 cases worldwide, of which 359 people died, according to the WHO.

        Speaking to KUNA, Education Ministry's Public Relations and Media Department Director Mohsen Burguba said coordination was underway between the Health and Education Ministries to take necessary precautions and launch an awarness campaign about the nature of the virus and ways to deal with it before the academic year kicked off.

        The Education Ministry has filed a request for the Health Ministry to provide tamiflu in the form of syrup for kindergarten and primary school children, and tablets for older ones, especially as children would soon be returning to school.

        Such measures are taken as children and teachers are arriving back from vacations outside the country, Burguba added.

        Meanwhile, Director of the Health Ministry's General Health Department Dr. Rashid Al-Owaiesh said that suspected patients would promptly be treated with tamiflu, and should an individual test positive for the virus, then she or he would immediately be referred to hospital.

        Two wings have been assigned in each hospital in the country to treat the H1N1 infectees and to determine if the conditions of some patients were stable enough to allow for their discharge, Al-Owaiesh added.

        The Health Ministry has chosen a company which will manage an awareness campaign on the disease before the beginning of the academic year and the Hajj season (pilgrimage to Mekka), Al-Owaiesh said.

        Scientific research comparing swine flu with other kinds of previous influenza pandemics have arrived at the conclusion that swine flu affects young people in its first wave. Researchers warn that the pandemic's second wave that might be even greater.

        Findings in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published on June 29 pointed that the younger population was more susceptible to the swine flu compared to seasonal influenza.

        The second study was published by Japanese researchers in June confirmed that 90 percent of the reported swine flu cases were among school children.

        By Saleh Bahman

        ? KUNA (Kuwait News Agency) 2009


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          Re: Kuwait - Cases - 172


          Posted by NAM NEWS NETWORK on Aug 1st, 2009

          KUWAIT, Aug 1 (NNN-KUNA) ? Forty-four swine flu cases have been discovered in Kuwait Thursday and Friday, bringing total of registered patients to 172, the health ministry said.

          Ministry spokesman Dr. Yusuf Al-Nisf told KUNA laboratory tests carried on samples of people yesterday and today showed that 44 of them were infected with the A(H1N1) virus.

          He said this raised number of swine flu cases registered in Kuwait to 172.
          Kuwait, said Al-Nisf, has been following the situation of the swine flu since its outbreak and was dealing with it in line with recommendations of the World Health organization (WHO).? NNN-KUNA


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            Re: Kuwait - Cases - 265

            Kuwait reports 54 new swine flu cases
            Health 8/2/2009 6:08:00 PM

            KUWAIT, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- Some 54 new swine flu cases were reported by Kuwait on Sunday, taking the country's total number of patients up to 265, the Ministry of Health said.

            As their health conditions are not serious, the new cases have been allowed to receive necessary medication at home, the ministry's spokesman Yussef al-Nesif told KUNA.

            Most swine flu cases in Kuwait have been discharged from hospital following full recovery.

            Kuwait's swine flu patients are mostly aged 16-35, the spokesman said, adding that the ministry was taking all required measures to contain the disease in the country. (end) KUNA 021808 Aug 09NNNN