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Israel: Flu epidemic 'Violent, But Not Deadlier'

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  • Israel: Flu epidemic 'Violent, But Not Deadlier'

    As of Thursday night, at least five patients were being hospitalized at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv due to complications from the influenza outbreak. Four of the patients are over 80 and being treated in different departments in the hospital; one is a 25 year-old woman, who has been treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the past several days.

    On Sunday, four year-old Guy Zeidan died of flu complications after he was admitted to the emergency care center showing signs of organ failure. A medical team attempted to revive him unsuccessfully; the staff speculate that he was suffering from heart failure or septicemia due to the virus.

    A 15 year-old boy from central Israel was also admitted to the ICU Wednesday after showing similar symptoms of multi-system organ failure. Like Zeidan, the boy had suffered from common flu-like symptoms before collapsing. He was rushed to Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer; he is being treated in the ICU in isolation and is currently on a respirator.

    "He is in very critical condition, and he has even worsened slightly since he was admitted here," Professor Asher Barzilai, director of Safra Children's Hospital stated Thursday. "It is impossible for him to be sicker than he is now."

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    Re: Israel: Flu epidemic 'Violent, But Not Deadlier'

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    Severe flu virus hits Israel strongly
    Publication of Thursday, 02/27/2014 (updated) 02/28/2014 at 08:26

    Bethlehem - together - speaking doctors Israelis today, "Thursday," what they called the flu virus, a severe beating Israel these days, what Enter the 6 people so far in the case of danger, despite that it's not about an increase in the number of cases compared to the same period last year. doctors said that matter of attack viral severe and said secretary Guild pediatricians Dr. "Tzachi Grossman" virus that hit the region a strong and severe violence, especially since people are accustomed to the idea that infection means several days of high temperatures, and ended the matter and this impression is incorrect because the incidence of this disease is serious and always carries the possibility of switching to severe illness and difficult. " In the details, said the site "Maariv" Hebrew that five patients described their critically lying currently in the hospital, "Aaakhluf" after being subjected to serious complications of the flu, including a girl in the fifth and twenty years of age entered the intensive care unit with an age of four the rest of the eighty years and older were admitted to the departments Internal Medicine at the hospital. died four days before the child was four years old as a result of being subjected to serious complications resulting from his flu reaching the hospital suffering from the collapse of the vital organs and the person doctors upon arrival someone who is suffering from shock which stops oxygen from reaching cells. suffering child, according to doctors from infections of the heart muscle or blood poisoning, which means suffering from a decline in HIV infection and exposure to very serious.