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Cyprus: Suspected H1N1 flu in Nicosia

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  • Cyprus: Suspected H1N1 flu in Nicosia

    Health concerns are expressed in the occupied territories after the death of 57-year old
    Symptoms of avian influenza virus (H1N1 ).

    According to the newspaper 'Κίπρις',
    57-year-old member of the so-called 'police', who was διαβητικός, died last night while
    He was in intensive care unit at the hospital occupied Nicosia .
    Initially Kemal Ονέρ Ερουρετέν was hospitalised from occupied Famagusta with
    Severe pain in the stomach, than where he was brought to the hospital occupied
    Nicosia was introduced in intensive care unit .
    Once expressed fears that had been hired by the bird flu fever.

    From the hospital
    Who said that the necessary measures have been taken and that they are under control and the patients
    They stayed in the same room with the late .

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    Re: Cyprus: Suspected H1N1 flu in Nicosia

    Second suspected case of swine flu in Famagusta

    "March 4, 2013

    Another suspected swine flu patient is now in intensive care.

    Days after Kemal Erureten lost his life to suspected swine flu; a 28 year old patient has been admitted to the intensive care unit of Famagusta state hospital. He too is suspected of having swine flu and is being treated with Tamiflu and kept in quarantine as a precautionary measure...".

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