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Two death from H1N1 flu in Cyprus

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  • tetano
    Re: Two death from H1N1 flu in Cyprus

    Third death from H1N1

    A third person has died from HIN1 flu since the beginning of the year, and six news cases of the virus have emerged in the last 15 days, the health services said on Tuesday.

    Last month the services confirmed two deaths in Cyprus from the virus. The two were among 20 serious incidents of H1N1 flu recorded since January 1. Another six cases have now been added to the toll.

    As in the previous two deaths, a health official told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday that the third victim had already been in poor health with pre-existing medical conditions.

    Also known as swine flu, H1N1 is a relatively new strain of influenza that was responsible for a flu pandemic during 2009-2010.

    Its symptoms are the same as those of the seasonal flu.

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  • tetano
    started a topic Two death from H1N1 flu in Cyprus

    Two death from H1N1 flu in Cyprus

    The two deaths, involving patients with extremely troubled history, Put on alert the competent services of the Ministry of Health. However, The Ministry appears reassuring, Confirming that there are no grounds for concern. In accordance with the competent services of the Ministry of Health, from 1 January to Today have been diagnosed twenty serious incidents confirmed Influenza A , While these are the overwhelming majority patients with medical history. Also, about 50% of the clinical samples, which are sent for examination, With suspected influenza A H1N1, is positive. In statements made by the person in charge of the Press Office of the Minister of Health, Dimitris Constantine, He said that "the levels of influenza A in Cyprus are in high levels for the season", Noting that is expected for the season. He confirmed that in Cyprus there were two deaths, Saying that were patients with extremely busy medical history.