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Cyprus: Influenza 2016 - 4 H1N1 fatalities

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  • Cyprus: Influenza 2016 - 4 H1N1 fatalities

    A Turkish Cypriot health official has confirmed that there are now five confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus in northern Cyprus.
    Dr Omer Gur announced on Friday that a 52-year old woman had been diagnosed with the virus, also known as swine flu, and was being treated at the Near East University hospital.
    Swine flu caused a panic when it first surfaced in 2009 but has since been downgraded to one of three common seasonal flu viruses. Most people who catch H1N1 recover within a week without medical treatment but more vulnerable sections of society, such as the very elderly, very young, pregnant women, or people with a pre-existing health condition, might be at risk of further complications.
    On Sunday, Gur held a press conference with the Chief Doctor at north Nicosia?s Burhan Nalbantoglu Hospital, Dr Ersan Berksel, where they confirmed that 13 people had come to the hospital with severe flu symptoms

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    Second swine flu patient in Cyprus dies

    A 38-year-old man is believed to have died from symptoms related to the H1N1 virus on Sunday whilst being treated at the north?s Nicosia general hospital.
    Recently, a 52-year-old woman who had been admitted to the Near East University hospital for H1N1 also died.
    Also known as swine flu, the H1N1 is a particularly nasty strain of seasonal flu. Whilst most people can ride the flu without complications, it can pose a danger to at-risk groups.
    They include heavy smokers or people with lung conditions, cancer patients, children, pregnant women and the elderly.
    According to media reports, another four people are in a critical condition at the general hospital. This is the second life lost to the H1N1 virus in the north. The man had been admitted to the hospital on suspicion of the virus.
    Following tests it was confirmed that was carrying the H1N1 strain. However his condition worsened recently and he died on Sunday.


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      Fourth deaths from swine flu in TRNC
      4 February 2016
      Yeni Duzen, Haberal Kibrisli

      North Cyprus News - Swine Flu
      The Health Ministry has stated that 71 cases of swine flu (H1N1 virus) were diagnosed in the North Cyprus, while the number of deaths has reached four.

      Undersecretary for the ministry Dr Omer Gur has said that 53% of the tests made so far at the state hospital were positive for the H1N1 virus. The remaining 47% were diagnosed with other illnesses.

      He added that three people who were diagnosed with the H1N1 are in the intensive care unit.

      Cyprus new reports four deaths from swine flu in North Cyprus
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        H1N1 claims another patient in the north

        A 55-year-old port worker from Famagusta has become the latest person to die from symptoms related to H1N1 virus in the north.
        The announcement was made in a statement released by the hospital where he was being treated.
        The man was admitted to a private hospital in the town on January 30, where it was determined that he was suffering from the H1N1 virus.
        The hospital said that the man had a pre-existing lung infection, which was not detected until it was too late, as he had not been x-rayed when he was admitted. He died on Tuesday from complications with the virus after being treated for a week.
        The man?s condition worsened and despite every effort he could not be saved. The father-of-two was buried in Famagusta on Wednesday.