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H1N1 flu spreading in Iran, killing people - 112 deaths

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  • H1N1 flu spreading in Iran, killing people - 112 deaths

    Over the past month, eight people died from the A/H1N1 virus (the swine flu) in the Iranian province of Kerman, ISNA quoted Nozar Nakhaei, vice-rector of the Kerman Medical University, as saying Dec. 1.
    He said the number of the A/H1N1 infection cases in Iran is expected to increase this year.
    Nakhaei believes that educational activity is needed to be carried out among the population in order to prevent swine flu cases.
    “Population should be informed about the symptoms of swine flu with help of social networking sites and via SMS,” he said. “In case of revealing the symptoms, the citizens should immediately go to a hospital.”
    The first case of swine flu was reported in Iran on June 14, 2009.
    The same year it was reported that swine flu killed 285 in Iran, while the number of infected reached 3,762.
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    16 deaths from influenza H1N1

    1394 14 December (15:۵۸ب ů) in dialogue with the wave was confirmed the death of 16 people from H1N1 in patients anfolanzai کشورموج Kerman University of medical sciences-health Deputy, meanwhile, confirmed the death of 16 people estimated to effect hmotananman anfolanzai H1N1 flu effect on people saying that lose their lives generally from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in the field suffers. wave news agency reporter, with the start of the cold season, news of all kinds of anfolanza Of the corners of the country will be heard. This time, news of the killing of hmotananman in Kerman province on the effect of anfolanzai خوکي anfolanzai H1N1 that is known to have caused many news and shaiaat. MSN 8 to 20 people killed as of today on the swing. Dr. nozar nakhaee, Kerman University of medical sciences health Assistant, was announced weeks ago: from about one month before the seasonal anfolanzai in Kerman and so far eight deaths from catching H1N1, we anfolanzai that their experiment of catching this disease also has been positive.


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      H1N1 influenza kills 22 people in Iran
      6 DECEMBER 2015, 14:03 (GMT+04:00)

      Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 6

      By Fatih Karimov- Trend:

      At least 22 people lost their lives in recent wave of H1N1 influenza (swine flu) outbreak in Iran, Iranian Health Minister, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi said.

      Some 16 people died from the influenza in the Iranian south eastern province of Kerman, meanwhile the virus claimed six lives in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Ghazizadeh Hashemi said, state IRINN TV reported Dec. 6.
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        Schools in the province of Kerman in the wake of outbreaks of influenza H1N1 were shut down

        summary of the social khbrajtmaa-Governor of Kerman, pointing to the yellow status declared in relation to influenza outbreaks, said all the schools and kindergartens in the province of Kerman degrees days Tuesday and Wednesday November 18th and 17th is closed. -Report IRNA Alireza Hosseini on Monday in combat the extraordinary meeting of the crisis management headquarters of Kerman province with the subject of prevention and dealing with the H1N1 virus, adding: serious work day of next week Thursday. Thursday, November 19-28 days coincides with zero and Saturday 21st December 30 zero coincides with the holiday.


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          28 people in Kerman to Qaida died from influenza

          The head of Kerman University of medical sciences, said the number of flu death toll caused by the feet of thousands in Kerman province to 28. Ali-Akbar haghdoost, reports IRNA on Monday at a meeting of the provincial crisis management headquarters was fantastic with the subject of prevention and dealing with the H1N1 virus, headed by the Governor of Kerman, added: we talk with transparency and public trust should be attracting. Kerman Medical University Chairman of the media with accurate and transparent information in line with the trust He said the public.: the therapeutic collection capabilities at different levels of the province have mobilized and measures to control the disease continues. the head of Kerman University of medical sciences about closure of schools said: the closure of the schools of academic opinion is not an effective solution, but the impact in the prevention of infection with influenza is not the time. 'he said closures of schools due to the calm atmosphere can be done and of course the community mentally influence H1N1 flu cases is getting over recent weeks in some city Kerman province.


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            Iran swine flu outbreak kills 33 in three weeks
            Over 600 hospitalized in southwestern provinces; officials warn H1N1 virus likely to spread as far as Tehran
            BY AFP December 7, 2015, 11:26 pm

            An outbreak of swine flu has left 33 people dead in two provinces of southwestern Iran in the past three weeks, the official IRNA news agency reported on Monday.

            IRNA quoted Deputy Health Minister Ali Akbar Sayyari as saying there had been 28 deaths in Kerman province and five in Sistan-Baluchistan. He also reportedly warned that the H1N1 virus was likely to spread to other areas, including the capital Tehran.
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              Deputy Minister of health: 36 deaths from influenza

              In a statement to the Iranian television Tuesday evening said sayyari, the number who died in the country following the flu reached 36. He explained that the first cases of flu this year in the city of Rafsanjan turns into popping (Kerman province located South East of the country) about a week ago with 370 people injured died 4. He stated that during the last year monitoring the 1963 hit 86 died them. cautioned that the provinces of Kermanshah (West) and East Azerbaijan (Northwest) are especially prone to this Which future illness had so far recorded no deaths in the Western Hamedan Province and provided a set of recommendations for sayyari disease prevention, said that individuals who suffer from dizziness and shortness of breath, vomiting and fever for more than 3 days, they should see a doctor, for possible disease. Assistant Secretary of health, said Monday that the death toll had reached 33 cases, including 28 in Kerman province and 5 in Sistan-weblogstan (South-East), said that seven other provinces threatened by the spread of Disease and in particular the provinces of Tehran, wekrmanshah and East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan.



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                identification of eight patients with swine H1N1 in Kermanshah.

                Ibrahim جواندکتر reports the reporters Club meeting at the headquarters of the patient says that H1N1 crisis today (17 December) with the presence of the Governor of Kermanshah, a group of officers was held in place, by stating that the 34 suspected nit we have two types of H1N1 in the province, said : This is the number of positive test results has been eight patient he alert all health sectors and health centres of the province and said: good credits to offset the deficiencies and providing medicine and equipment needed in the field of dealing with this type of flu is dedicated.



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                  The number of persons died from H1N1 raises to 42

                  compelling receipt/confirmation of the first death of the flu with the Tehran community ear health-stump تسنیم > wrote Health Minister by stating that except sq 33 people in Kerman province, in the rest of the province hit those ft case, said: according to the latest reports, a person in Abadan, Karaj, Iran 2 people, a people of Sistan and Baluchestan 5 people have died as a result of this disease. said Hasan Hashemi this morning on the sidelines of the Summit Health and food security working group reporters in Kerman province, with an emphasis in terms of the H1N1 flu virus outbreak a multitude in white and normal situation prevailing in Kerman province, stated: there is no point worrying, there is no connection with the disease influenza. Noting the statistics of those caused by catching the disease died of flu type A in the country said 33 people died except in Kerman, in the rest of the province hit those ft case is that based on the latest In a report, Abadan, Karaj, Iran 2 people, a people of Sistan and Baluchestan 5 people have died as a result of the disease.



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                    Iran: Swine flu kills at least 54 people

                    The outbreak of swine flu in Iran has killed at least 54 people so far in the country over the past month, according to the official figures.
                    The Associated Press cited the Iranian regime health minister, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi as saying that 33 of the deaths from the H1N1 virus occurred in southeastern Kerman province.
                    Hashemi says 600 people who contracted the virus there have been hospitalized, but that the outbreak is now under control.
                    He says other fatalities occurred in southeastern and southwestern Iran and one person died in Karaj, 30 kilometers (18 miles) west of the capital, Tehran.
                    Last year, swine flu claimed at least 89 lives in Iran.
                    The 2009 H1N1 outbreak started a global pandemic that killed as many as half a million people. The strain has been lethal mostly to those with complicating circumstances.



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                      MOH: 57 deaths from H1N1

                      H1N1 swine flu has killed 57 people in Iran since mid-November, said Tuesday the Department of Health.

                      "57 people died," said Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, Director of the Communicable Disease Center of the Ministry of Health, quoted by Mehr news agency. A final assessment, established on December 10, was as 42 deaths.

                      Mr. Gouya added that "about 2,700 suspected cases, 896 are actually affected by the H1N1 virus."
                      The first victims were recorded in the provinces of Kerman (33) and Sistan and Baluchistan (5) located in the south, while other cases have been reported from several provincial west and north of the country .



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                        The rumor janbakhten 10 mazandranbrasas on H1N1 flu effect in mazanderani hearsay about H1N1 flu on 10 tons in Mazandaran province, died and the circumstances indicate maybe hit more than the number of sufferers of this condition have been declared official.
                        Sari of Kerman and the South East of the country in the past month of publication, and the uptrend with these diseases, Mazandaran in Amman official sources. based on the announcement by the head of the Mazandaran University of medical sciences, two with H1N1 flu died and 60 tons in the province also were diagnosed with the disease but now what can be observed in the hospital, The prevalence of this disease and the seriousness of this disease is in care, who are a part of all public hospital admissions for influenza patients and even private was assigned.



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                          Iran: the H1N1 virus made 112 victims

                          By with AFPUpdate on 12/28/2015 at 12:37 Published on 12/28/2015 at 12:32 pm

                          The death toll from the H1N1 swine flu in Iran has doubled in two weeks, from 57-112, today announced an official of the Ministry of Health was quoted by the IRNA news agency. "1,190 people have been infected with the virus and hospitalized" and "death toll has reached 112" since mid-November, said Mohammad Mehdi Gouya.
                          Among the deceased victims face Rezayi Mohammad, a nurse who took care of infected patients in a hospital Neyshabour in the northeast of Iran, according to the Mehr news agency. Most of the dead were identified in southeastern Iran near the border with Pakistan where the virus came, according to the Iranian authorities, but isolated cases have been reported in several other areas.
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                            nursing assistant nurse died Neyshabouri condoled / dispatch a group of the Ministry of Health to Nishapur to express sympathy with the families of the nurse
                            Ministry of Health and Medical Education

                            Neyshabouri nurse nursing assistant died condoled / dispatch a group of the Ministry of Health to Nishapur to express sympathy with the families of the nurse

                            Following the death of Mohammad Rezaie, 33-year-old nurse Neyshabouri due to serve a patient with influenza H1N1 , Also with disease, and last night lost his life, his death to his family and community nursing assistant nursing Country condolences.
                            Mohammad Mirzabeygi in dialogue with Vbda to explain how the incident said the nurse at the hospital 22 in the city of Nishapur during resuscitation for patients with influenzaH1N1 , the disease is involved.
                            Deputy Director of Nursing stated that all remedial measures to the nurse at the hospital 22 Nishapur done, said 2 hours and a half on Saturday the patient to continue treatment to hospitals in Mashhad Ghaem passed and after other treatment at this hospital Unfortunately, at 6 pm in Mashhad Ghaem hospital died and his body moved to Nishapur.
                            Mirzabeygi, expressed condolences to the family of the nurse and community nurse, said: representatives from the Department of Nursing at home with the nurse attended university authorities to express sympathy And a group of the Department of Health has also been dispatched to Nishapur. / 20

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