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Cyprus: Woman from Paphos dies from influenza A at Limassol Hospital - 16 deaths

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  • Cyprus: Woman from Paphos dies from influenza A at Limassol Hospital - 16 deaths

    A 75 year old woman from Paphos died at Limassol Hospital where she had been admitted for influenza A, philenews has reported.
    It said the woman, who had serious preexisting health problems was taken to Limassol Hospital from Paphos and admitted into the intensive care unit where despite doctors? efforts she died today.
    Earlier on Wednesday, a 34 year old man from Larnaca died at Nicosia?s intensive care unit where he had been transferred from Larnaca Hospital in what is suspected to be another flu-related death.
    The Ministry of Health said earlier this week that five people have died of influenza A so far this winter and that another 35 patients were still in hospital.
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    Influenza A continues to send Cypriots to hospital, 5 people reported dead!

    Another person has died from influenza A, bringing the total number of deaths to five, while another 35 people remain hospitalised, Philelefheros reported on Tuesday.

    It said that a meeting was held at the Health Ministry yesterday to monitor the situation.
    Although there has been a drop in the number of new cases, hospitals remain full and health authorities are on standby should the numbers spike.
    The children?s wards in Limassol and Larnaca Hospitals remain full, while out-patient wards are continuing to see a large number of cases, the newspaper said. Additional beds have been installed at Limassol hospital and measures decided for Larnaca, Phileleftheros said.
    Two additional wards have been opened in Nicosia Hospital and have been prepared should they be needed.
    The situation at the children?s ward at Makarios Hospital in Nicosia has also improved compared to last week. and there has been a drop in the number of out-patients.


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      One person dies of swine flu in north

      One person has died of swine flu in the north, while five more cases are being treated, it emerged on Tuesday.
      According to Turkish Cypriot health minister Filiz Besim tests were carried out on 80 people showing flu symptoms, six of whom tested positive for swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus.
      Besim noted that vaccine stocks are plenty, adding that measures have been taken to tackle the increase in swine flu incidents,


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        Three more people die from flu

        Three more deaths have been linked to influenza A, bringing the total number of deaths this season to 16, the health ministry announced on Tuesday.
        The patients were hospitalised in various hospitals for 13 to 57 days and two of them suffered from other health problems.
        Since December last year 58 serious incidents of the flu were reported to the ministry. Most of them have been discharged from hospitals by now.

        In the past week, the number of cases has declined significantly, the health ministry said, but the virus is still active and is expected to remain so until the end of the month.
        At the moment, four serious cases are being treated in intensive care units but no major incidents have been admitted in the past two days.